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An auction of rats and cats and hats!

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“Whitey” auction highly waited in Boston at the end of the month


Yesterday the Boston Globe released a piece written by Shelley Murphy co-author with Kevin Cullen of Whitey Bulger -America’s most wanted gangster and the manhunt that brought him to justice –  on the various items that will be auctioned at the end of June, next week.

The pictures published by the Globe provided by the U.S. Marshals Service via AP.

What can a person can buying during the auction?

Well “Whitey”Whitey____ Bulger (Johnny Depp in a scene of Black Mass the first historical reconstruction of the mobster of South Boston. The movie directed by Scott Cooper  based on the book written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass, Whitey Bulger the FBI and a devil’s deal) as we all know has been a great criminal, with 11 murders committed surely and many other charges. The mobster is spending the rest of his days in a prison in Florida.

Although paradoxical it won’t be a great surprise if at the end these items will be all sold out. Let’s remember the auction organized for helping the families of the victims of Bulger and his affiliates-

So: what can you buy, potential affectionate buyer?

“Whitey” is Irish and so of course he knew about the Claddagh Ring. The Claddagh Ring is the most known and maybe powerful ring known in Ireland. It’s the ring of eternal love. It’s the ring for romantic people and a ring with a strong symbology.
That one could be a good idea. The ring of Bulger is of course in gold.
Another item you can think of buying is a special hat. If you want to wear it telling to your friends: “This hat not very lucky. He was captured with it” remember that you can also buy the hat “Whitey” was wearing the day he was captured.

“Whitey” Bulger every year loved to celebrate  Christmas with his companion Catherine Greig.

They loved to celebrate using a plastic Christmas tree. Also that item will be auctioned. This next Christmas you can celebrate Christmas with “Whitey”‘s Christmas Tree. After all, it was a pacific time for Bulger that one he spent at Santa Monica, so your Christmas should be relaxing as well and…gun free (let’s hope!).

Other items will arrive from a London deposit box writes the Globe and his homes in South Boston, Quincy and Louisiana

You can discover in the items also a sterling silver skull ring. If you are Gothic, that one is for you! and a coin collection.

But let’s see now the hundreds of objects found at “Whitey”‘s apartment in Santa Monica and auctioned.

Oh: “Whitey” donated a diamond ring to Catherine Greig while on the run and if you are interested there is also that special ring. You can donate it to your spouse or girlfriend. Catherine Greig has been a loyal and seriously in love lady with Bulger.

The auction at the South Boston conventional hall for more or less 1000 people but for trying to reach more people a Texan auction house, Gaston & Sheehan will be online for all the bidders that for a reasons or another can’t be at Boston in that moment.

There is nothing to do: in himself “Whitey” Bulger is a character, and also Gibbons from Us Marshals speaking with the Boston Globe admits the position of the mobster, privileged.
Gibbons added at the Globe that they will try to maximize the proceeds based upon his notoriety adding that they will be tasteful in what they will sell.

This auction will be important also for giving a best perspective of who “Whitey” Bulger was during his years on the run in Santa Monica.

You can find everything you want or you desire from this auction.

Catherine Greig was a passionate of cats, the animals would have later “betrayed” the fugitive couple. You can buy porcelain cats.

Tired of your TV? Why don’t watch your favorite TV programs with the 40-inch flat-screen Sony Television of the mobster of South Boston?

“Whitey”, must have great sense of humor because he bought also a rat-shaped pencil holder. If you don’t know anymore where to put in order your pens rush at the auction.

Did you break recently one or more lamps? Don’t worry: rush at the auction and buy some of “Whitey”‘s lamps. They are perfectly functioning and you know that the money accumulated will be given to people in needs.

On June 24th the public invited to view the various items from 2 pm to 7 pm at the convention center.

The organizers will be greatly happy if people will participate in great number. “It really is the right thing to do” they added at the Globe.

Other items: many books of the mobsters because “Whitey” is an avid reader. In particular for the auction organizers have chosen the books with Bulger’s notations in the margin.
But then you can find notes from Greig to Bulger, “Whitey”‘s collection of sneakers, hats and hoodies and a lot of watches.

If you want a nice item for your house and for your safety there is a boxing mannequin that Bulger put close to a window of his apartment at the third floor in Santa Monica. As if someone was keeping watch…

Organizers added that they don’t want in any case to add or bring more notoriety to the mobster but there is also the idea of not throwing away items in grade to generate a big amount of money because possessed by the mobster.
Families of victims must be compensated for the departure of their beloved one and this one a way for accumulate money to them

Patricia Donahue the widow of Michael Donahue said at the Boston Globe that she is curious to see the various items and so she will attend the event.


Anna Maria Polidori

source: Boston Globe


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