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It’s a phase, Johnny, and it will be over soon or late

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on August 17, 2016

There are shitty phases in life.

I remember when a neighbor of us killed herself.
Substantially most of us visited a psychologist for trying to understand why God had cut out that existence in that horrible, insane way. We couldn’t give a rational explanation and we were all devastated.

I personally didn’t obtain any kind of answer, and when I saw the painting of Van Gogh’s sunflowers on the wall of the psychologist I thought that maybe being the case of Van Gogh considered a big failure of psychiatry it was better to run away, but…I still remember what that woman said me: it’s a phase of your existence and it will be over.

It will be over.

Sufferance, confusion, terrible sad moments. Everything.

And, also in your case Johnny, it will be over. It will be over the divorce, Johnny, it will be over this intoxication of news able to put down everyone, it will be over this phase of your existence.

It will be over and one day Johnny you will smile of all of it.

I haven’t never particularly liked Amber Heard, but appear more than clear that when a love ends it’s a failure for the couple not just for an individual.

The love lived by you and Amber, Johnny the baddest one existing on the face of this world: a love made just of perdition, an insane love, a sick love.

Love is not this one. Or better: shouldn’t be this one although literature insists that this love, a love where you can get lost, losing yourself, your identity and your self is fascinating. I think everyone would want to run away from a condition like this one if they would experience it.

I remember the beautiful sunny face of a smiling and so hot Johnny years ago when he was the companion of Vanessa Paradis. A healthy man plenty of enthusiasm for life, plenty of enthusiasm for filming and for being a good man for all his family. Loved by everyone, focused on what he was doing. A great man for sure.

Per years when I started my blog I tried of avoid to add your newest and most recent pictures, Johnny.
It was a truly sufferance to me seeing your transformation during these years.
You were a man who knew exactly what he wanted, enthusiastic of life.

Then this change.
Your sparkle from your eyes over, your enthusiasm gone, you became…different.

Seeing you Johnny everyday in particular during the promotion of Mortdecai in that state to me a real sufferance. I saw a sick man not of a healthy man and mainly a unhappy man. A man in sufferance.

In general responsibilities in a couple are fifity-fifty.

To me this relationship was born sick, resulted to be sick for all the time. With the straining results we are all seeing.

I haven’t never seen you entirely happy in public with Amber Heard when for example Johnny, you were happy with all your previous partners. I saw happiness in this story with Amber at the premiere of the movie you realized with her, but it’s not enough.

We will know what happened in the between, and substantially Johnny it’s not anymore important the result of the divorce, and who will win and who will “lose” legally a battle for this acrimonious divorce where nothing, nothing is left at the imagination. Videos, fingers… Good Lord… These ones the ashes of a wonderful love-story that had to be endless according to you, romantic man, isn’t it true?
We always dream to be in love. We always dream to be chosen and to be loved because it maintain us alive. Love maintain us alive and well.

In this moment, please Johnny do take care of yourself with urgency.
And surround yourself with people you trust.

Cure yourself and love yourself. You are a wonderful human being and if you think the opposite you are terribly wrong.

You must always think positively.

You have donated love and this is what it is important.

If then something didn’t work out, well it is human, but remember that love is the best feeling you can feel.

We can’t be loved by everyone for an endless time. Love is a sort of mutation. Sometimes it resists at the force of the time, others not.
That Amber Heard had to be in your destiny and not just in your life we have seeing it and in the big scheme of the Universe, you see, there was a reason and one day you will discover it. We always learn from everyone also from partners with which at the end we are heavily discussing with for a lot of reasons.

Please, stop to self-punish yourself for thinking wrongly that you are not being sufficiently loved or to inflict to another human being psychological punishment self-damaging yourself.

It’s not what you must do. It’s not the best way for being loved. It’s not the way for loving.

First of all dignity, for yourself and for all your dear ones. Then for the public. And respect for yourself.

Remember that life is precious and what life has given to you has been great, thanks to your talent.

Remember that all your fans are searching for your true self, and that we want to see you again in good health. We are waiting. We pray, we are close to you.

Please stop to drink and stop any kind of other abuse, sufferance for a family not just for yourself. Life is too precious and must be lived without too many alterations where possible because life wouldn’t have the same taste in term of emotions, in term of quality life.

Too happy or too sad or too miserable under effect of drugs and alcohol for seeing the beauty of the world and for being and spread the beauty that you can give at this world with your self and your movies.

Johnny, most important, be happy and be conscious of being a wonderful human being.

Ciao Johnny, Stay well.


Anna Maria

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