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Very happy that this time Rotten Tomatoes didn’t win!

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on June 3, 2017

OK: The Inquisitr arrived before but I thought to realize a piece remarking this the day after Pirates was launched: that for once Pirates defeated Rotten Tomatoes and the sum of negative critics (many good as well) expressed by many critics of big and small newsmagazines and realities in the entire territory of the USA.

Box office and Rotten Tomatoes became my biggest friends or enemies these latest years and every time a Johnny Depp’s movie out.

This time viewers didn’t listen anything or anyone.
They just went to the cinema for enjoying a moment of escapism and only God knows the necessity of some de-stressing moments considering the times we are living in.

More important has been the card played by Jerry Bruckheimer a real test on the viewers according to my point of view: “Without Johnny Depp no other Pirates will be realized!”
Producer Bruckheimer maybe said that words in fact also for trying to see if the solid base of Johnny’s fans and Pirates fans were still there waiting for him.

People trusted Johnny Depp and they went to the cinema, free again to adore their Jack Sparrow.

Fans never abandoned the saga, never abandoned their favorite characters, never abandoned the ideas of wild adventures with Jack Sparrow, the more educated William Turner, Captain Barbossa and the new entry: Captain Salazar.

Do you know why? Because dreams are priceless.



Anna Maria Polidori


Hacked Pirates 5

Posted in Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on May 17, 2017

Real online pirates called hackers stole Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales

It was strange. Last night maybe I received an e-mail from google alerts Pirates 5 and they said that it was possible to watch Pirates online. I thought: “There is no more religion.” But I didn’t imagine all this story behind. I just thought that somewhere the movie legally posted. Although it was strange.

Deadline reports that Pirates has been hacked and  the movie is online. Just: the movie will be launched in a week on May 26th.

I do believe at the magician of a movie. To me online movies are superfluous. Going to the cinema is an iconic moment for all the family.
Popcorn, an afternoon spent all together forgetting problems, anxiety and just staying relaxed going outside and then entering in a dream. A theater is this; cinema is this.
Cinema was born for this: for presenting dreams to people and it will continue to do that.
Just maybe majors considering what it is going on should keep as more secret as possible a movie putting it in safest place.

More we discover the net and more we know that it is not the a safe place.

Main protagonists of the fifth installment: Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom back to the franchise with his character Will Turner, Brenton Thwaites, in the role of Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner, Geoffrey Rush in his iconic role of Captain Barbossa, Javier Bardem as the ghost pirate and Captain Salazar.



Anna Maria Polidori

No Monkeys on the set? And why?

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 11, 2015

A petition started from some animal rights activists against the use of Capuchin monkeys on the set of Pirates. Remember the monkey of Barbossa? Right! There we are.



What a pity. It seems that this time the monkeys used in the movie Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales will be realized via pc.

Another drama started in Australia this past february 21st as reported by The Wrap.

Some animal rights activists don’t want to see any real monkeys around the set of Pirates.


They started a petition that can be found on asking  to producer Bruckheimer and director Espen Sandberg of not employing any monkeys in the movie.

The petition was launched by Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. His founder is Kari Bagnall.

The petition says: “I personally help care for monkeys who lived much of their lives as props for the entertainment industry. If Disney wants to be seen as a responsible and animal-friendly company, it should not use real monkeys in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean“.

Captain Barbossa has always had a Capuchin monkey. I strongly doubt that a big production like Disney can treat bad a monkey.

Two production companies reported The Australian Times have asked for permits to bring these monkeys from California to Australia. They would play the monkey of captain Barbossa.

Bagnall’s answer? “Capuchin Monkeys are highly intelligent, sensitive, and social wild animals who do not belong on the set of a movie. Monkeys are often stolen from their mothers when they are infants. It is not hard to imagine the horror both baby and mother must feel during this forced separation“.

The alternative if the permission will not be given? The use of a pc instead of a real capuchin monkey as suggested by Bagnall.

He explains in the petition: “The successful use of computer-generated imagery alternatives will not only garner you more attention (as it did for the ‘Planet of the Apes’ films), but will help you avoid the notoriety and protests associated with relying on monkey actors“.

Of course Bagnall incredibly frustrated for the poor destiny of the capuchin monkeys asked for the solidarity of other associations.

Humane Society International Australia, Wild Futures, Born Free Foundation and Captive Animals Protection Society, are asking of not importing the monkeys to the Australia’s federal environment minister.

Mr Bagnall to me these monkeys would be incredibly lucky like all the rest of the cast and treated seriously well! by all the troupe and cast as it happened in the pastmonkey 3   I also think that being very curious animals monkeys would find the set incredibly stimulating monkey and barbossa 1 monkey 2  monkey 5



Anna Maria Polidori

Angelica in Queensland

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 6, 2015

Penelope Cruz spotted in the Gold Coast


Penelope Cruz is in Queensland these days for spending some time with her husband Javier Bardem involved in Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Penelope Cruz worked in the previous movie Pirates 4 On Stranger Tides in the role of Angelica.

Bardem plays the role of a ghost, Captain Salazar. He will be back from the other world searching for a revenge against Jack Sparrow    5552456_std 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n

Other stars in Pirates: Geoffrey Rush reprising his role as Captain Barbossa, Brenton Thwaites, australian as well as british soldier Henry.

Shootings will continue on the Gold Coast ’til mid July.



Anna Maria Polidori

Pirates 5 divided in…two films?

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 16, 2015

Maybe the creation of Pirates 5 and Pirates 6 in the Gold Coast


An interesting rumor is spreading these days in the local Gold Coast media more informed than us: the crew of Pirates will film two movies: Pirates 5 and 6. All in one.

An australian online magazine recently launched an interesting news: Pirates, considering  that as we knew from a long time at this past the movie will be more or less long something like four hours long, minute more, minute less and so the longest movie of the saga, insiders predicted that at the end it will be divided maybe in two films.

The entrance in scene of constantly new characters, let think that this one will be the final direction of the production.

Latest actors confirmed are: Delroy Atkinson, Danny Kirrane, and Adam Brown although it is still undefined which role they will play in the movie.

Before, the arrival of british soldier Henry in the actor and person of an enthusiastic Brenton Thwaites one of the main opposites of Jack Sparrow 3071336_ori 3090319_ori in Pirates 5 portrayed by Johnny Depp jdepp_new Johnny1 johnny3-1.


Actor Kaya Scodelario will be the love interest of soldier Henry in the movie.

The first opposite chosen by Disney has been months ago Javier Bardem in the role of a ghost, upset with Jack Sparrow because in the past the pirate had killed someone important in his life. He is back from the Other World for a revenge.

Still uncertain the return on the set of Pirates of Orlando Bloom 3888re2 D1540  but two movies maybe would clarify what Bloom asked to Bruckheimer and Disney’s production: realizing a story involving his son and his special relationship with him.

Will Turner became in fact the captain of The Flying Dutchman a ship with a big story. It’s the most known cursed ship of the Seas, notorious exactly like mermaids and other mythical creatures. Because of a curse upon the captain the ship can’t touch any land for ten years.

Geoffrey Rush will reprise his role as Captain Barbossa.

In the while waiting for the arrival of the entire cast – Johnny Depp is arrived in Australia this past february 14th – the pre-production created an entire town center 10408114_391662414340741_7798954789800168517_n  10959348_391662404340742_708755370814135974_n 11006399_391662427674073_2975121195174281736_n 1653343_391662394340743_307889461694437748_n 10959742_391662384340744_3227628076127813527_n 15874_391662461007403_3639106059654837630_n although the production will also use the wonderful and stunning wild nature and landscapes  the Gold Coast can offer them.

There is to add that as predicted Pirates has created wagons of works for the local economy and australian movie industry. The budget of the movie is estimated in $100 million and most of this money will be spent in Australia.

So, welcome Pirates for sure!
The movie directed by Kin-Tiki Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg will be released on July 7,2017.



Anna Maria Polidori

The set of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales waiting for…Jack Sparrow

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 14, 2015

Interesting and fabulous set in the Gold Coast

The one created by the men of the pre-production of Pirates installed in Australia from various months at this part is amazingly beauty and of course rich and diversified.


11006399_391662427674073_2975121195174281736_n 15874_391662461007403_3639106059654837630_n 10991365_391662444340738_4089268769254407507_n 10408114_391662414340741_7798954789800168517_n 10959348_391662404340742_708755370814135974_n 1653343_391662394340743_307889461694437748_n 10959742_391662384340744_3227628076127813527_n



Johnny Depp jdepp_new is back Johnny1 johnny3-1 johnny5 johnny11 76th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Johnny18 johnny26 with his funny character so captivating stunning, Jack Sparrow 3071336_ori  loved by everyone, adults and children.
Confirmed in the cast Geoffrey Rush,  for the first time in his homeland Australia, it will be a great satisfaction for him, reprising his role of Captain Barbossa. We wait to see him again with his affectionate green apple and the little monkey close to him.

Opposite to Jack Sparrow Javier Bardem in the role of a ghost incredibly upset with Jack Sparrow and searching from the other world to this one Jack for a revenge.

Soldier Henry will be portrayed by Brenton Thwaites while Kaya Scodelario will be his girlfriend.

It should be back Orlando Bloom although the news is still unconfirmed in the role of Will Turner. f9e620e6 ew06july14_6  p7

Other three actors have been added to the movie although it still unknown which role they will play in the movie.

This one will be one of the longest Pirates movie ever produced.
The movie will be directed by Kin-Tiki Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg and released on July 7,2017.


Good work to everyone!!!

Anna Maria Polidori

Three new entry in Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on February 5, 2015

Adam Brown, Deltroy Atkinson and Danny Kirrane in the cast of Pirates 5


Variety posted an exclusive news some hours ago: the entrance in scene of three new actors in Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.

They’re Adam Brown, Deltroy Atkinson and Danny Kirrane.

Still undefined the role will play the three actors, will they join Brenton Thwaies and Javier Bardem as opposite of Jack Sparrow 22_19, Johnny Depp? NassauJune2005039


No one knows with certainty the answer at the moment.

Adam Brown’s last film was The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, while Kirrane’s was seen in Automata. Driver was in the television series: My Family.

Pirates 5 will start shootings soon in Australia and precisely in the Gold Coast. Pre-production during these several months did all the best for preparing a wonderful set for captain Jack and the rest of the crew 🙂

Johnny Depp will reprise his role of Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush the one of Captain Barbossa, I guess with his little monkey and the inseparable green apple. One of my favorite characters.

Orlando Bloom should be back although we are still in the indiscretion field and rumors. If back Bloom asked at the production to develop for him the relationship that there is between him and his son. Being in fact the captain of the Flying Dutchman he is cursed like the ship is and constricted to sailing the seas and Oceans for 10 years before to stopping by somewhere.

When and if confirmed that Will Turner will be back stay ready for discovering something more about The Flying Dutchman. Suggestive story

Javier Bardem will be a ghost very angry with captain Sparrow because Sparrow in the past had killed an important relative. He is searching for Sparrow because of his personal revenge.


July 2017 the release of the movie.



Anna Maria Polidori

Pirates 5 Australia will see the cast only October 2015

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 5, 2015

But in the while….Some pictures from the dreaming land of the kangaroos


Shootings in Australia won’t take place ’til october,


but Andrew Thompson from the stunning beautiful location in Queensland,

10675699_374698419370474_7699196263088553258_n 10922854_374698452703804_6836978980946802069_n 10891824_374698439370472_7744634815986825169_n 10888655_374698466037136_1479455270137752306_n 10422571_374698489370467_6628149266267843077_n

started to send the first pictures of the set, located in the Gold Coast.

Johnny Depp is back with Jack Sparrow, the Australian Geoffrey Rush will reprise his role of Captain Barbossa.

Javier Bardem will be one of the two villains, Captain Brand, a ghost completely upset with Sparrow regarding the departure of a relative.

Brenton Thwaites will be the second villain, the british soldier Henry andcasting are opened for finding a girl.

In the new movie should be back Orlando Bloom in the role of the blacksmith Will Turner.

Will became at the end of Pirates 3 the captain of the Flying Dutchman (I will write a piece just about this legendary ship) and so he can’t touch any land for ten years.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and the Infinitum Nihil created by Johnny Depp, the movie will be directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg and will be in theater on July 7 2017.



Anna Maria Polidori

Regarding Henry

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on November 22, 2014

Brenton Thwaites in talks with Disney for playing the role of Henry,  british soldier


According to The Wrap and Variety Brenton Thwaites brenton_thwaites_ 25 years, Australian, is in talks with Disney for joining the cast and crew of Pirates 5 in Australia.

Brenton Thwaites should portray the role of a British soldier called Henry.

Thwaites has previously impersonated the prince in Maleficent and recently was seen in The Giver.

Other people will probably join Johnny Depp, back in his character of Jack Sparrow in Pirates 5, will be

Javier Bardem  Bardem in the role of another villain.

This time Captain Brand, Bardem’s role will be a ghost and he will search for captain Jack because he wants to revenge the departure of his poor brother. According to Captain Brand Jack Sparrow was directly responsible for his brother’s departure.

Geoffrey Rush will return to impersonate his historical role of Captain Barbossa and being Australian we guess he will be thrilled of filming in his homeland.

Orlando Bloom should be back with a cameo


A pic of the original cast

like also Keith Richards, 07rollingstone001 the musician inspired Johnny Depp for the characterization of Jack Sparrow.

The movie will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer  Bruckfor Disney Studio and Johnny Depp 10620645_317503805089936_6747645503135436650_n  NassauJune2005039 normal_venice_2004_photocall_009 normal_venice_2004_photocall_026 and his company Infinitum Nihil.


Shootings will start this February in Australia and precisely in Queensland one of the most attractive places known and admired by the tourists of all the world.

Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg new directors Pirates 5, the “Kon-Tiki” filmmakers will direct Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell no Tales.

Pirates has grossed $3.7 billion worldwide and the studio knew that this project had to be a top priority.

Disney will release Pirates 5 july 2017.



Anna Maria Polidori

Remembering the dear, old times

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on November 4, 2014

Two old-fashioned pictures of the original cast of Pirates the Carribean

Two precious picture this ones because it let us see the original cast of the big adventure that, later would have become Pirates, projected in the Olympe of the most seen movies of all the times.


Pirates became with the time incredibly admired and Johnny Depp created a wild look inspired by the character Captain Jack Sparrow.

From the left: Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, Orlando Bloom as the blacksmith Will Turner, Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow,
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, Jack Daveport as Commodore Norrington. Sat, from the right Disney producer Jerry Bruckheimer and close to him the director of the movie Gore Verbinsky.

Very beautiful pictures. The beginning of everything.

Anna Maria Polidori

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