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Merry Christmas to Johnny Depp his family and all my readers!

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hope that you spent or that you are spending a beautiful Christmas’ Day.


I know in some part of the world the feast is over but Christmas should be celebrated everyday in our hearts so I hope you will accept my wishes.

Johnny Depp:

So to him his family, friends, all the best for a good and wonderful Christmas Time plenty of peace, harmony, joy, happiness, good feelings and positive vibes.


Anna Maria Polidori

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The acrimonious divorce-saga not yer over!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on December 17, 2016

Although, it should end as soon as possible

Freedom from the past the best re-start!

It’s sad to see the end of a story.

It didn’t start well, it didn’t continue well, it ended up worse.

This story was an intense experience from both the protagonists for sure, a moment of growth from both the parts.

Time maybe will tell the real story of this story but in the while what it would be  productive would be to end every sorta of pendent legal history with Amber Heard to my modest point of view.

More than sure Johnny Depp was very in love with her partner Heard. It didn’t work out for many reasons but not because of him.
It’s not his fault if the story ended. It was not his fault if it didn’t work out. It’s life.

People change, and maybe during this process the couple not anymore in grade to stay together as in the past they enthusiastically did.

This chapter is closed and should be closed legally forever as soon as possible.

Johnny Depp is launched in new productions, Pirates will come soon to the horizon this next May.

Freedom is priceless.



Anna Maria Polidori

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Johnny back at the Great Ormond Hospital of London

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on December 11, 2016

Johnny warms the hearts of sick children with his Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp was spotted Dec 9th days as we can say from this pic by — Martyn Vincent (@BadWilf) December 9, 2016 at the Great Ormond Street Children Hospital of London.

The actor had lived a very sad adventure many years ago while in London for filming Sweeney Todd when his daughter Lily-Rose Depp fell sick for an ecoli. No one understood at first what kind of illness was affecting the daughter of Johnny and at first everyone thought that it could have been a normal flu.

But then the situation precipitated and exactly as all the rest of all the other parents of the world the couple rushed to the Great Ormond hospital with a very very sick child.

The staff of the Great Ormond Hospital diagnosed with efficiency the illness and cured Lily-Rose very well.

For his immense gratitude, Johnny Depp the days of the illness of Lily-Rose was devastated, donated a large amount of money at the hospital.

Johnny hasn’t forgotten what the Great Ormond Hospital did for Lily-Rose.

We all know that also close to Christmas unfortunately there are sick children in all the hospitals of this world. Yes, also in a period of joy and happiness as Christmas should be.

So…Johnny thought…What could I present to them for let them spend some minutes of joy? Jack Sparrow!!!

The actor for the joy of all the children of the Great Ormond appeared in his costumes and character and for a long time the little patients of the London’s hospital forgot why they were staying there and forgot that they were sick.
As always, Johnny: Bravo!


Anna Maria Polidori

Lily-Rose Depp and the wow! TV spot for the new fragrance of legendary Chanel n 5

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on December 9, 2016

Intense, interesting, fresh. Lily-Rose Depp is this and much more in the new short video realized for launching the new fragrance of Chanel n 5 the most known perfume of this world. The new tv spot with Lily-Rose Depp spectacularly beauty! Lily-Rose is becoming one of the most acclaimed models of Chanel and she is always more launched in an Olympus of fashion, class and style. Congratulations!


Anna Maria Polidori

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