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Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 23, 2016

Theoretically and practically?

There is no peace for the acrimonious split between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

This story, immensely wanted by Johnny NassauJune2005039Depp many years ago with Amber Amber Heard Heard brought him a terrible spiral of perdition. The man lost, completely lost his head for Heard as in Pirates 3 the preacher for the mermaid. Remember that section of the story?

Johnny’s eyes slowly slowly not only lost their sparkle of joy, but they became sometimes lifeless.

Fans started to think: but what the hell is happening? He is living a story with a girl more young than him of 23 years, he should be more than happy. But it didn’t seem that this new relationship was bringing happiness. Or maybe, not apparently.

At the end Johnny is a mature guy, and Amber still a very young gal. Maybe Johnny had conquered her and was satisfied. Heard satisfied of the star of Hollywood and the new husband.

I think that they have been happy. Do you know where and when? At Boston while filming Black Mass. I guess that during that months Johnny and Amber were happy together.10389726_722299781145726_7601767080398614162_n

At the moment the latest news published by E! online reports that one of the biggest fights of the couple when Heard thought that maybe the husband was cheating her.

This news is pretty new because in the past it was reported that Johnny was seriously jealous about some of Amber Heard’s female friends, in particular her ex Tasya Van Rees the most important relationship of Heard reported E! hf online.

When in fact Amber filmed The Rum 0 Diaries she still was with Rees. And maybe Johnny curious because in this case he would have stolen the girl not at another man but at a woman, started to flirting with her, conquering her heart.

This friendship between Heard and Van Rees continued also after their official split and the news that Amber Heard was dating Johnny Depp.

During the relationship with Van Rees, four happy years together seeing the various pictures online, Amber Heard announced to the world to be lesbian going proud of it.

The news Johnny was trying to capture the heart of this lesbian/bisexual girl shocked at first the star-system.

For Johnny Depp this friendship with Van Rees and with other friends unacceptable and reason for being upset with Heard according to E! online.

Husbands can go out…Of course men are men but in this case, in the relationship with Heard, Johnny was won by a his same sensations and this great perdition.
Won, because all his possible defenses fell. Won, because he became weak. Won because if before he knew who he was, then he got lost in a profundity of emotions and sensations maybe never tried before doing this world and the other.

Of course Johnny Depp annie Lpotentially can have wagons of women but that wouldn’t prove that he has forgotten Amber Heard.

He stills love Amber Heard and for her he changed completely his life.

He was the most powerful and paid actor of Hollywood. Plenty of success.

He had a beautiful and wonderful lady close to him and two stunning children.

The portrait of the Depp-Paradis family idyllic and romantic. We were all envious because of course each of us would have been at the place of Vanessa Paradis but we also admitted as fans that they were a wonderful couple and for sure we hadn’t to cut out Vanessa from a picture where there was Johnny in. They were beautiful together. Vanessa is an icon of style and class and Vanessa has been loved also by all of us and she is still loved.

Maybe of course, doors closed they experienced their own problems as every couple have, but surely they were a very good and balanced couple.
Vanessa Paradis a wise lady able to help her husband to become more wise in terms of alcohol and cigarettes reducing his addictions.

With her, Johnny Depp discovered stability, joy, happiness, fatherhood.

Recently the ex partner Vanessa Paradis admitted that with her Johnny Depp has never been abusive or nasty verbally or using hands.

Vanessa wrote a letter last May 27th

To whom it may concern

in which she says:

Johnny Depp is the father of my two children,
he is a sensitive, loving and loved person,
and I believe with all my heart,
that these recent allegations being made
are outrageous,

In all these years I have been with Johnny
he has never been physically abusive and this looks
like nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years


Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa and the letter she sent to TMZ

Vanessa said clearly that she spent “14 wonderful years close to him” and that the man portrayed by the allegations followed the requests of divorce from Amber Hear, unknown to her.

A source of Plan-de-la-Tour told to E!online: “Everybody in the French community in France that know Vanessa and Johnny have only ever said good things about him. Vanessa and Johnny didn’t split because he was allegedly abusive to her, they are still best friends and still get along really well. Vanessa loves him still and her French friends do too.”

There is also to add,  people of Plan-de-La-Tour, agreed that Johnny was very social. He loved to buying wagons of meat, he loved to going out, at the market, everywhere making new friends.

Happiness and joy for the people of the little town. They could see around Johnny Depp, accomplishing his culinary desires.

Vanessa and Johnny will always be united. Two children, a real big love can’t be forgotten.They were the perfect couple.

Johnny has had a lot of women in his life: from Wynona Rider to Kate Moss, but he always, always maintained very good friendship with the rest of all his ex girlfriends and also with his ex-wife Allison. He helps them when necessary if they need help and these ex girlfriends are there for him if necessary.

I think that it’s the best condition.
They’re all friends.

If it wouldn’t be for Allison his first wife, maybe Johnny at the moment would be somewhere doing some gigs, but not paid well. Who knows? But Allison was in a relationship with Nicholas Cage at that time and once talking with Cage she recommended this ex unforgettable-husband at the star of Hollywood and Nicholas Cage launched Johnny Depp.

Johnny is not a man that love remembering what it went wrong in life or in his relationships. That’s why he remain a good friends with all his ex-partners.

He is a man who wants to enjoy the present and be happy in the present.


Anna Maria Polidori


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