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Whitey and religion? Forget the italian mafiosi-style

Whitey, religion and…Hell. Maybe

When I thought the first times at this mobster Bulger once Johnny afforded to Boston for the movie Black Mass I had a picture clear in my mind.

Apart that I lived all the situation with terror, I also thought: “He will be another typical mobster who keeps close to him The Holy Bible and tons of pictures of Saint Mary and other saints while he plans to kill someone. After all Whitey is catholic. Mamma mia!”.

Well, Whitey Bulger in this sense is strongly different from the italian mafiosi.

Shelley Murphy recently treated the topic for Crux, the branch of the Boston Globe born after the scandal of the pedophile priests.

Bulger was born catholic and was grown up as a catholic and he hasn’t never hidden it although when found in Santa Monica, the special agents of the FBI discovered a lot of guns, more than 800.000 dollars, a lot of books, but there is no mentions thank Lord of Holy Bibles or candles lighted close to some imagines of Saint Mary.

Forget it.

Once put in jail again after the arrest on late june 2011 yes, a lot of people started to send him every kind of religious material, said Bulger, from Bibles to prayer cards, in particular from Ireland, a catholic place and the United States.

“Many religious people out there want to save my soul and get me to heaven” declared Bulger once although he considered with a certain irony: “I haven’t done much to stop war or crime”.

The parents of Bulger were catholic and Jimmy like also all his other brothers and sisters received the sacraments.

Whitey changed a lot of schools because there were some problem with this kid. He didn’t pay attention to the various lessons, he didn’t reach any goal with success at school. Maybe he suffered of hyperactivity, who knows? His dad used also corporal remedies as well, but situation unchanged.

So his parents started to change many schools for this “difficult boy”.

One of the schools he attended was the Catholic Elementary School. A private institution.

Then his dad tried with public schools, but later Jimmy Bulger drop out from school. Forever.

A success of the nuns of the Catholic Elementary School?
Whitey learnt a perfect penmanship. If you observe a letter written by Whitey Bulger you can’t believe that with that same hand he also killed people.
It’s in fact an elegant way of writing, old-fashioned and precise. It’s impressive.

Bad friendships mean all for a teenager or still a kid, it is true.

Who knows why two parents like James Bulger senior and his wife, who followed with great attention Jimmy during the school, trying all the possible for giving him an instruction didn’t understand how dangerous could potentially be the new weird friends of their son.

While his brother Bill served as an altar boy and her mom was an active member of their parish in South Boston, Whitey started to prefer other kind of friendships.

The new group of friends of Whitey some ex-convicts.
young james bulger

They said him that they could make easy cash. In what way? It was a story of…banks.

The first arrest at 13 years, the discovery of religion when Whitey was put in jail at 26 years.

He started to correspond with a bunch of people, including a priest, a jesuit, Rev. Robert Drinan, family friend and friend also with Bill Bulger. Bill had known him while he was attending the Boston College.

Priests have always helped Whitey Bulger to sorting out his problems although it is still unclear how great was the real devotion of the mobster for God.

Once released from jail in fact, he didn’t work with pleasure as promised.
Jimmy Bulger promised to become a good boy, but he was back to crime pretty soon.

Young Whitey

Later the entrance in the Winter Hill Gang,that existed from a lot of time.

The Winter Hill gang hasn’t been created by Whitey.

Later, the unholy alliance with the FBI and the escalation of power, and the born of “Whitey” whitey 4 Bulger as the biggest mobster of South Boston.

Whitey maybe believes in Paradise, Purgatory and Hell because once, in a letter written at a friend from jail he said him that the cell was cold. “I’ll welcome the warmth of Hell if there is a Hell”.

Who knows God’s plans… Not any soul is lost ’til the end.

Black Mass is on theaters. Directed by Scott Cooper, and starring Johnny Johnny Venice Depp as Whitey 11037470_421228974717418_3470184447073379789_n b Bulger, the movie is based on the book written by DickDick Lehr 7 Lehr and Gerard O’Neill two staffers of the Globe: Black Mass, Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal.

Anna Maria Polidori

source: Crux, Shelley Murphy


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