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“It’s not about who and how you know them. It’s all about the connection and bond of each life that you meet on this Planet”

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on February 24, 2016

Alexandria Altman friend of Johnny Depp talks about her first meeting with the actor, revealing more details of her wonderful personal fairy tale


Do you want to know anything about showbiz? Better: do you want to understand how it works that world?

Good: this interview with Alexandria Altman is for you.

Alexandria Alexandria Altman_1is one of Johnny johnny362 Depp’s best friends.
In the showbiz, for case and love, while we are sipping a warm tea in a cold winter day she starts to telling me that one of her main passion is taking pictures.

“I always have been taking pictures.
It seems like if that one would be my whole life. I started at the age of three. I got also my first plastic red camera at that time”.

After pictures, painting and other creative expressions as normal conclusion of a profound research of the beauty.

“The research through the pictures passed later through the painting. Maybe it only grew more intense there with painting, music, poetry, writing…”

Alexandria can’t decide what it is better

“Some would say pick one. I would reply: “But it all goes together as One. I just knew somehow… Some say we are all born co-creators. So let’s create!”

The problem? To recognizes the talent given to us by God

“Yes because everyone of us have gifts and we either recognize them at a early age. Sure some never do recognize them and it’s sad”.

Alexandria tells me that the main influence was played by women in her family mainly her granny and her Great-great mom.

“She lived 106 years!”


“Yes, an important age!”

Poetry inspired by these ladies

“Rainbows, light, I saw the world vibrantly and later I put these colors and lights in a paintings or pictures”.

Her granny had nine sons, she tells me and each of them played some musical instruments. “I was attracted by the tones of the Earth and the sound of a forest. I loved to spend there most of the time while I was growing up. I wanted to discover the life of all creatures and maybe where all fairy-tales began a lot of time ago”.

Alexandria tells

“I became connected with nature. I tried to learn the secret messages of nature. The sounds of forest, the language of animals, the smell of flowers. I loved the wisdom of a big tree where I could stay sat under that reading a book per long time. The product of who I am now is the one of who I have been in the past and during my childhood”.

The project of this movie she would love to seeing soon on the big screen and based on the Cinderella Chronicles, Snow Moon, her books, one of the main reasons why she is fighting a lot during these years

“I became who I am. This movie will teach a lot of lessons to everyone. It can be enjoyed and appreciated by a large public from 0 to 99 years”.

For reasons she doesn’t want to tell Alexandria once grown up has had the luck of owning a Limo company becoming part of a big business

“I had a lot of elite clients. Tennis players, celebrities. Once I would met there also my future husband. Do you know? At first he was the boyfriend of Marla Maples, but later once concluded their love-story  he fell in love for me, and Maples married Donald Trump (at that time the second wedding. The first with Ivana Trump)”.

This man was very rich ad plenty of talents

“Yes we married after five months. Oh: I remember that moments as a wonderful fairy-tale. We spent our honeymoon in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the same suite of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. What a wonderful moment of my existence!”

It was not just a story of honeymoon remarked Alexandria

“We stayed there for two and half months because we needed to shopping for our house in Beverly Hills”.

In the while, Alexandria discover the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

“Yes Michael was on my same floor. We became good friends. I have taken more than 100 pictures of Michael”.

Hot spots in Beverly Hills?

“Secret, few and look: only the A-listers got in and you had to be on the list exactly as all celebrities, or the rich and famous were”.

Alexandria affirms just a category didn’t know anything of these places

“Paparazzi! because every week or every night they would have chosen a different location.”

In this dreaming world, Alexandria and her husband were in the middle of it

“Yes, we knew all the rich and famous. We were invited to the heads of the studios at their home with cast to see for example the movies before the premieres”.

Alexandria looks at me and she smiles with nonchalance

“Oh, it’s common. That’s…That’s just Hollywood”.

With the time Alexandria tells me she became friends with a lot of stars.

“Stars were invited often at my house. I lived in a huge mansion at just three blocks from Rodeo Drive. I had two daughters, my staff with me, hubby included of course”.

Alexandria was considered a party-girl

“They asked me to model, act, write, and in general to become part of all. Sometimes I said no”.

And why?

“I don’t chase others dreams I allow my dreams to chase me”.

I am here for Johnny Depp

“The first time I saw him it was at a popular brunch spot in Beverly Hills”.

Alexandria’s memory is photographic

“Well yes, sometimes…He was sitting three tables down across from me and had baggy blue jeans on and older plain blue t-shirt. His hair floppy then and pulled back in a short pony tail. He was eating”.

An activity Johnny loves a lot

“Yes. At first I didn’t notice him until my daughter insisted: Look mom there is Edward Scissorhands. I looked better at my daughter…Edward who? I asked her…The one of the movie, she replied me back. Edward Scissorhands mom the movie by Tim Burton. Bingo! I was there”.

Alexandria tells that immediately after it happened something else

“Who knows if they had noticed our chatting or the agitation of my daughter. Maybe it was something else…Anyway I looked up at Johnny and he caught my glimpse in that same moment and he smiled back to me”.

And then what happened?

“Nothing. I mean: Hollywood is this. You meet around the corner every possible celeb but you must understand that it’s… hard work. It’s work. Everyone is famed there.My husband worked a lot into this industry while I was more focused on writing”.

Johnny Depp at that moment although famous was entertaining with his movies a niche of people and solid fans in all the world. His movies not exactly blockbusters

“I know that. But it wasn’t too many years later that I saw him, when I moved away in the while, becoming one of the most important stars of Hollywood. And there I re-started an important connection with him”.


“Yeah. I didn’t know anything of Facebook or social medias and I started to create something for Johnny. I started to work in the charity Johnny’s Angels. I started to follow John’s career and I am writing a blog for him at the moment. I can tell you that: I know Johnny Depp but I also know wagons of other stars in Hollywood. It’s…normal.”

Alexandria goes proud of Johnny Depp.

“He is a multi-talented man. Happy to be involved in various projects. Months ago I was involved in a project with Leonardo DiCaprio as associated Producer with Veronica Grey for a big documentary film”.

Alexandria is sure of it

“I feel a special friendship with all of my celebrity friends and I think just that they all have worked so hard to be where they’re today”.

It’s hard to be a star

“Yes, I hate when people wants to make more of something than a simply knowing of a lot of hard working talents to become who they are: stars”.

And common people?

“We are all stars if only we look up. Look: trust me…It is true what I can tell you: it’s not about who you know in Hollywood, and how you know them. It’s all about the connection and bond of each life that you meet on this Planet”.


Anna Maria Polidori


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