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In the world of suppositions…Why maybe the character of Catherine Greig cut out from Black Mass

Sienna Miller won’t appear in the movie

Well, let’s say that when I started to read a lot about the criminal life of Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger, I understood something crucial: two were the women who made the difference in Jimmy Bulger’s life.

Yes, Lindsey Cyr with which he has had Douglas Cyr, his only known son dead abruptly at just 6 years in 1973 because of a fatal illness caused by an interaction with a common aspirin, has been an important woman for him, although the one with Cyr not a too long relationship for Whitey’s standards.

The long-term relationships “Whitey” has cultivated per decades and decades and without interruptions but always with a precise routine everyday, the one with Teresa Stanley and the other one with Catherine Greig.

Two women different, two different universe for Bulger.

When Whitey met Teresa the first time, Teresa was growing up four children she had had from a previous relationship.

Bulger accepted these children because in love for Teresa and considered these children as if they would have been his owns, growing up them all and educating them at an honest life.

He loved during the week to spend all the evenings and dinners with Teresa and the children, where he enjoyed to live that kind of normality he knew he wouldn’t never had being a gangster. But that the facto in a way or in another he re-created although just for few hours everyday.

The other one, Catherine Greig, was a single girl, and Whitey loved to spend the nights at Catherine’s house. Who knows: Catherine was more free if compared with Teresa and James Bulger could feel more freedom with her.

Catherine met Jimmy Bulger after a heavy delusion lived with her previous companion. She decided to giving up with certain men, and she met someone more old than her in Whitey, a criminal, but able to give her that certainties no other one seemed to give her.

These two women can’t be divided or separated from Bulger’s life or from a movie that will want one day to clarify all the private aspects of his life because these two women have been the light during the obscurity of this mobster, the two women knew his different face, the most unknown one but not for this reason less important.

Maybe also for this reason, Teresa’s character hasn’t never been included in the movie, the character of Cathy Greig has been cut out as well.

Just a personal supposition but as also said Scott Cooper the director of the movie Black Mass, the section of the story with Catherine Greig “Less dramatic” than the rest of the story. Black Mass will focus mainly on the criminal activity created by Bulger in South Boston.

The movie is based on the book written by the two investigative reporters of the Boston Globe Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass, Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal.

Johnny Johnny Venice Depp as James “Whitey” 11037470_421228974717418_3470184447073379789_n b 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n (Copy 1) Bulger.

Anna Maria Polidori


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