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Polemics after the “passionate defense” of Johnny Depp regarding Whitey Bulger

Posted in black mass, Books, dick lehr, gerard o'neill, james whitey bulger, Johnny Depp, movies, scott cooper, warner br., whitey bulger by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2015

Families of victims upset with the actor

What Johnny Depp wanted to say when he pronounced that phrases two days ago regarding Whitey during the premiere in Boston? That the mobster not an evil for example?
Johnny Depp is not as ingenuous as it can appear.

The actor hasn’t portrayed a real good chap in the movie Black Mass and maybe he didn’t search for it. All the possible humanity left behind or removed if existed for giving an idea of two decades, the ones of 70s and 80s where the fury of Bulger meant for South Boston a profound crisis and sadness and mourning in many realities and families.

The families of the various victims profound upset for what Johnny said, wrote the Globe in an article written by Shelley Murphy.

Sometimes Johnny tends to speak as a native american would speak. Searching for the good side of everyone.
Johnny wanted to express maybe “human compassion” for the criminal condition of Bulger. A condition where a mobster was able to kill not just the affiliates but also innocent people, and was blind and didn’t see all the horrors he was committing and this one the worsest sin of all of them.

The mobster understood only now what happened of his life when in a letter written at three teenagers he added his life was a “wasted life”.

Maybe, who knows? He understood all his errors also during the years spent on the run seeing how a normal life can be less complicated and more rich of joy and happiness than the one he had built-in his previous portion of life: a crime life where devastations, murders and horrors were the main protagonists.

Johnny Depp during the premiere in Brookline at the Coolidge Corner Theatre last Tuesday night aired on WCVB said regarding Bulger: “There’s a kind heart” adding that “There’s a cold heart in there. There’s a man who loves. There’s a man who cries. There’s a lot to the man.”

These comments upset St.Croix, Deborah Hussey’s brother.
The man said to the Globe: “I wonder how Johnny Depp would feel if his sister got strangled and buried in the basement with two other corpses”.

Johnny Depp is a good person and the families of the victims can see that his portrait of Bulger gives justice to them much more than to Bulger. Normal that for a family of a victim it can’t say a lot in human terms for their lost, but it is better than to see an excessive humanization of the mobster.

Humanity has not added because of this reason, maybe. Because the story is fresh, and not being a cold case there are people who, seeing this movie can see another time how one of their beloved relatives have been killed without reason. Other sufferance in the sufferance.

It is also maybe difficult to search for Whitey’s humanity, although no one can say that it doesn’t exist.

This movie didn’t want to analyze psychologically the monster, didn’t want to “justify” the errors committed by Bulger either, just to treat him for who he was: a terrible gangster.

Flemmi’s son, wrote the Globe, attended the premiere and he thought that there hasn’t been any glorification of Bulger but a portrait as “An evil and psychopath”. So, after all, not a great compliment for “Whitey”.

It seems that Johnny Depp didn’t speak at all with the families of the victims for the role of Bulger, but the familiars of the victims would have welcomed him at open arms in their houses and families. Patricia Donahue said at the Globe that maybe it had to be considered indispensable according to her for Johnny Depp to meet the familiars of the victims for understanding better the character of the mobster, the story of South Boston and in general the criminal life of that decades.

Johnny Depp requested to meet Whitey Bulger but the mobster refused to meet him or Scott Cooper the director of Black Mass.

Johnny Depp told also at the Associated Press that he was happy that Bulger went on the run and for 16 yars he lived an honest life. “Good on him”.

Some families of victims are perplexed for these comments, although as reported by the Globe Tim Connors, his dad killed in 1975 by Whitey has another vision of the story. He thinks that yes, maybe Bulger, has some good in him as everyone else has, but the evil that is in him is too much and this “too much” able to obscure the good side of his character.

Something is more than sure: Johnny Depp wants to be accepted in the role of Whitey Bulger by the relatives of the victims of Bulger.

For this reason he said that the most difficult part of his role was: “Trying to ride the tightrope between what is true, what is considered true, and what is, obviously, very very true for the victims and their families”.

Looking at Johnny Depp
11223635_953956104646758_8765598244982848423_n as Whitey Bulger on-screen, everyone in Boston will tell to you that it’s like to see the real mobster.

Black Mass will open on sept 18th and it is based on the book written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill two staffers of the Boston Globe: Black Mass, Whitey Bulger,Black Mass Book Cover the FBI and a devil’s deal.

Anna Maria Polidori

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