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Unbelievalble but true: The framed pic of Tiger the Stray Cat back to Catherine Greig family

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 27, 2016

The picture of the beloved cat desired again by the family of Greig

Although it is not clear if there were people close to Bulger at the auction for re-buying some objects last Saturday 24th, it’s more than sure that although Tiger The Stray Cat created a lot of turmoil bringing the couple of fugitive Bulger and Greig in prison on June 22 2011, the family Greig wanted back the picture of this beloved pet.
For this purpose an attorney from South Boston, Lane, spotted at the auction.
The attorney bought for $110 some framed pictures of dogs and cats including the one of Tiger The Stray Cat.
Cats and dogs the most favorite animals of Bulger and Greig.
The attorney told to the reporters of the Boston 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n (Johnny Depp in the role of the mobster of South Boston in the movie Black Mass directed by Scott Cooper) Globe he bought these pictures for passing them at Catherine Greig’s twin sister Margaret and later surely once released from prison at Catherine Greig. Greig will be released from prison in 2020.

The auction was a real big success. Many objects owned by “Whitey” Bulger in South Boston on June 24th auctioned at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with 75 bidders in South Boston and 225 online.

Organized for benefit the families of people killed by Bulger and his affiliates, the Boston Globe reports and confirms that many objects auctioned were sold.

There were items for everyone and every wallet: from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

Someone decided to bring home the boxing mannequin. the headless one discovered once the FBI visited the house of the mobster once arrested on June 22 2011.
The bidder brought home the mannequin for $4,900.

The Globe reveals also the name of the new mannequin’s owner: John Kelley. Mr. Kelley from Andover confesses he didn’t buy it for keeping home an object of a big criminal but for supporting the families of the victims

The famous big 40-inch flat screen Sony television sold for $190. At the end a cheap price.

Someone decided to buying the ASICS sneakers of the mobster, never worn, at the price of $55.

Some people afforded to Boston just for bidding some books of the mobster. As a lot of men Bulger doesn’t love relaxing stories at all and as reported by the Globe someone complained: “It’s all war, it’s all violence” maybe a bit deluded. A Bible and a cookbook for curing blood pressure the less stressing books people could bring home.

But what maybe interested readers/bidders the most was to discovering through the annotations in the books “Whitey” read the “brain of a killer”, the mind of a killer.

Someone was searching for Bulger’s social security card, a sensitive card in the USA able to open myriads of information about a person.

People that couldn’t be physically at Boston could bid at

The rat-shaped pencil holder was sold for $3,600.
After all although pretty upset for this nickname “Whitey” sounds to have some sense of humor buying who knows where, this pencil holder.
He always refused to admit that he was an informant of the FBI.

The hat “Whitey” worn when captured sold for $6,400.

Not all the people bidded reported the Globe.

Some just wanted to stay in company drinking a beer, chatting with someone and trying to see with curiosity the possessions of “Whitey” Bulger.

In this sense some people remained deluded. Maybe they imagined that while Bulger was on the run he lived in the luxury. It was the opposite. The couple Bulger-Greig lived frugally.

A bidder bought a pair of used slippers and shoes of “Whitey.” The price much more high than the one of the ASICS pair of shoes never used. $210.

The hand-carved pine crucifix bought by Brooks with also the replica of the 1986 Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup championship ring.
He pair for the ring $9,100. Someone inscribed in the ring: “Thanks Jim, Love Chris & Karen.”
You will ask: who are Karen and Chris? Karen was one of the daughters of Teresa Stanley one of the most important Bulger’s girlfriends, the one Catherine Greig was jealous of, and Chris is her husband. Chris Nolan is a member of the Canadians championship team.

The claddagh gold diamond ring was sold for $23,000.
The buyer said that he would have spent a lot of money for buying it. This only piece interested him.

The diamond ring of Catherine Greig sold for $14,500 at an online bidder.

$1,000 paid 10 of Jimmy Bulger’s hats.

The man bought the hats, Kelley, said he wants to present these hats at the dad of his fiancee. Everyone thinks he lookalikes a lot at the mobster of South Boston.

In total at the end of the auction accumulated $109,000.

Anna Maria Polidori

source: Boston Globe


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