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Two pictures of Johnny during the Rio Concert

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rio 6

rio 7


Sienna Miller: “My role as Catherine Greig…”

Sienna reveals details of her participation at the production of Black Mass

Sienna Miller is promoting Burnt these days.

Some questions asked by reporters about her role as Cathy Greig, later cut from the movie Black Mass with Johnny Depp, still on theaters and about the criminal life of Southie (South Boston) mobster Jimmy “Whitey”10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n (Copy 1) bulger60bug-crop Bulger. In the role a great Johnny johnny-depp Depp.

The actress revealed that at first the scenes where she was involved in weren’t a lot. A couple of days of work in total.
Scott Cooper later wrote two more scenes for her but later they decided of cut the private life of the mobster from the movie.

Anna Maria Polidori


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A cute Johnny’s picture in Venice taken at the premiere of Black Mass

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The band of the Hollywood Vampires recording new songs

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…At Johnny’s house

The Hollywood Vampires are recording new songs for a new album and some members of the band joined Johnny Depp in the recording studio of his house.

Enjoy the picture!!!



Johnny Depp and Joe Perry in a new amazing picture

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The picture realized some days ago, oct 28th


Johnny Depp and Joe Perry

@RossHalfin photography 2015

Sweet picture of Johnny Depp during the London premiere of Black Mass

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Enjoy it x0x0x0 (Thanks Lory!)


Johnny and a great, philanthropist initiative

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Johnny will help the Sioux

As all we know Johnny is part of the exclusive club of that billionaires around the world able to make the difference.
Most of them are philanthropists and people active, everyday, for trying to better the existence of many other human beings creating new schools, universities, hospitals.
Their large donations a deep breath for the humanity.
World becomes thanks to them a better place.

In this case, Johnny 12063358_478962692277379_7157559450017715930_n Depp wants to help the Sioux, as he told to the Sunday Daily Mail recently buying the site of Wounded Knee. The site will be given back to the Native Americans.

Johnny johnny-depp Depp is native american, with irish and german blood as well.

Johnny told to the reporter: “This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back. Why doesn’t the government do that?”

The land of Wounded Knee has been lost by the Native Americans from centuries. The territory became a “white” property in dec 29 1890 after a terrible battle known as: Wounded Knee Massacre. Many old, women, children, killed.

Johnny Depp wants to buy this land for giving to the native americans the complete control lost a lot of time ago.

Wounded Knee will be paid $3.9 million by the actor.

Johnny 11224330_960122857363416_5955662391118486106_n Depp added: “I am doing my best to make that happen. It’s a land they were pushed on to and then they were massacred there. It really saddens me”.

Anna Maria Polidori

Fortunately, the milk

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The news launched by Hollywood Reporter

It seems that there will be luck for Fortunately, the Milk the latest Neil Gaiman’s book. Johnny Depp wants to realize a movie based on this book.

Fortunately, the Milk it’s the story of a dad who steps out to buy milk for the children but in the while he will meet through a time travel, pirates, aliens, dinosaurs. For sure it appears to be another beautiful adventure.

Edgar Wright involved in the production as director of the movie. Johnny johnny-deppDepp star and producer.

The script written by Bret McKenzie.

Anna Maria Polidori

Vito Corleone: the new face? The one of Johnny Depp

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A thrilled Francis Ford Coppola launched the news

It seems that Johnny Depp starts to appreciate the role of the mobster.

After Black Mass, movie about the irish South Boston mobster Jimmy 11181839_422107524629563_434860139454374437_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n b“Whitey” Bulger still in theaters, another remake of a big success: The Godfather index.

The news launched last september. Paramount Pictures made the announcement.

This mafia crime loved and appreciated by millions of fans is back and this time in the role of Vito Corleone, Johnny Depp.

44 years ago the first movie of the saga.

A remake for Hollywood when there are iconic movies like The Godfather or also other classics, means to study a new movie for another generation of people with new problems and complexities.
The other two movies are scheduled in 2018 and 2020.

Francis Ford Coppola will be the same director of the first iconic movie, at that time in the role of Corleone Marlon Brando, great Johnny Depp’s friend.

Coppola fell in love for a Johnny’s performance in particular.

He told: “When I saw The Tourist in the cinemas and saw Depp’s energy and fire, I knew I wanted him to be Vito Corleone”.

He also added: “Working with Depp Johnny Depp_2345is a blessing and he is really nailing his role!”

Anna Maria Polidori

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