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Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on March 13, 2016

A creative mind can make the difference winning stress and negativities


I was thinking at this moment of stress I am living and at the choices I am making and at the freedom I am feeling and at the lucidity lost in the past.
I have always thought that stressing moments can be the best ones for us and for our process of creativity because we are able again to re-meet our real personality.

A big stress means a new development of the most powerful creative process existing in our life for sorting out the internal problems of our soul that in different case would become insane.

Keeping the creative process alive and in a healthy way something we must do strongly.

Creativity will bring new strength and new ideas and new possibilities to our life.

The chat with Johnny johnny_-crop 10344768_525565557617092_8407508670457218882_n Depp and Lawrence 12439456_525565810950400_650511852387422400_n Krauss brought me to write some personal considerations.

A positive approach to life is better than a continuous complain.

One of the books I am reading these days is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I find it interesting.

Too often our brain is poisoned by negative thoughts and negative thoughts are able to create our days and weeks and  our own reality. It’s indispensable a positive attitude for attracting dreams and not negative thoughts or negative dreams able to attracts nightmares, real bad nightmares in our life.

But so what can we do?

Personal advices?

The ones I use for myself.

Think always positive

If you are not able anymore write positive thoughts down. And re-write them down. And re-write them down as when we went to school ’til, exasperated they will become your reality. A brainwashing for removing the negativity from your brain.


Keep a journal but write down ONLY the positive facts happened during the day.

Avoid any possible complains. Any stress. Just, put the beauty of the world in your journal.  Re-read it after a month and then you will see that your reality is not as bad as the one you thought it was and your mind will become more positive.


Clean your Mind for a healthy body and spirit. Illnesses are developed sometimes because our soul is unhappy and too much stressed.


Keep some moments for yourself everyday.


It will mean refresh your brain, re-creating the world you love and eliminating  sad thoughts. What should you do? What you love to do.
Read, write, talk with some friends, watch a movie. It’s up to you.
Do it in a daily base if possible.


Everyday some little or big walk will refresh your body and your spirit.
If at first you will think that all your problems will follow you while you are walking, later you will discover that the reality is changing, that the atmosphere is changing,  and you will have forgotten your troubles, kept them home. Once returned you will be regenerated and you will also sleep much better.


Keep a special place for special items just for you


Buy a trunk little or big. It can be also a box of course. What you like, and put there all the items, books, postcards, letters, photographs, objects,, CDS, cassettes, journals, items you love the  most and that made your life since now. It will be your happy place because in that special place you will keep ONLY happy moments of your past life. Continue to add items for then re-finding them and re-watching, rereading them, re-listening to them.

Try something different.

Go at an event, stay with different people respect to the usual ones you are surrounded with. It will help you to seeing reality differently and it will bring you relaxation.

Stay with positive people most of the time.

Don’t be surrounded by people complaining most of the time. Sadness and depression are like happiness: they are forces able to attract other negativity or positivity.

Make new positive connections, give new ideas to your spirit using creativity and giving new shape to your life.

Be creative, doing something just for yourself.

Try to see also in the saddest situations of life the humorist side.

Once I went to a funeral and I remember that when the funeral procession was starting, the fire track with the coffin in it put the reverse for some reason. The few first people close to the dear one passed away, were all mourning and crying desperately close to the fire track, but when they saw what was going on and what was happening they were all scared for their own life and their faces terrorized. I found this episode pretty hilarious.

Last year I closed the thumb of my dad on a door’s car and I broke his thumb and I also opened his thumb like two pages of a book.

The evening before I reassured myself destroying also his beloved car. Thank Lord I wasn’t inside.

I didn’t sleep at all that night, dad is jealous of his car so badly and I thought that the next day I would have ended also my own existence, killed by dad, lol and I think that maybe also for this reason the day after happened what happened.

It was one of the most scaring experience I lived but I could see some humorous treats in this experience as well.

When for example dad returned home and tried to removed the stitches they had put to the thumb and we brought him again to another hospital he said me: “Look Anna Maria we are driving here and there for repairing all the mess you caused.” I found it funny. I don’t know why. I was a trouble-maker. Another new role. I wasn’t anymore a good girl but a bad girl. Wow! A great progress.

In these trips I found the absurdity of the situation and some hilarity as well.

Dad in the while for the shock removed from his mind who caused all the mess (me). An amnesia, immensely appreciated 😉 Who knows why?

Daily problems can be fixed.

In most cases, with a smile.



Anna Maria Polidori

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