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Murder On The Orient Express Remake with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer?

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 28, 2016

Yes, please

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer could be “names of interest” for the remake of Murder On the Orient Express.

Oh: it would be a wonderful choice this one. These two actors have all the characteristic for giving a tense, wonderful performance.

I re-read Murder on the Orient Express last year.
With many other books by Agatha Christie, The Queen of Murder.
Go for all of them. They’re the best.

In this case…
Poirot is spending some time on the Orient Express Istanbul to Paris. Apparently all the passengers, good people but one night a rich man killed. Who stabbed this man and for what reason?

I love these situation and these particular murders, because all the protagonists are kept with the detective in that same place: the scene of crime.

No one can leave of course the location, and we can discover slowly that maybe all of them had, like in this case, some connection with the man killed.

The solution found by Poirot the best one considered the crime committed!!!

The movie should be released on Nov 22 2017.

Anna Maria Polidori


Profile of Laura Wasser defenser of Johnny Depp

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 23, 2016

Specialized in divorces, she represented recently Johnny Depp during his acrimonious divorce with his new ex-wife Amber Heard. And now, Angelina Jolie

Who is this powerful lady and lawyer?

Mainly a lady that doesn’t want to lose.
She wins.
This adrenaline the most attractive magnet for her potential clients.
Her incredible talent and her ambition, a great card for assuring a good divorce to her clients.

But…If you would want to be defended by her how much should you pay?
First of all remember that Laura Wasser doesn’t represent people with less than $10 million, so look at your wallet.
Bloomberg estimated that if you want to talk with her it’s $850 an hour.

She tries to keep the bank account of her clients plenty during a divorce.

Being particularly disenchanted she suggests to her clients of signing a prenup. Apart to be good for staying together for a longest time, sometimes it’s a cement for the couple.

But, if this cement is not as good as it should be and the love-house built by the couple would collapse, well ms. Wasser knows that with a prenup there wouldn’t be problems and too many dramas.

She considers a couple in love “Fantasy Time” according to an interview with VF of last week, because sometimes forever doesn’t exist and it’s also great to be practical.
Just in case…

Wasser considers a marriage a contract and she is not interested to stipulate this kind of contract although she admits she knows a lot of wonderful couples together from a long time. She has two children with two different dads and she affirms she couldn’t never give any kind of advice in terms of relationship to other people.

Differences between the clients: athlete love to texts. The most emotive ones? The musicians. Actors wants to sort out the divorce as quick as possible.

Anna Maria Polidori

Sources: eonline, VF Usa

Do you want to buy a residence in LA? Johnny is selling!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 23, 2016

Johnny sells other properties


We can’t know if this one is a reaction at a recent past Johnny wants to forget as soon as possible giving away also the places, houses he shared with the new ex-wife Amber Heard.

What we know for sure is that after the french beautiful village at Plain de la Tour, Provence, where Johnny spent beautiful years with his companion Vanessa Paradis, now he decided to list his set of residences atop the Easter Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles asking for $12.78 million.


Five multi-floor penthouses, Art Deco building created by Claud Beelman and later renovated in 2007. These residences have five kitchens, all in bohemian style. The units are totally 11.500 square feet of living space. The agency let know that interested people can buy just an unit. It’s not indispensable to buy the entire property.


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp and the charity Awards

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on September 23, 2016

The NYDN reported that Johnny Depp will be honored for his work with cancer patients on Nov.3 with the Rhonda’s Kiss Healing and Hope Road Award.

Johnny Depp in a statement said: “Cancer affects many lives and this year it was my family’s turn. The team at Cedars-Sinai works tirelessly to help people in their darkest moments. Their work is invaluable to all of us, and I will support any opportunity to help shine a light on the cause through Rhonda’s Kiss.”

The family member Johnny was talking about was his beloved mother Betty Sue. She fought a battle with lung cancer.

Johnny loves to visit often the Cedars-Sinai hospital trying to find a way for defeating this horrible illness from the face of this Planet.

Anna Maria Polidori

“No place like Home”

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 19, 2016

Doug Stanhope Johnny Depp’s friends talk with The New Yorker about his life and his new projects

An interview with Doug Stanhope one of Johnny Depp’s closest friends appeared on the New Yorker this September 16, 2016

Stanhope close friend of Johnny Depp talks of his career. He lives in Bisbee, AZ a place completely distant from Hollywood and the excesses of that land. Stanhope talks of everything with the reporter and this is good. Sad and private facts, like also his attempts, all failed for trying to stop to smoking.

Stanhope has been recently protagonist of a polemic article regarding the ex wife of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and heavy consequences followed the publication the piece on The Wrap. The article became viral and reported by every other known or less known website. The story recently sorted out for good, the comedian can look forward.

His latest work: “No place like Home” will be hosted on Seeso, a streaming service of NBC. Johnny Depp executive producer.
The show covers ISIS, poverty, mental illness.

It was realized in the village where Stanhope lives.

Anna Maria Polidori

Kim McGuire dies at age 60

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2016

One of the co-stars of Johnny Depp in Cry Baby is dead recently

Kim McGuire “Hatchet-Face” in Cry Baby cry-baby_-_ died this Sept 14th in Florida, confirmed her husband for  complications of a pneumonia. 60 years she will be remembered because of her role opposite to Johnny Depp.
Later the actress  abandoned the showbiz, becoming an attorney.

To the family many condolences.


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2016


Thanks Lory Depp Girl!

The #HollywoodVampires #VIP #MeetAndGreet #HollywoodVampiresTour2016 …
#JohnnyDepp #AliceCooper



Extra-cute pic of Johnny!

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2016

10423658_299019543605029_3404322222240973785_n Thanks Lory Depp Girl!


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp visits Alcatraz

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2016

13770294_579379358902378_2100183761496421728_n 13709944_579379412235706_3673853122379560688_n 13781939_579379385569042_1222866833085155873_nJuly 20th 2016 Johnny enjoyed a visit with the crew of the Hollywood Vampires in the Alcatraz island. Who knows if he was searching for “Whitey” Bulger’s traces?

Thanks to Lory for pics

Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp in vacation in Spain…

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on September 17, 2016

Aug. 6th 2016…Bloody hell Johnny where are your hair???


Johnny Depp last august took a Spanish siesta during his divorce from Amber Heard. The actor was spotted arriving in Ibiza, Spain, via private jet at the end of the week. He rent a villa on the island and that week-end precisely on Saturday he was happy and cheerful and smile while boarding a yacht, ready to enjoy some summer time.


Anna Maria Polidori


source: People Magazine

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