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Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on May 31, 2016

Johnny Depp’s bodyguards told a different truth from the one of Amber Heard in exclusive at TMZ


While The Wrap was reached by one of the lawyers of Amber Heard for defending their client by the accuses moved by Doug Stanhope, considered defamatories and The Wrap will directly respond through their lawyers (they sent to Amber Heard and her representatives the piece before the publication for asking for an answer, but they didn’t receive any, they wrote in a piece today on their website) at the same time TMZ in an exclusive article tells what happened the night when Doug Stanhope and Bingo left the house and Amber Heard alone with Johnny Depp .

This one is the tale of Johnny’s bodyguards.

So let’s try to reconstruct the story again.


Amber Heard shouldn’t be home when Doug Stanhope and his companion Bingo stopped by at Johnny’s house for their condolences. Betty Sue Palmer was in fact dead that days and Johnny  11222912_954599261249109_4144577407685723777_n profoundly prostrated. The couple wanted to share some moments with him, making him some company and staying close to him in this moment of profound sadness.

Johnny’s problems, as reported by Doug Stanhope at The Wrap also different ones. Amber Heard, as told by Johnny Depp to his friends wanted to leave him as well and wanted to obtain a very good divorce. Yes: she wanted to leave him but at her conditions.  In opposite case as told by Doug Stanhope at The Wrap she would have played maybe, dirty cards.

Doug and Bingo then told to Johnny what they realistically thought of Heard 1456031_635339953175043_909508461_n (Amy Bingman in the pic with Amber Heard and Johnny in Johnny’s house of London during the filming of Mortdecai) sharing with him their thoughts for the first time and adding that they hadn’t never spoken with him openly for not hurting him, not causing too much pain and not losing his friendship Doug Stanhope 889902-bec8261a-215d-11e5-b42c-642ce4bf4440 (Doug Stanhope with Bingo and his nephew during their trip in Queensland) for being too honest and frank.

It must have been a long conversation for sure. Once the guests left,  Johnny Depp’s house, Johnny, we are in the field of suppositions now,was maybe still alone with his two bodyguards, Jerry Judge, with him from a life and Sean Bett.

In the while Amber Heard returned home.

The bodyguards stayed in the entryway reported TMZ inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apartment unit, for respecting their privacy. The two in fact were talking.

Then as reported by TMZ they heard someone screaming. It was Amber.

Bodyguards are not common people. In a second they rush in a bedroom or in a room.

That one is their work and they told to TMZ they found Johnny in the kitchen and Amber on the couch of the living room.

They specified at TMZ that this one is an open floor plan.

Johnny Depp being in another room was very distant from Heard. Twenty feet away from her.

They didn’t hear Johnny screaming, no. It was the opposite.

Amber was the one who screamed at Johnny, who threw bottles to him, the one who was agitated with this man so in loved for her according to the tale published by TMZ and told by the two bodyguards. These scenes, added the two bodyguards pretty frequent and they had to as wrote TMZ “Pull her off Johnny” often.

Then there is the story of the iPhone. This one according to Amber Heard hurled at her by her husband Johnny Depp but strangely there wasn’t any sign on Amber Heard’s face told the two bodyguards. Not any kind of injuries on the face of Amber Heard found as also reported by the police men.

Heard insists that there was broken glass on the floor and took pictures as well but no one once in the scene of the “crime” saw any broken glass. Cops affirmed nothing was amiss.

Jerry Judge and Sean Bett will testify next month during the restraining order trial.



Anna Maria Polidori


source: TMZ, The Wrap


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