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Doug, Johnny, and an act of sincerity and true friendship

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 21, 2016

The Massachusetts comedian is paying a big price for his words


US weekly reported yesterday that Doug Stanhope one of closest Johnny Depp’s friends, for the first time talked of the legal trouble he is involved in caused after the release of his long piece published by The Wrap after few days from the drama-split between Johnny Depp   Johnny and Heard and Amber Heard.

According to Stanhope the actress blackmailed him. For this reason Heard  Amber Heard, reading these words decided to suing him.

Bingo and Doug Stanhope  have always followed Johnny Depp during these past years.

In London during MortdecaiJohnny-Depp-and-Doug-Stanhope-300x225 , on set of Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales sidney-stanhope-and-amy-bingaman on-the-airplane Doug Stanhope 889902-bec8261a-215d-11e5-b42c-642ce4bf4440 johnny-with-sidney-stanhope-and-amy-bingman, difficult months for Johnny Depp recovering from a bad injury. Doug Stanhope and Bingo presented for Stanhope’s niece a wonderful trip to Queensland. Some pictures of that moments (Thanks to Lory Depp Girl.)

Now Stanhope guests on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show on Monday, June 20 without losing his good mood said to Stern: “I think the whole lawsuit is just about calling her Amanda on your show.”

Doug Stanhope explains he posted the piece on his website.

The Wrap later got it as an exclusive and of course the title, less strong on Stanhope’s website: “At a Loss for Words…” on The Wrap became very strong: “Amber Heard is Blackmailing Johnny Depp.”

The piece became viral and all  blogs and most famous online websites specialized on showbiz  reported the news in various ways. The news firstly launched by The Wrap.

That title and words upset a lot estranged Johnny Depp’s wife Heard , ready for starting not only with her husband but also against Stanhope another tenacious legal battle.

Stanhope adds that: “I didn’t write that f–king title. I didn’t put that stupid tabloid title in there. I’m a better writer than that, so I don’t know if it’s hinged on that, I don’t know how much of it is spite.”

Great consolation for Stanhope the reaction of Johnny Depp.

Doug Stanhope thought that he would have lost his friend after this piece, while Johnny wrote him a text saying: “Hey, thanks for22_20 NassauJune2005039  250evelyne1_jpg being honest.”

Stanhope has always said and no one thinks the opposite, that he wrote the piece feeling it, and posting it with honesty. “Not for publicity.”

The comedian is famous and he doesn’t need publicity.

Sure as every person with a legal problem Stanhope is worried for the lawsuit because: “I don’t have millions of dollars to lose.”

Stanhope surely doesn’t regret his words.
He spent in fact some time at Johnny’s house that May 21 when everything started.

The couple, Bingo and Doug Stanhope stopped by at Johnny Depp’s house for bringing to Johnny their condolences for Betty Sue Palmer’s departure and sharing some time with him.

The three friends started also to talk of other problems. Johnny worried for a potential divorce, maybe more dirty than the necessary. Plus, he confessed them “I still love Amber.”

Bingo and Doug  started to tell him what they thought of Heard, but that they hadn’t never told him these thoughts for fear of losing him and his friendship.

Johnny thanked them for their honesty deppink005. They left the house.  After a while Amber Heard back home (I guess that during this conversation the girl was elsewhere) the call at the 911 because Heard said she was injured by Johnny Depp with the iPhone although cops once in the place didn’t see any evidence of violence.

The escalation of pictures and details of private life from both parts  is continuing to going on in one of the most acrimonious divorces of the story of Hollywood.



Anna Maria Polidori


Source: US Weekly


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