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Johnny Depp and Black Mass again at the center of the attention

Familiars of the victims of “Whitey” Bulger angry and polemic for the money devolved by their State for the realization of Black Mass

$12 million in film tax credits in 2015. The cheapest tax credits received in comparison with the other movies.

Yes, in confrontation with the latest South Boston’s auction of various object once owned by the ferocious mobster of South Boston and his companion, a lot of money for sure.

“Whitey’s” story has been treated from a long time by Hollywood and in a not suspected time.

I can tell you that I can understand the reasons. There is a perfect script, there is a story of a mobster, blood, murders, drugs, sex, love,  there are all the elements dear to the cinema and able  to bring people to the theaters.

Of course, this one wasn’t and it is not a fictional work and so it’s completely understandable the familiars of the victims’ position.

The Departed the most known movie realized and based on the story of Bulger, once the mobster on the run like also other movies and documentaries as well.

Sure, this one of Johnny Depp and Scott Cooper the first historical reconstruction of the criminal life of the mobster of South Boston 10389726_722299781145726_7601767080398614162_n .

The arrival of Black Mass to Boston with Johnny Depp and Warner Br. a project wanted by director Scott Cooper from long time.
At the same time it seems that also Matt Damon and Ben Affleck the two of Boston tried to seeing realized their script in a movie always with Warner Br.

At the end Warner Br. preferred to seeing the birth of Black Mass.

Black Mass is based on the best-seller by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, two important investigative reporters of the Boston Globe: Black Mass – Whitey Bulger, the FBI and the devil’s deal –

Mainly the book and the movie analyzes the connection between the Boston’s FBI and “Whitey” Bulger and some of his affiliates. “Whitey” has always denied of being an informant of the FBI, like also John Connolly.

The Boston Globe always in first line with the wonderful investigative reporters they have (if you want to read some great stuff involving crime read the Boston Globe. They’re amazing!) for understanding who “Whitey” was and for giving a stunning historical reconstruction in a daily base of that times while Bulger was a criminal and later when he was on the run and of course after his capture with Catherine Greig in Santa Monica, following the trial of Bulger and Greig and reporting at the moment the news of the two in prison. And there is no boring time with “Whitey” Bulger. Although convicted he is able to keep high attention on him.

As I say often wonderful work the ones of these great colleagues, with great souls. Let’s remember Kevin Cullen, and Shelley Murphy. Both from South Boston, the place where “Whitey” was born in, they co-wrote a book called: “Whitey Bulger – America’s most wanted gangster and the manhunt that brought him to justice.

Cullen the one wrote the piece telling to all the city that yes, what people were murmuring true: “Whitey” an informant of the FBI 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n.

This polemic of all this tax credits felt in particular by Debra Davis’s brother, who understandably hasn’t had the courage to seeing Black Mass.
Too much devastating and terrifying the departure of his beloved sister Debra Davis strangled, although jurors unable to reach a verdict in this sense against “Whitey” Bulger who has always denied of having strangled women.

Davis added that most of the familiars of the victims felt a lot of humiliation because other people were profiting of their pains.

Cinema is not heartless. The opposite.

Cinema was born and is born for presenting emotions, for giving a perception of the reality/fiction to people and for let them dream or experience a horror, real or not.

Cinema is plenty of love and it wants to let us live these emotions in motion and it is made by incredibly extraordinary human beings plenty of feelings.

The story of “Whitey” Bulger is fresh and of course felt from the city with great animosity. It couldn’t be the opposite.

For this reason maybe it will be a good idea, next time that a big production involving the story of “Whitey” Bulger affords to Boston to donate a large amount of money also at the families of victims. Maybe with part of these tax credits.

It’s just an idea that maybe a big studio can take in consideration.

Other movies received tax credits: “R.I.P.D” with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, $27 million so much more than Black Mass. Then Grown Ups 2 by Adam Sandler received $24 million. That’s my boy, always of the prolific Sandler $16.5 million. The Equalizer with Denzel Washington $15.5 million.

Some people thinks that supporting financially a movie based in Boston or Massachusetts wasted money; other ones are saying that no, a movie can bring visibility, helping local economy in many diversified ways.

Dialogue is open.

Black Mass in the while a wonderful moment for Johnny Depp and a good and solid movie.

Anna Maria Polidori


Source: Boston Globe piece of July 5th 2016


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