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That night at Johnny’s house

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on May 31, 2016

Johnny Depp’s bodyguards told a different truth from the one of Amber Heard in exclusive at TMZ


While The Wrap was reached by one of the lawyers of Amber Heard for defending their client by the accuses moved by Doug Stanhope, considered defamatories and The Wrap will directly respond through their lawyers (they sent to Amber Heard and her representatives the piece before the publication for asking for an answer, but they didn’t receive any, they wrote in a piece today on their website) at the same time TMZ in an exclusive article tells what happened the night when Doug Stanhope and Bingo left the house and Amber Heard alone with Johnny Depp .

This one is the tale of Johnny’s bodyguards.

So let’s try to reconstruct the story again.


Amber Heard shouldn’t be home when Doug Stanhope and his companion Bingo stopped by at Johnny’s house for their condolences. Betty Sue Palmer was in fact dead that days and Johnny  11222912_954599261249109_4144577407685723777_n profoundly prostrated. The couple wanted to share some moments with him, making him some company and staying close to him in this moment of profound sadness.

Johnny’s problems, as reported by Doug Stanhope at The Wrap also different ones. Amber Heard, as told by Johnny Depp to his friends wanted to leave him as well and wanted to obtain a very good divorce. Yes: she wanted to leave him but at her conditions.  In opposite case as told by Doug Stanhope at The Wrap she would have played maybe, dirty cards.

Doug and Bingo then told to Johnny what they realistically thought of Heard 1456031_635339953175043_909508461_n (Amy Bingman in the pic with Amber Heard and Johnny in Johnny’s house of London during the filming of Mortdecai) sharing with him their thoughts for the first time and adding that they hadn’t never spoken with him openly for not hurting him, not causing too much pain and not losing his friendship Doug Stanhope 889902-bec8261a-215d-11e5-b42c-642ce4bf4440 (Doug Stanhope with Bingo and his nephew during their trip in Queensland) for being too honest and frank.

It must have been a long conversation for sure. Once the guests left,  Johnny Depp’s house, Johnny, we are in the field of suppositions now,was maybe still alone with his two bodyguards, Jerry Judge, with him from a life and Sean Bett.

In the while Amber Heard returned home.

The bodyguards stayed in the entryway reported TMZ inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apartment unit, for respecting their privacy. The two in fact were talking.

Then as reported by TMZ they heard someone screaming. It was Amber.

Bodyguards are not common people. In a second they rush in a bedroom or in a room.

That one is their work and they told to TMZ they found Johnny in the kitchen and Amber on the couch of the living room.

They specified at TMZ that this one is an open floor plan.

Johnny Depp being in another room was very distant from Heard. Twenty feet away from her.

They didn’t hear Johnny screaming, no. It was the opposite.

Amber was the one who screamed at Johnny, who threw bottles to him, the one who was agitated with this man so in loved for her according to the tale published by TMZ and told by the two bodyguards. These scenes, added the two bodyguards pretty frequent and they had to as wrote TMZ “Pull her off Johnny” often.

Then there is the story of the iPhone. This one according to Amber Heard hurled at her by her husband Johnny Depp but strangely there wasn’t any sign on Amber Heard’s face told the two bodyguards. Not any kind of injuries on the face of Amber Heard found as also reported by the police men.

Heard insists that there was broken glass on the floor and took pictures as well but no one once in the scene of the “crime” saw any broken glass. Cops affirmed nothing was amiss.

Jerry Judge and Sean Bett will testify next month during the restraining order trial.



Anna Maria Polidori


source: TMZ, The Wrap


Terry Gilliam ironic about Amber Heard

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on May 30, 2016

Another close friend of Johnny Depp from a long time, Terry Gilliam today retweeting on his Twitter account the article appeared on The Wrap and written by Doug Stanhope added:

“Like many of Johnny Depp’s friends I’m discovering that Amber is a better actress than I thought Terry Gilliam

The message posted on Twitter:

Terry Gilliam ‏@TerryGilliam 11 hours ago

“Like many of Johnny Depp’s friends I’m discovering that Amber is a better actress than I thought.. if only the…


Anna Maria Polidori

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The letter sent by Vanessa Paradis at TMZ

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 30, 2016

This one is the letter Vanessa wrote to everyone for let us know her companion Johnny Depp in 14 years of relationship was a very good man for her and her children.

Vanessa and the letter she sent to TMZ


I found the letter on the website of

Love makes you do funny things like speaking at your friend with an open heart

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on May 30, 2016

Doug Stanhope: “I was with Bingo at Johnny’s house for most of that Saturday until just before the alleged assault”


Doug index Stanhope comedian, actor a and author is more than sure: “Johnny Depp is being blackmailed by Amber Heard.”

The shocking confession appeared on The Wrap today.

Problems to Johnny at the horizon, starts to tell in this letter Doug Stanhope when Amber Heard started to ventilate to her partner the idea of a split. Doug added that the girl “would have done all the possible, using lies as well if Johnny didn’t agree at the terms.”

Doug Stanhope tell openly to The Wrap that according to them Amber manipulated Johnny for years although, he added no one told him anything because they didn’t want to lose his friendship and because sometimes being honest means  to pay he highest price.

Doug Stanhope added at The Wrap: “Most of us have been on one or both sides of this coin. Choosing to be blinded, or removing the people who have clearer eyes that can guide you.”

But again all closest Johnny’s friends didn’t tell him anything reports Stanhope because “He is Johnny Depp.”

Johnny Depp was in company of Bingo and Stanhope the famous night of the iPhone, the cheek and the 911 call.

Stanhope found him in a strange mood but at first the couple thought that it was because of the departure of his mom. Maybe they stopped by for the condolences.

Johnny continues to tell Doug Stanhope at The Wrap, in an unexpected way started to open his heart to them, confessing that the problem was not only the departure of his mom but also the divorce Amber Heard wanted to obtaining soon. What it was clear to Johnny and what mainly scared him was not after all the divorce, but the fact that the girl, as reports Stanhope wanted to blackmail him.

And so, finally Johnny’s friends Bingo 1456031_635339953175043_909508461_n(Bingo with Johnny, Amber Heard and another friend of the couple while in London for filming Mortdecai, in happiest moment of their existence) and Doug talked to him. They couldn’t resist.


And they told him their  thoughts about Amber Heard and that during all these years according to them he was manipulated by her, adding that all his closest friends agreed with their position. Just they didn’t know how to tell him this. No one wanted to lose his friendship.

Johnny appreciated a lot what these friends told him openly mainly because  honest with him.

Johnny being romantic told to the couple that he was still loving Amber Heard of course but that from weeks he lived in constant fear and anxiety.

Then, Doug told to The Wrap, they left. It was an intense, felt, real conversation.

Later, Doug said the police called for a domestic dispute at Depp’s house finding no criminal act or any kind of physical abuse.

Doug add to The Wrap: “We were witnesses. I didn’t jump into the fray because I was weak; it was because I didn’t want to look like a name-dropper. I’ll name-drop now. Johnny Depp is my friend.”

Being an intelligent man Johnny understood the heavy situation he lived according to Stanhope but he couldn’t find the force for stopping it and he couldn’t find an escapism from all of it.

Doug is worried. His main fear is that Johnny won’t talk to him anymore for what he wrote but as add Doug Stanhope “I’d never forgive myself for not coming to his defense out of fear or ego.”

Stanhope closes the letter to The Wrap adding: “Johnny doesn’t abuse anyone.”


Anna Maria Polidori




Source: The Wrap, thanks to Lory Depp Girl for the picture

“The man constitutionally incapable of raising a violent hand to a woman!”

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 30, 2016


Jonathan Shaw



Jonathan Shaw one of the most important Johnny’ friends from a life, more than 30 years that the two are friends,  shocked by the latest news involving as a hurricane his mate Johnny Depp decided to take a strong position on Facebook.

“As a close personal friend of Johnny Depp’s for over 30 years – he writes in his statement – I’ve only seen him to be one of the kindest, gentlest, most sensitive and generous human being I’ve ever had the great pleasure to know.”

Regarding the allegations of domestic violence, Jonathan Shaw absolutely writes that it wouldn’t be possible in a human being like Johnny Depp.

“The man is constitutionally incapable of raising a violent hand to a woman.”

But what is Jonathan Shaw’s opinion of Amber Heard?

“Everything I know about Amber Heard, however, attests to the fact that she is a lying, two-faced, bottom-feeding fame w____, who lives by the Hollywood code of “Hurray for me and fuck you!”

To Shaw this story is simply disgusting and he continues:

“It’s disgustingly obvious to anyone with half a brain that the absurd contrived allegations about Johnny’s behavior are nothing but a pathetic and desperate attempt to extort money from my dear little brother. Period.”

All the Depp’s Women

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 29, 2016

All united for supporting Johnny Depp against the allegations for violent behavior moved by Amber Heard these past days


“My dad is the sweetest most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same” posted these hours Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp 17 years.

Johnny’s wife  Amber Heard 30 years, not only wants to leave him alone, divorcing but she also claims domestic violences experienced by her during all her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Lori Anne Allison was Johnny Depp’s first wife. Married very young, Johnny was just 20 years, their marriage ended up in peace after three years. It was 1986.

With the time Lori Anne Allison became an important name in Hollywood and thanks to a relationship with Nicholas Cage, she introduced the same Johnny Depp in the movie industry.

Lori Anne told to various online newsmagazines hours ago: “Johnny never even screamed and was a soft person.” To Lori Anne: “Johnny would never lay a hand on a woman.”

Vanessa Paradis loved Johnny immensely and she was adored by Johnny Depp. The mother of his two children Lily-Rose 17 and Jack 13, devoted woman, she presented him a long period of stability thanks to her solid character. Wonderfully intelligent during all her relationship with Johnny Depp, although the separation with him meant a big sufferance she is always close to him. Two children are an important patrimony in terms of love for a couple although the destiny meant after a while a separation.

Vanessa strongly rejects the idea of Johnny Depp as a violent man.

In a letter written by Vanessa Paradis:
Johnny Depp is the father of my two children, he is a sensitive, loving and loved person, and I believe with all my heart that these recent allegations being made are outrageous.
In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.

Vanessa describes the years spent with Johnny as “wonderful”. Kate Moss is still regretting him.

Johnny Depp lived a lot of love-stories and all her women once their relationship with him over feel melancholy for this wild man no one tamed, but surely not any of them unsatisfied by him or “physically or emotionally tortured” or treated bad.

The opposite.

Johnny Depp is also famous for remaining friends with his ex-girlfriends, with all his girlfriends and he is helpful when they need some help.

He is in very good relationship with his ex-wife as well and with the sister of his ex-wife, Suzanne Allison. The pictures sometimes I post on this blog shared by Lory Depp Girl are taken by Lori Anne Allison’s sister, Suzanne, photographer.The picture I posted during the marriage of Johnny with Amber Heard taken by Suzanne Allison for example.

The one of Johnny is an extended, beautiful and colored family made by sometimes unusual friends, but trust, me, all wonderful human being because they are all humble.

In the while Johnny Depp, in concert to Europe, news of this latest hours is planning a “Tell-all TV interview” for explaining his position regarding all this story.

Amber Heard as posted by the Daily Mail just an hour ago visibly happy and cheerful with a friend to Los Angeles, an Apple PC on one of her hand, spotted after she left the office of her attorneys where she spent 4 hours.

After all, a consolation for Apple: the girl although injured as she told at the police men by an iPhone won’t change brand choosing a Samsung.
It’s a something.



Anna Maria Polidori



He just wanted to be loved….

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 29, 2016

Amber Heard incredibly loved by Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp I think  in his entire life won’t love another woman with the same intensity as he loved Amber Heard. And maybe it’s pretty comforting considering all.

His love for this creature immensely felt.

Maybe it’s not wrong to writing he lost himself for this love discovering a perdition never known before.

He married Amber, he presented her what she desired, he treated her like a princess, she was his Queen.

The visibility Amber has known absolutely bigger and much more exclusive than the one lived by Vanessa Paradis, but I am sure that Vanessa didn’t want this publicity.

Johnny accomplished every kind of desire for  and of Amber.

He exposed his persona.

Johnny Depp  A-LIST actor,  sponsored gays, lesbians and transgenders cause for the association We Are You supported by Amber Heard.

Someone also close to Heard’s entourage involved Lily-Rose Depp in a campaign sponsoring bisexuality.

A thematic this one of the sexuality pretty delicate in Hollywood.

But Johnny didn’t mind because if Amber was happy, he was happy as well.

Johnny covered of beautiful things and love and tenderness Amber Heard.

He donated her his interior world.

He tried all his best for presenting her joy, happiness, giving her all his love, affection, dedication.

He just wanted to be loved in return.


Just this.


Anna Maria Polidori

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The last time Johnny was happy

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 29, 2016

After that concerts in London by Ryan Adams Johnny the pictures of Amber Heard naked put him down


I can’t be completely sure of it, of course, but following Johnny’s life in a daily base I can tell you I can be in grade to let you know which was the latest moment of a so-called emotive normality for Johnny: it was a concert given by Ryan Adams two years ago in London, on sept 20 and 21 and in which Johnny performed as guest star.

The final picture I see 156069_328577730649210_3492109928606590439_n often let me see all the tiredness of a man who with Jerry, his bodyguard, his, at that time, girlfriend-fiance Amber Heard, some friends of the girl as well was leaving for returning home.


A man, Johnny maybe who was expecting something else: at Hollywood someone was stealing naked pictures of various actors and singers spreading them everywhere.

I remember that the reaction at these naked pictures revealed and that invested the 99% of youngest  actors, actresses and singers the most diversified.


On Sept 22nd the scandal of the naked pictures invested Amber Heard and a bit Johnny Depp as well.

Lory Depp Girl sent me two or three pictures of the girl.

The pictures after all, the ones I saw, didn’t appear so outrageous. Sure they were naked pictures.

But two pictures to me devastated Johnny (and his fans) for sure and damaged his public imagine: the girl, naked, closed to a desk, with her underwear on the right side of the desk, completely naked, firstly covering his breast and later in a second pic, her thing,  showed to the camera a poster where there was written:


Good afternoon my beloved Tonto Man

This Blonde Texan Bitch

Will Eat you Alive


I want.


I need.


Give me what’s mine!!!


These pictures another boomerang for Johnny.


Amber called Johnny Tonto, the character portrayed for Disney in The Lone Ranger, another Johnny’s flop.

A flop because Johnny was not anymore the Johnny we all knew and loved and appreciated. Johnny started to be depressed. And this depression and sadness not yet over.

After that these naked pictures released, Johnny became more depressed and we started to be all worried for him.



Anna Maria Polidori





(thanks  for this picture Lory Depp Girl)


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ET and the answer of Johnny’s rep to the online magazine

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 27, 2016

What will happen now?
ET contacted Johnny Depp’s representative for trying to understand what it is going on regarding the divorce with Amber Heard.

The girl in fact motivated to obtained a lot of money from Johnny.

A patrimony that Johnny doesn’t want to share with her for sure.

This divorce appears less friendly and amicable than the first one experienced by  Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp’s rep replied to ET: “Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life. Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.”

For sure what a sad tempistic this one of Heard. The new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass will be released this Friday, Johnny Dpp’s mother Betty Sue Palmer passed away just few days ago. Maybe it was better to wait some other days.

Johnny Depp didn’t think at all at a prenup before to marrying Amber Heard a procedure common also in normal couples and able to grant more solidity. His fortune estimated in 400 million of dollars.
Johnny Depp has never married Vanessa Paradis with which he has had two children Lily-Rose and Jack but he didn’t hesitate to marrying for a second Amber Heard including her in the patrimony of his family without a prenup.

His love for this creature maybe the most immense 3s 467470e5954d-221x300and desperate one of all his life.

At the moment speculations for the split are numerous and I will be back later with various news appeared in a lot of medias dedicated to the showbiz.

ET obtained some news known in the environment.
Johnny wanted to divorce immediately after the marriage, Heard re-started to hang out with her ex girlfriend van Ree. True? False? We will read and we will write a lot during these next weeks but something is more than sure: this divorce will go on and maybe it will be the biggest success of Johnny’s life.


Anna Maria Polidori


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Sometimes it is so true that the show must go on….

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 26, 2016

The life can be this one…


When he received the news of his mother’s departure Johnny Depp was in promotion for Alice Through 13256137_556755791164735_699729686395519975_n 13263910_556755487831432_2279887179188938827_n 13256295_556755751164739_8917555631122738239_n the Looking Glass.

And he tried to smile.
He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, kissed Kimmel again (it’s a tradition that can’t be lost), met Pink and smiled.


Two days after his mother’s departure Johnny discovered his wife Amber Heard wants to divorce.


Anna Maria Polidori

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