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“Whitey” and the new sexual trouble

Posted in black mass, Books, dick lehr, gerard o'neill, james whitey bulger, Johnny Depp, movies, warner br., whitey bulger by Anna Maria Polidori on March 5, 2016

The mobster in confinement for 30 days


Let’s back to this story and news of Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger because Kevin cullen_JPG Cullen one of the authors, with Shelley Murphy of Whitey Bulger, wrote an interesting piece on the Boston 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n Globe about the topic.

Johnny Depp with Black 10463033_294206670752983_3128029268474034619_n 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n 10442990_294206704086313_332698468647131041_n 11182076_421228178050831_8044029803845486848_n  aaa Mass by Scott Cooper portrayed a terrible heartless criminal, able to kill in horrible ways b people, someone able to create a special cemetery where he killed and buried his victims, keeping all corpses close to each other.
Bulger  introduced wagons of drug in South Boston in the 70s and 80s and it meant indirect departures and desperation for a lot of families. At that time no one knew a lot about the sad potentialities of drugs.

Black Mass didn’t want to let us see any kind of humanity in this mobster.

Bulger interrupted his criminal activity in 1995 leaving Boston because an indictment ready for him. For 16 years the main question of Bostonians was: “Where are you Whitey?” Everyone guessed maybe Bulger had left the USA for some distant corners of the world.

But no…
Whitey Bulger was still in the USA.

He became thanks to a false identity (he changed various identities in the while) Charlie Gasko, a respectable elderly man who was spending his time in the exclusive and sunny city of Santa Monica, California.
He gave up with his past criminal life.
He tried another life.
He liked it.
Once captured, his shock immense.
His good reputation as Charlie Gasko the good neighbor gone in a second.

He wrote to all his neighbors: “Don’t believe what they’re saying of me…”
Sure: Charlie Gasko didn’t kill. Sure: Charlie Gasko didn’t commerce drug. Sure: Charlie Gasko was a common man living a common life.
Sure: Charlie was a good guy for everyone.

The capture of Bulger and Catherine Greig his companion only on June 2011 in Santa Monica.
In 2013 the trial confirmed what everyone knew and “Whitey” resigned: this time he would have ended his final years of life in prison.

While the filming of Black Mass was going on James Bulger lived a sort of revival of his reputation as the terrible mobster of South Boston thanks to his inmates in the prison of Tucson where he was convicted.

“Whitey” started to be always more cheerful. After all he was a sort of criminal star and he was “someone”.

At the same time he started to autograph with his name pictures of Marylin Monroe, an actress he adores presenting these pictures to a psychologist of the prison. The young psychologist it seems fell a sort of attraction for the octogenarian once terrible mobster of South Boston.  Bulger was brought in a Florida prison.

Now this.

And “Whitey” complained. He wasn’t doing it.
He was just putting some powder in his genitals where he started to suffering from a fungus from some days adding that he didn’t want to be visited by a specialist because there were nurses as well and he felt shame.

Lights on, it was 3 am and a guard noticed some irregularities thanks to the fact that Bulger keeps always on the light after the experiment with LSD he decided to being tested with decades ago, in 1950s when he was in the Alcatraz prison. Since there he developed nightmares and can’t sleep without the lights on.

The guard intimated him of stopping what it was doing and Bulger immediately did it. The guard added: “I got you!”

Kevin Cullen described the situation of confinement for 30 days “Ridiculous”.

“I’m 85 years old. My sex life is over,” Bulger said in his defense when the drama started to take place.

Whitey Bulger in fact was accused of violating this time a regulation prohibiting sexual activity and there hasn’t been anything to do.

Bulger strongly deny he was involved in any different situation than the one of putting powder in his genitals area.

Kevin Cullen describes this big punishment “Like the one of locking habitual drunk driver all alone in a bar”.

The ex mobster Bulger, mortified, and with an endless list of charges added discomforted _bulger_: “I’ve never had any charges like that in my whole life”.


Anna Maria Polidori


I remember to everyone that the DVD Black Mass dvd cover-cropis available! with many great extras as well like also the book Black Mass written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill staffers of the Boston Globe. In this latest edition of their book Johnny/Whitey is on the cover.



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