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Johnny, Finnegans Wake, and that tree outside the house…

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

Johnny in love with confusion, french songs and dreams


Johnny 12036842_960439533998415_8282569945684256778_n Depp in a recent live chat, USA Today reported the news, thrilled because of Alice Through the Looking Glass. New director of the movie James Bobin. Let’s remember that in Alice in Wonderland director was Tim Burton.

Johnny said to the accredited reporters of the Live Chat with, also director James Bobin that he prefers confusion and chances in movies and, he seems to still bringing with him Finnegans Wake by James Joyce wherever he goes.

Johnny re-discovers France and the beauty of a country for sure in love for him.

He added in fact to USA Today that his favorite song is Le Mer by Charles Trenet.

Johnny is influenced by his dreams and he puts them in his acting.

His brain runs continuously plenty of his geniality.
A place where to rest? The Bahamas where he bought an island because of the total anonymity and freedom.

Johnny assured that if some people won’t watch this new Alice by Disney he will be outside the house in a tree, scaring us.

Johnny, I think I won’t watch the movie.

I wait you! 😉

Anna Maria Polidori


Impressive words of Johnny Depp on Sauvage by Dior

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

“I’ve never done anything like this before, but in the digital age I think certain craftsmen and arts are in danger of being lost.
I appreciate the ancient skills of creating a fragrance.
Just like a music riff it is never the same two times.
Scent changes on people’s skin.
It’s an amazing kind of science, almost an art.
Scent matches what you’re feeling, it captures moments.
You stay with it, you keep it in your life.”

Johnny Depp on being the face of Dior’s new scent “Sauvage.


Thanks Lory Depp Girl for the amazing collage.

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Black Mass Pictures from the Toronto Film Festival

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

11998877_960439703998398_9063008018360511279_n 11227763_960439630665072_6747011470548707888_n 12009802_960439603998408_526781928325165447_n 11214133_960439580665077_5413770567477512820_n 12036830_960439747331727_3197800549046111577_n Press conference. Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for pictures

Sauvage Dior pics from the video

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for all these stunning pics of the promotional video Sauvage, the new fragrance pour Homme created by Christian Dior Maison, testimonial our Johnny Depp.


11988608_952391784803190_3209610256474407898_n Sauvage Dior 11986443_952391924803176_325198121809466185_n 11990580_952391901469845_9128538380830964032_n 11987004_952391854803183_7735401015307278274_n 11222306_952391811469854_4376889133208894232_no

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Johnny Depp greetings fans at the arrival at The Roxy for the Hollywood Vampires Concert

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

September 2015

Thanks Lory Depp Girl for pics


12043065_961320427243659_8597729044845924842_n 11205575_961320507243651_4062191137332664141_n 12038306_961320480576987_818720569035784469_n Johnny greetings fans at The Roxy 11998852_961320457243656_180978774530439967_n

Johnny in peaceful pics during the promotion of Black Mass at Toronto

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

11046501_960762617299440_6163325117382115327_n12004155_960762587299443_6054329588818419908_n12009746_960762557299446_3289491131399885579_n12036842_960439533998415_8282569945684256778_n  11209674_960762537299448_2390932561368166232_n

Enjoy it. They’re wonderful! Many thanks for the pictures Lory Depp Girl

Johnny was at the Shangrila Hotel


Johnny, in a stunning picture with The Hollywood Vampires!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music, Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

12039581_961320403910328_6683614061289001442_nThey were at The Roxy last September. I find this picture simply amazing.

Many thanks to Lory Depp Girl! for the picture.

Johnny Depp concert at the Roxy Septembr 2015

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for the pictures


12002245_961321177243584_7475889294721797378_n 11221634_961321097243592_374112306414264261_n 12011218_961321063910262_4350779249853858242_n 12027604_961321037243598_4254404144262674663_n 12019989_961320997243602_3722970459206884819_n 12039459_961320960576939_996316421412431580_n 12036815_961320903910278_4969144309594359259_n 12027677_961320863910282_6886637730841003046_n 12036609_961320843910284_1275711764580039238_n 11904749_961320820576953_3188414769120743490_n 12033042_961320783910290_3625040089194501193_n 12036568_961320750576960_8931035399011638320_n 12032224_961320703910298_3329022077017436312_n 11999051_961320663910302_4809834691465318339_n 12004826_961320647243637_2128645137947071693_n 11998979_961320617243640_6375243891655206410_n 12011289_961320597243642_1245519133451421968_n 12003362_961320563910312_1450886347641816408_n

“Johnny Depp a complicated and a beloved enigma”

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on March 31, 2016

The popular magazine USA TODAY thinks that Johnny is complicated
Last night receiving the Google Alerts of Johnny Depp the main news the one of USA Today. The popular magazine described Johnny as a “Complicated and a beloved enigma” in an article involving a live chat for explaining the new Disney movie Alice: Through the Looking Glass.

Yesterday night, while I was saving and posting pictures  I thought: “I couldn’t never stop to like this man for a second.”

I met Johnny 10394461_298058820367768_8307873018918289062_n Depp’s friends and fans online in 2004 and substantially they saved my life from a deep depression I was living because a neighbor of us killed herself. Other sad facts unfortunately followed this event putting me down.

The discovery of actors, an environment I have always been attracted by, to me a wonderful experience.

I was invited on set of the various Pirates all the times a new Pirates put in production and I thank everyone for the wonderful gesture.  I don’t know what would have happened in case I could have attended it. I would have been the happiest person of this world. I don’t regret it because simply I couldn’t, because the conditions couldn’t permit me to be there with them, something I would have wanted so badly.

Johnnyjohnny_-crop…Well I didn’t 12250164_488315414675440_3923586462788816939_n like him at first. I had friends completely lost for him because he is attractive, and he is magnetic but I didn’t love the rebel part of his character, I didn’t like the use and abuse of drugs 12642924_511484522358529_3781918617160241821_n and alcohol.  To me he was a sort of modern James Dean.

I was more involved with actors like Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, Woody Allen, Robert Redford. Not light actors most of them.Try to watch a movie of Robin Williams psychoanalytically – Jumanji for example – like also a movie by Woody Allen and then tell me if you slept all the night or the subconscious worked frantically during the night for sorting out the interior problems all of us have.

Lately, with Johnny I discovered another dimension.
The Gothic one, so I can read differently death although we won’t never be friend, I am a Sagittarius! and I discovered other worlds as well.

World populated by weird creatures,, by the uncommon, by skunks and skeletons, by pirates, fights, love, treasures, corpse bridges I loved so badly, by Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Jack the Ripper From Hell, Ed Wood, Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands and I fell in love for all of it. Also if it meant blood, murder, situations that all alone I wouldn’t never searched for. I know that they are just movies, but movies I wouldn’t never watched if I wouldn’t have closed to me Johnny’s fans.

It made the difference and in the while I grew up with less fear for this world and what it is going on.
Yes, Johnny has always been able to keep me intellectually alive.

Johnny tries to research and it is attracted by of all the human conditions with some problematic.

What I can tell is that I have always felt accepted by this gang of friends and that to me this is important.
I don’t remember any kind of discussion that we haven’t sorted out in few minutes or less.

Fans of Johnny are called DeppHeads because there is no hate, there is nothing of wrong in them. Johnny’s fans are great fans.

They’re not snob and it pays a lot. It’s difficult in a society opened like this one to meet someone snob but it still can happens and it’s not a great adventure at all.

Once I interviewed a reporter and she told me this: that the democracy created by the net is just a perception. Substantially it doesn’t exist any kind of dialogue between the various social classes involved in this exchange of informations because we don’t interact in person.
It is dramatically true but I can tell you: I have been lucky with Johnny’s fans.

Johnny’s fans have always been encouragingly good with me.

Our profession, I am a reporter, but it is so hard! is living a moment of profound crisis and when I started my Johnny’s blog, just for casualty, Lory was sending to me wagons of news and I thought: why not posting them somewhere and not just on Facebook?, I thought: why not? I can write of a topic I love. And in English. It can be good. A blog is able to give visibility.

Johnny 72357_527484000758581_4522622784173368547_n (thanks to Lory Depp Girl for pics) to me is not a big enigma.

Johnny to me is a man who loves and feels the desire of being accepted for who he is. He is very sensitive.

He doesn’t hide himself and his excesses.

He is an acculturated man. Johnny’s fans are avid readers like him is.

He is a man who can change his life in a second re-constructing like a phoenix a new completely different existence.

He is courageous, because we all fights against our internal demons and he is able to speak of madness for clarifying that we all have a complicated existence.

Mainly, he is supportive and he has real sense of humor.

Johnny is this and much more.
He is not too complicated after all. He is just a man who fights in a daily-base as every other human being his personal battles.
Anna Maria Polidori

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Johnny Depp in concert with The Hollywood Vampires, September 2015

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on March 30, 2016

Thanks Lory Depp Girl for pics. Some sent via DEPP LOVERS PAGE

In some pics you can see Johnny reached by a fan while performing. The fan a real groupie couldn’t resist at Johnny too much and didn’t lose time.


11999003_961362113906157_5141994791665405521_n12042741_961321217243580_6609251297435078912_n12039284_961321293910239_5031252949229148514_nJohnny at The Roxy11933490_961362003906168_1563190629582928564_n11951375_961362067239495_1721543493315671180_n12009666_961362137239488_3099415321143520100_n12003304_961569910552044_975699268250947610_n11224330_961569883885380_2199854723492801979_n12042880_961569857218716_3552173768681623331_n12042880_961569857218716_3552173768681623331_n12011248_961362477239454_7802098770847267057_n12006258_961362503906118_4282845571084556976_n11993296_961362520572783_1564001881325570515_n11225259_961362567239445_7861149169597803258_n12043162_961362590572776_6362038631836340994_n12002032_961566963885672_4296433700131686473_n12036870_961566917219010_8886782667460812562_n12009742_961566837219018_6296424182832174137_n12042721_961566873885681_1494586235803832402_n12004107_961566940552341_6442905763059329028_n12004107_961566940552341_6442905763059329028_n12039519_961566853885683_8821562444306464866_n12038348_961566893885679_82023745552890825_n






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