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Johnny, creativity, and that spirit of madness able to be sometimes the winning card of our existence!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 13, 2016

Living with a creative spirit inside us


Located at ASU Gammage this Saturday 12th, the meeting organized with Lawrence Krauss,  American theoretical physicist and cosmologist and Johnny Depp by the title:  “Finding Creativity  10325793_525565997617048_1392720204155425457_n  in Madness” 12439456_525565810950400_650511852387422400_n    10344768_525565557617092_8407508670457218882_n part of The Origins Project was a real success and plenty of stimulating moments of discussions and reflections.


The chat with Johnny Depp and Lawrence Krauss reports by was very sincere.

Johnny as always does adamantly admitted that sometimes his life has been difficult.

If someone would be in a condition of madness, because the tendency is that one, chemical conditions bring people to experiencing that state or just the moment is not the happiest one of life, the only best thing to do according to Johnny Depp is:

To find a way to embrace it and use it in a creative sense. Use the madness to find your way, to be able to stand on solid ground.

It doesn’t appear simple. Johnny must have lived all of it. He describes that madness is in fact: “Crazy, insanity, delirium.”

The imperative according to Johnny Depp and Krauss  this one:


Be you. Just you“.
This is absolutely true. When you find someone who want to search to change you it means that the person in question is doubting of you and putting in discussion your character. Go away! as quickly as you can. That person would be poison for you.

The first condition for loving other people also is first of all to love ourselves and to accept our limits and potentialities. Doing it, it’s also a story of luck mainly in this life of course,  life should be better.

Johnny  said he has always found common people boring and monotonous.

Depp explained that when he became very famous he never read the script of a screenwriter, because he didn’t want to be what the creatives had decided the character had to be for him. Johnny simply wanted to feel the character, living the character. He wanted to be the character, giving to him his personal characteristics.

According to Johnny forget to ask to others or to yourself :

Who am I?


Who do you think am I?


Where should I belong?

Imprisoned in 21 Jump Street Johnny was happy to start to experiencing also other roles.

The most important lesson is to stay true to ourselves Depp explains. reported Johnny said:

If it’s not your truth it’s bulls–t and the audience can sense it.

Johnny’s first love was music but as it happens sometimes that work didn’t pay the bills and so when his first ex-wife introduced him to Nicholas Cage, the possibility of paying bills with movies became more than real.

Johnny added that he started to doing these movies because “Someone was going to give me money” but he is still unsure if he has made the decision of becoming an actor.

It’s a story known that Johnny doesn’t love to see as also many other actors his movies again once released.
He also doesn’t care if the movie will be a success or not.

But what is ambition? Johnny defined this word as:

Working for some gain or status“.

But so? What other answer can we give for changing what this society is asking to us to be?

Build on your diversity.

Johnny while grew up told to the various reporters as reported by that during his childhood/teenage age has never felt a great sense of security around him. His parents split up pretty soon and Johnny moved from Kentucky to Florida.
It had to be a shocking phase for sure.

Once in his teenage age Johnny understood that he wasn’t like all the other contemporaries and he explained to the reporters:

I realized that there was something abnormal in me or of me. But at a certain point you’ve got one foot in the circle and one foot out of the circle of madness and reality.

In these conditions, admit Depp it’s impossible to understand where this life can conduct us.

Johnny’s avidity of thoughts and this “Avoiding circus” meant to put as many possible informations in term of culture into his brain. Johnny became an avid reader.

Johnny added that he has never read a psychology book
for trying to make a precise diagnoses of his state.

An advice can be:

Don’t overlook the small things in life.

Little things, small ones are the ones most important in life.
They helped Johnny to create beautiful and touching characters.

A little peanut can become everything

added Johnny convinced.

And the ticks of Johnny’s character? As also many other actors love to do it’s a story of….observation.

Johnny once had a tutor of his children who loved to speak closing his eyes.

An inspiration for the Mad Hatter. Another inspiration? A dog he owned became the answer in human shape of one of the most beloved characters portrayed by Johnny, an icon and a classic of cinema: Edward Scissorhands.

The important in life is:

Learn to Laugh

The important is to keep our mind cleaned from the little negativities of everyday.

Johnny also added that worrying too much about past and future mean that


The Now doesn’t exist.”




Anna Maria Polidori


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