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Freedom of speech and expression in the case of Whitey Bulger

The Boston Globe yesterday released a wonderful piece about the power of criminals on common people.
The fascination that maybe exists behind these legendary criminals and the common people unable to do (thank Lord!) what that delinquents did for a living.

Let’s imagine a world of violence. It’s like to see the hell.

Maybe the identification can starts when a common individual would want to search for a physical revenge against someone, but couldn’t never do that. And so he can identifies him in the sad and evil gestures of the mobster. The violence in his imagination in the mobster become reality, action. Thinking better, isn’t it pretty scaring just this?

The main responsibility says the editorial our society: the creation of bad “myths” lately put on-screen.

It happens all the time that negativity become positivity in our culture from a certain time at this part, that’s why there is confusion and distortion of the reality.

Blood sells always and this one is a journalistic expression too true and known in the sector although I don’t think that the story of Bulger has been used because the various newsmagazines sold more copies, no, but because needed to be reported and there was the condition for reporting: freedom. This one priceless.

Boston is very well-connected with cinema as well. There are the “Two of Boston”: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Different personal life-stories but the two friends since their childhood and one of the best and united duo of the star-system. Friendship help always.

Boston considered a perfect place for a lot of important movies. I want to remember: Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams, but the list is endless.

Said that, the editorial of the Globe presented me an idea.

I want to tell you what happened when Johnny afforded in Boston for Black Mass.

I didn’t know Whitey Bulger,I didn’t want to learn anything of criminal organized associations. Never seen The Godfather, never seen yet The Departed. I don’t know anything of Al Capone. I hate the concept of italian mafia because of the omertà and the impossibility of speech and expression.

Freedom of speech and expression to me important like the air I breath.

I thought I would have “virtually met” the same omertà in Boston as well. Why world would have been different there?

This one wasn’t another story of another mobster? Right. So in a word: problems.

Plus: this mobster still alive. Mamma mia what a mess, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!

I had always promised to myself I wouldn’t never have written anything of mafia and drug. They’re sensitive topics I leave without problems at more courageous reporters.

But with Johnny, you write of everything. Including sensitive topics like these ones.

With the dial-up I couldn’t search this world and the other and I didn’t have any interest to search for Bulger. The same last name with that “u” someone obscure.

I remember the first day Johnny was in Boston I asked to my Johnny’s contact: “How’s your daughter?” And her: “Good: why?” Oh, great! Just arrived and we feel the mafiosi atmosphere?

Sigh, I was figuring a dark scenario of months spent in the most complete omertà where the darkness of our thoughts would have covered all the beauty of the world.

Then, the miracle.

What I discovered when Johnny afforded in Boston, was that the Bostonians are warm people. Johnny visited the Brattle Book Shop. A prestigious reality.
Can you trust me if I say to you that the piece I wrote of Johnny’s visit at the Brattle Book Shop is, still is, the more liked one?

Then Johnny went at a local pizzeria of the city. The picture taken with the owner of the pizzeria let me reflect that that there was a lot of maturity in the people of Boston. That man close to Johnny wasn’t surprised to be close to the famous star Johnny Depp. His face calm, relaxed. He considered Johnny like another common guy. I thought: I love these people.

The second step was to try to find material involving the criminal Bulger.

I tried with the Globe with which I discovered a great connection.

Here, the biggest surprise: I could have had all the possible freedom of writing what I would have wanted to write because in Whitey Bulger’s story there hasn’t been any kind of omertà but the topic and the mobster treated in wagons of articles and books.

I became cheerful and relaxed!

Let me thank the customer care of The Boston Globe 🙂 for all the help received. They know why.

The story of Bulger captured me. His criminal life and his private life are like a script. You mustn’t add anything else at this story. It would be unnecessary.

You can’t think Whitey Bulger lived what and how he lived. A big criminal, then 16 years of common life, then the final capture. Two important women, a kid dead abruptly at 6 years from another woman. Involvement of the local Boston agency of the FBI. The disappearance of the italian mafia, thanks also to Bulger. The italian mafia in comparison to the Winter Hill Gang, much more innocent. A political brother important and influent, his final regret and the idea he spent a wasted life.

I felt the old sensations of the past. A genuine adrenaline. I wanted to discover more and more. A reporter knows what I want to say.
I needed it so badly! Bulger’s story meant to me a new re-born.

The Boston Globe the newsmagazine with which I fell in love for. It’s a strong love. I discovered a microcosm populated by wonderful people with touching stories, big hearts and poetry. Apart to be great journalists, and you can learn from them a lesson everyday, they’re also real good people and you “feel” them. Most of them tell something of their stories, their human problems, their ideas and who they are in their life and you start to appreciate them much more, where possible.
Reading their articles you discover their soul and they’re souls I love because I can see that there is a lot of humanity, a treat lost in too many people.

Thanks to them and thanks to the important reflection that that newsmagazine is for the city, we, journalists, are like mirrors for our places and our realities, I fell in love for Boston as well.

Thanks to them I discovered not only the story of Bulger, and how, in conditions of complete freedom as Boston’s reporters worked and are working, can be treated from a team of investigative journalists a story of a criminal organization like the Winter Hill Gang was or the italian mafia was, but I discovered an entire city, spectacular, fascinating and during the winter-time, plenty of snow!

Boston still feel the European origins and the past, so indispensable for understanding two crucial words like “now” and “tomorrow”. They go proud of it.
People are taken in serious consideration.

Every human being of Boston good or bad analyzed and considered a Son, loved and blamed and condemned but always a Son with the desire of saving and helping him. Impressive and beauty the Bostonians know something: no one is lost.
Boston is jealous of his Sons and of its story.
Boston is a city where there are institutions able to make a big difference in the world.
Harvard, the Boston University, the MIT…

Just few of the excellences in Massachusetts where there are great brains used for bettering the humanity with their own talents.

A scientific discovery made in Boston will affect the entire humanity. It can be a new vaccine, a new therapy for treating some important illness.
This one a priviledge of few places in the world.

Tomorrow the premiere of Black Mass in the city.

Let’s hope people will appreciate Scott Cooper’s Black Mass and the characterization given by Johnny Depp at Whitey Bulger. The luck of the irish maybe will bring back some popularity at Johnny after a long period of obscurantism.

This case is not cold and the relatives of the poor innocent victims killed by Bulger are still suffering for the departures of their loved ones and this one is the most painful part of all the story because a movie like this one can bring back sad memories and polemics as well.

The movie is based on the book Black Mass, Whitey Bulger the FBI and a devil’s deal written by the two former journalists of the Globe Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill.

Anna Maria Polidori


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