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Davy Jones to Montone for the Umbria Film Festival

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on July 9, 2017

It is wonderful everytime to attend the Umbria Film Festival.

Yesterday night although it was dramatically warm no exception. Watching the movies of the Umbria Film Festival is a beautiful experience.
I attended various editions in the past in part as member of the press for Il Corriere and sometimes just as spectator.
Yesterday night the key of the town presented to Bill Nighy.
Love Actually, Pirates 2 and 3. I watched the picture of this actor on Google and I thought: “Who was in Love Actually?” The American President? I saw the movie two times, I adore Hugh Grant, but…I couldn’t locate his face. And what kind of role played in Pirates?
I googled the net: bloody hell, Davy Jones? Oh God, we are close to the Olympus I thought.

The funny rock-star of Love Actually? Bingo! So hilarious! I remember a line. When they asked him why it is beauty to become famous he said: “Because they present you every drug for free.” I remember his eccentricities. A character I loved a lot in that movie.

I decided to bring with me my mom.
I don’t know but I think that it is great to let her know which is in part my world, the one I dedicate some time of my existence, since I met online some people connected with Johnny Depp and other actors as well and who these people and actors are.

Mom really enjoyed to follow me, curious to seeing the star and other people ad well. I also added her: “Don’t worry mom we will find some fresh weather at Montone.”

It was the opposite: terribly warm, when we arrived we ate an ice-cream that was our dinner, but in terms of calories, eating an ice-cream means to eat a dish of pasta, so it’s more than OK and plus it’s refreshing.

We found a place in the last line and waited for the arrival of the actor.

I noticed a colleague from Gubbio with which I talked at long. He works for RAI TRE and it is great to seeing him and some other faces I know, like most of the ladies I know because they are part of the committee of Books of Dogs.

In the while we met the responsible of the press for the Umbria Film Festival. She asked us which were the press and TV stations we worked for, thanking us because she saw some articles published in our newsmagazine these past days.

I asked if it was possible to take a picture with the actor asking him some questions as well. “You know I have a blog dedicated to Johnny Depp, it would be nice a pic with Davy Jones.”
Her answer was that only the editors of newsmagazines and magazines could stay close to the actor for asking some questions. For the rest he was a bit armored she told us. Theoretically I am the editor of my blog, but I understand that a magazine and newsmagazine is something different and I thought at my poor career as reporter. “Anna Maria no negative thoughts, this time be less shy, less sad and more courageous! It’s your world this one.”

Well it was a sort of Fantozzian’s story at first. I saw immediately the entrance of Mr Nighy and I decided to start to taking some pictures and I marched in his direction secure of myself. For once. When I was close to the actor ready with my Amazon Fire to take pictures, the disappearance of the actor. I felt a great nervous! But is it possible? At my arrival people evaporate.

I haven’t considered that he could be sat somewhere in the tables close to the big screen, I thought that they decided to keep him behind one of the opened doors of the palace, for the big entrance.

But I was wrong.

He was peacefully sat in one of the tables close to the big screen of the Square Fortebraccio, waiting again for being called for the prize.

He was so funny, but British humor is the best one in the world. He started to saying us that with this key during the night he would have started to asking to the citizens of Montone for some food and drink.

Later he also revealed us that his first flame was from Umbria. I wouldn’t be surprised. Colin Firth married a lady from Umbertide.
But no: it wasn’t true. He told us this one was the first time for him in Umbria and he really enjoyed , he told us to staying here.
Very tall, thin, the first idea is that he is an intellectual guy, and I guess a very funny man.

I took a video I just hope to post at some point one of these next weeks, and pictures that I must download yet.

Enjoy in the time this tale!


Anna Maria Polidori




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