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“Whitey” and the Supreme Court

Posted in Johnny Depp, scott cooper, warner br., whitey bulger by Anna Maria Polidori on August 18, 2016

Bulger gives battle and wants to tell his truth


As wrote by the Boston 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_nGlobe last day, “Whitey” Bulger is asking the Supreme Court of the US to overturn his convictions. Bulger participated at 11 murders and was the mobster of the Winter Hill Gang a criminal structure born a long time ago and at the end run by the same “Whitey” and dead once “Whitey” disappeared from Boston.

The Globe wrote that Bulger filed a petition for “a writ of certiorari.” In a few words he is asking to the Supreme Court of taking in great consideration his case.

Bulger tried also to the First US Circuit Court of Appeals but without any success.

Bulger hasn’t been a saint. He killed, he introduced wagons of drugs in South Boston, he helped the FBI to defeat, for adding more power at his own criminal organization the italian Mafia, much more “pacific” than the Irish criminal structure created by “Whitey.”

Bulger run away from Boston when was ready for him a racketeering indictment and when mainly the wind was changed forever for him and his affiliates.

He escaped away from Boston with his historical girlfriend Teresa Stanley. Four children that James Bulger grew up with love, he started to travel with her. Later Teresa said to “Whitey” that she couldn’t live in this way, not in the wild, not like this, not with four children waiting for her maternal love.

“Whitey” understood and he had ready his plan B: Catherine Greig, his second historical girlfriend.

Cathy Greig, in love with “Whitey” from decades, truly happy to follow him wherever the mobster wanted to go.

It was 1995 when the mobster left Boston for good and Bostonians thought that maybe “Whitey” was in a foreign country.

But…Can a mobster leave his territory?

It was 2011 when a nice old man was very well seen and appreciated by everyone in Santa Monica. He was helpful with his neighbors, he gave good advices, he loved to be a good man for everyone. His wife loved to take care of poor abandoned cats. His name was Charlie Gasko.

A crucial year for the fight against terrorism. Osama bin Laden was found and killed. Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger from the second place in the top ten list of the Most Wanted People of the FBI became the first one.

Federals didn’t lose time.

What to do now?

Which was the best key for opening the door that would have conducted them directly at “Whitey?” The answer was simple: Catherine Greig.
She was their key, she was their card to play.

The couple who lived in an apartment in Santa Monica, peaceful.

Once they started to make friendship with an ex model and ex Miss Iceland, Anna. Anna and Catherine loved to feeding cats together.

When Anna left the old couple and returned to Europe one day she was so surprised to seeing them at the CNN international.
Oh, she was also shocked. She understood that the man called Charlie was the infamous mobster of South Boston “Whitey” Bulger. She called the FBI telling to the federals everything.

At the same time after the capture and assassination of Bin Laden, “Whitey” didn’t live anymore. He was more than sure that 2 million of dollars could surely be a good argument for calling the FBI. After all he was recognizable. Someone would have called the FBI of his neighbors. “Whitey” more than certain of it.
He started to live as a prisoner in his own apartment. He didn’t go out anymore, he stopped to socialize, he didn’t search anyone anymore.

He avoided all contacts with his beloved neighbors.

It is still unclear if other people of the neighborhood of Santa Monica CA, where Bulger lived tempted to call the FBI because maybe they recognized him, but surely everyone started to be worried for that man that they called Charlie Gasko. C What happened?

Maybe some people knew, but they knew the other face of Bulger.

Catherine Greig started to invent a lot of stories. “He is becoming more sick, problem here, problem there, he doesn’t want to go ur and he doesn’t want to see anyone” for justifying this behavior.

Bulger once captured started frantically to write to all his neighbors: “Don’t believe at what they’re saying.”

The trial of 2013 put again in prison both Greig than Bulger. Greig because she refused to testify. It is in fact important to discover who helped the couple while on the run but Catherine preferred not to speak. 21 months of prison.

Plus Greig accused of conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, conspiracy to commit identity fraud, and identity fraud for other eight years and a fine of $150,000.

While Bulger can end his days in prison at the moment he said that his trial was a “sham”, using the Boston’s accent 🙂

According to Bulger no one permitted him to speak during his trial, so violating a constitutional rights.

“Whitey” wanted to speak. “Whitey” wanted to tell.

But what exactly?

Dead men tell no tales and a dead man can’t tell if this portion of tale Bulger wants to tell from years it’s true.

Bulger assures that a now-deceased federal prosecutor promised him the immunity decades ago. An immunity for all his crimes, murder included.

So, the story of “Whitey” Bulger appears more than opened and his legal team with Hank Brennan ready to give battle.

Johnny Depp portrayed a real “Whitey” Bulger in the movie Black Mass directed by Scott Cooper.
Filmed in Boston the movie has been appreciated by critic and viewers and that one has been the credible return of Johnny 11033763_421229168050732_1328938859024723063_n 11143339_421229144717401_5178388869574157269_n Depp as a dramatic actor in a role of a real person.

Johnny would have wanted to meet “Whitey” Bulger but the mobster didn’t want to meet the actor, declining the request.

The mobster in fact in strong polemic with the two former investigative reporters of the Boston Globe Dick Lear and Gerard O’Neill and their book Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, The FBI and a devil’s deal inspiration for Black Mass, first real historical reconstruction of the criminal life of Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger.

Johnny Depp concluded saying that after all that understood the position of the mobster.


Anna Maria Polidori

Source: Boston Globe


It’s a phase, Johnny, and it will be over soon or late

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on August 17, 2016

There are shitty phases in life.

I remember when a neighbor of us killed herself.
Substantially most of us visited a psychologist for trying to understand why God had cut out that existence in that horrible, insane way. We couldn’t give a rational explanation and we were all devastated.

I personally didn’t obtain any kind of answer, and when I saw the painting of Van Gogh’s sunflowers on the wall of the psychologist I thought that maybe being the case of Van Gogh considered a big failure of psychiatry it was better to run away, but…I still remember what that woman said me: it’s a phase of your existence and it will be over.

It will be over.

Sufferance, confusion, terrible sad moments. Everything.

And, also in your case Johnny, it will be over. It will be over the divorce, Johnny, it will be over this intoxication of news able to put down everyone, it will be over this phase of your existence.

It will be over and one day Johnny you will smile of all of it.

I haven’t never particularly liked Amber Heard, but appear more than clear that when a love ends it’s a failure for the couple not just for an individual.

The love lived by you and Amber, Johnny the baddest one existing on the face of this world: a love made just of perdition, an insane love, a sick love.

Love is not this one. Or better: shouldn’t be this one although literature insists that this love, a love where you can get lost, losing yourself, your identity and your self is fascinating. I think everyone would want to run away from a condition like this one if they would experience it.

I remember the beautiful sunny face of a smiling and so hot Johnny years ago when he was the companion of Vanessa Paradis. A healthy man plenty of enthusiasm for life, plenty of enthusiasm for filming and for being a good man for all his family. Loved by everyone, focused on what he was doing. A great man for sure.

Per years when I started my blog I tried of avoid to add your newest and most recent pictures, Johnny.
It was a truly sufferance to me seeing your transformation during these years.
You were a man who knew exactly what he wanted, enthusiastic of life.

Then this change.
Your sparkle from your eyes over, your enthusiasm gone, you became…different.

Seeing you Johnny everyday in particular during the promotion of Mortdecai in that state to me a real sufferance. I saw a sick man not of a healthy man and mainly a unhappy man. A man in sufferance.

In general responsibilities in a couple are fifity-fifty.

To me this relationship was born sick, resulted to be sick for all the time. With the straining results we are all seeing.

I haven’t never seen you entirely happy in public with Amber Heard when for example Johnny, you were happy with all your previous partners. I saw happiness in this story with Amber at the premiere of the movie you realized with her, but it’s not enough.

We will know what happened in the between, and substantially Johnny it’s not anymore important the result of the divorce, and who will win and who will “lose” legally a battle for this acrimonious divorce where nothing, nothing is left at the imagination. Videos, fingers… Good Lord… These ones the ashes of a wonderful love-story that had to be endless according to you, romantic man, isn’t it true?
We always dream to be in love. We always dream to be chosen and to be loved because it maintain us alive. Love maintain us alive and well.

In this moment, please Johnny do take care of yourself with urgency.
And surround yourself with people you trust.

Cure yourself and love yourself. You are a wonderful human being and if you think the opposite you are terribly wrong.

You must always think positively.

You have donated love and this is what it is important.

If then something didn’t work out, well it is human, but remember that love is the best feeling you can feel.

We can’t be loved by everyone for an endless time. Love is a sort of mutation. Sometimes it resists at the force of the time, others not.
That Amber Heard had to be in your destiny and not just in your life we have seeing it and in the big scheme of the Universe, you see, there was a reason and one day you will discover it. We always learn from everyone also from partners with which at the end we are heavily discussing with for a lot of reasons.

Please, stop to self-punish yourself for thinking wrongly that you are not being sufficiently loved or to inflict to another human being psychological punishment self-damaging yourself.

It’s not what you must do. It’s not the best way for being loved. It’s not the way for loving.

First of all dignity, for yourself and for all your dear ones. Then for the public. And respect for yourself.

Remember that life is precious and what life has given to you has been great, thanks to your talent.

Remember that all your fans are searching for your true self, and that we want to see you again in good health. We are waiting. We pray, we are close to you.

Please stop to drink and stop any kind of other abuse, sufferance for a family not just for yourself. Life is too precious and must be lived without too many alterations where possible because life wouldn’t have the same taste in term of emotions, in term of quality life.

Too happy or too sad or too miserable under effect of drugs and alcohol for seeing the beauty of the world and for being and spread the beauty that you can give at this world with your self and your movies.

Johnny, most important, be happy and be conscious of being a wonderful human being.

Ciao Johnny, Stay well.


Anna Maria

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The list

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on August 10, 2016

A list of friends and people close to Johnny Depp, TMZ reported, all ready to testify in his favor as witnesses at court for this acrimonious divorce.

These people shared significant moments with the couple during their relationship.

Johnny Depp’s list of witnesses? Diversified. Called the two officers who responded to Amber Heard’s call.
People around the house that fatal day…
His body guards Jerry Judge and Sean Bett.

At the same time for unknown reasons Amber Heard according to TMZ although at court for telling her personal truth against her estranged husband last days preferred not to saying anything.

It won’t be this one of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard a good divorce at all. It is always plenty of surprises and if their story was one of the most magnetic ones for a certain time, at the moment of the old magnetism there is not anymore trace.

Johnny in the while is spending relaxing days at Ibiza a great destination for having some fun while his powerful team of attorneys ready to give battle.



Anna Maria Polidori

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Johnny Depp maybe will be the main protagonist of Pirates 5

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on August 4, 2016

Still uncertainties at Disney

Still uncertainty at Disney, where the studio is trying to understand which direction should take Pirates 5 for the new and old viewers.

What it is certain, it seems, latest news, is that Orlando Bloom pirates1 and Johnny Depp will be back together, and that after the many protests of fans for seeing  too much cut out from the scenes Jack 10400812_352822714891378_596295355008652586_n Sparrow, the main protagonist will be again Johnny 10406537_296973293809654_7333082697670845881_nds Depp.

Of course, as also added by Orlando Bloom there will be a very important section of the movie all about the special relationship between Henry and his beloved but never seen dad, Will Turner.

We left in fact Will as captain of the Flying Dutchman, the cursest ship of all the Oceans. The rules are these ones: because of this curse the captain and the crew 0f the Flying Dutchman can’t touch any land for 10 years and the captain heartless. In every sense, physical one included as we saw in the movie.

If there will be a reboot, in case that this one will be the latest Pirates for Johnny 22_19 maybe as speculations are saying to the net, Bloom Mario Testino pic could become the main protagonist of the saga.

Disney is trying also to focus about the impact that Bloom and Depp can have positively at the box office.

Anna Maria Polidori

Keira Knightley back to Pirates. Maybe

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on August 2, 2016

Orlando Bloom launches the news

It is still unconfirmed but it appears clear that Disney is interested to prepare a wonderful lauch for Pirates 5 next year on July and if this news spread by Orlando Bloom pirates1 will be confirmed Keira Knightley should appear again for the joy of many fans estimators of the couple Will Turner-Elizabeth Swann on Pirates 5.
It could be just a cameo but of course the news will thrilled all of us fans of the sage of Pirates.

Bloom affirmed also that this Pirates 5 will be a sort of reboot, more close to the first Pirates than at the fourth one.

Long and important story the one between Orlando Bloom in the historical role of Will Turner and Brenton Thwaites in the one of Henry, his son.

Johnny will reprise his character of Jack Sparrow 10400812_352822714891378_596295355008652586_n although it is still unknown if this one will be his latest Pirates movie.Let’s hope that there will be many many others.

Actors that will be back with their historical characters: Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, Javier Barden as Captain Brand and Scodelario as the girlfriend of Henry Turner.


Anna Maria Polidori

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