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“Our Whitey Bulger and the story we know”

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Three reporters of the Boston Globe answers various questions about Black Mass at

Three reporters of the Globe, Dick Dick Lehr 7 Lehr and Gerard Gerard O'Neill O’Neill authors of the book Black Mass new cover for Black Mass Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal, and Kevin cullen_JPG Cullen co-author with Shelley Murphy of Whitey Bulger: Pic cover America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice, another superb book answered some questions at regarding some facts treated briefly in the movie Black Mass.

Johnny 22_20 Depp in the role of the scaring Jimmy b 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n (Copy 1) “Whitey” Bulger.

The three journalists followed the criminal story of Bulger in a daily base and know “their” man very well.

Both the italian mafia than the Winter Hill Gang of Whitey wanted to put their hands also on a story of…the vending machines, another asperity born between the two gangs. Every month there was a vending machine company that paid wagons of money in fact at the italian mafia if these machines were installed in bars of the city and in other close cities as well.

Whitey was part of an experiment with LSD although he didn’t know anything of the danger of it, just that if he would have taken part at this experiment he could have been out of jail before the time. And Whitey desired it so much. Bulger has always been since little a kid without too much peace, and maybe this cerebral hyperactivity of the brain didn’t receive any good “news” where possible from this experiment with a powerful hallucinogenic drug. The LSD was still a novelty and no one knew the collaterals effects of it.

The drug and the experiment were part of a CIA program called MKUltra.

Kevin Cullen said everyone told to Whitey that he wouldn’t never had any collateral effects but that it was a treatment for depression. During this program the first symptoms of the nightmares would have accompanied Whitey Bulger for all his life and never disappeared.

Whitey Bulger maybe won at the lottery $14 million? Not precisely. Maybe “Cooked up a scheme to launder illegally obtained money”.

There was a place called “Bulger Burial Ground” in the movie Black Mass and it exists. Kevin Weeks once he decided to collaborate with the police men brought them in the area. The bodies of six people in 2000, discovered. Their names: King, Debra Davis, Paul McGonagle, Deborah Hussey, Bucky Barrett, and John McIntyre. It was a place the gang loved particularly and they started to use it for their macabre use since 1974 the year McGonagle was missing.

The arrest of John Connolly? Dec 1999, three days before Christmas and ten years after his retirement from the FBI.
At first “Connolly was charged for corruption and tipping off cases” added Cullen, but later the story became heavier. Bribery, falsifying FBI reports, extortion and later he was indicted on the charge of leaking informations to Bulger and his affiliates. Three people were killed because of it. Convicted of second-degree murder in november 2008, sentenced to 40 years of prison. Connolly says always he is innocent.

Triple O’s and the movie’s other bars? They existed and in these places Bulger loved to talk with his affiliates of his latest business.
The Triple O’s was located at the number 28 West Broadway but now if a tourist would want to discover this place would find other realities. The bar closed a decade ago was home to Owl Station a japanese sushi restaurant, closed now. In the area there is a Starbucks.
The Bell in Hand Tavern is still opened. The first beer in 1795!
The story of this Tavern impressive.
“A gathering place for printers and politicians, sailors and students” there is written on their website.
Jimmy Wilson the first owner.m_Jimmy Wilson Everybody in Boston knew Jimmy because he was the Boston’s crier for fifty long years. Once retired he decided to open a tavern called Bell-in-Hand because of his first and long former work.

His ale, only ale, was served since there at the Bell-in-Hand. A wonderful, delicious ale. The tavern became known for the great quality of ale and started to become one of the most loved place in Boston.

The atmosphere, joyous attracted people of all kind as well. Everyone was and is welcomed in Bell-in-Hand. With the time Bell-in-Hand became, because of the familiar atmosphere breathed by everyone the special place of journalists, lawyers, actors, city leaders and common people.
Bell-in-Hand is the oldest American tavern and is located near Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Lindsey Cyr has been one of the historic molls of Whitey Bulger and with him she has had a son Dougles Glen Cyr, died abruptly because of an allergy caused by an aspirin at just 6 years in 1973. A shocking experience for the couple. Whitey didn’t want any children and in fact a friend of Cyr recognized Bulger’s son as his own son. Bulger attended the baptism just like a friend of the couple.
He couldn’t want any kid Whitey considering his criminal activity and told this to Lindsey Cyr. But this son has been very loved by him and the baby spent time also at the house of Whitey Bulger’s brother Billy Bulger, and Whitey Bulger spent a lot of time with him.
The departure of this beloved son a shock for him.
Lindsey Cyr broke up with Whitey in 1980 but this man stayed always on her heart as a good person.

Lindsey Cyr declared she can’t believe that Whitey has committed the horrors everyone are writing about and more, once again arrested in 2011, Lindsey Cyr didn’t deny her support at Bulger during and after the trial.

Whitey has been, told also the reporters of the Globe a constant presence in Lindsey Cyr’s life, with nice surprises at the end of the 80s and in 1995 once he decided to leaving Boston forever, Whitey called his ex-girlfriend as well for let her know which was his final decision.
A son can’t be forgotten. Love can’t be forgotten.
Another call in 2002-2003 from Whitey to Lindsey Cyr.
In 2010 Lindsey Cyr revealed for the first time in an article and exclusive at the Boston Globe that Douglas Douglas Cyr Cyr was Whitey Bulger’s son and that the identity of his son hided and protected for avoiding bigger problems to the kid.
Just, he died a lot of time ago and no sense anymore for hiding this news from the mother of Douglas Cyr.

Black Mass is on theaters from yesterday. Directed by Scott Cooper, in the cast with Johnny Depp in the role of Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Julianne Nicholson, Joel Edgerton, Juno Temple.

Anna Maria Polidori


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