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Captain Jack, where are you?

Posted in Johnny Depp, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on April 27, 2017

Captain Jack starts this adventure simply as Jack


A different Jack Sparrow, the one we will see in Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.

More real, more human, more captivating. Jack Sparrow won’t be anymore in fact Captain Jack but just Jack.
Why this?

In an interview to SFX magazine co-director Ronning says that  “Jack lost his luck and was a big part of his lifestyle. He’s lost his way. He’s lost his horizon.

Jack is not anymore a captain. He is not anymore on an ocean with a ship his beloved Black Pearl and a crew. He is a common man. Miserable. Alone. Lost.


Apparently because, you know, the story of Jack Sparrow was agitated in the previous movies of the sagas, his life pretty of adventures and friends and ahem of course old and new enemies and so…

Old friends will return and new perils and enemies will appear to the horizon  fought by Captain Jack back as brilliant, wonderfully nice and terribly sardonic as we have always known him!


Jack: look at your horizon! Always!


Anna Maria Polidori


Where is Johnny Depp?

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 25, 2016

Surprise: the post man can still find him  at Little Halls Pond Cay 😉



People Magazine in an exclusive piece two days ago discovered where Johnny Depp can be found at the moment: in his little island, Little Halls Pond Cay.

Johnny 22_20 Depp is recuperating from a lot of stress.

Lately the departure of his beloved mother Betty Sue Palmer left him with a lot of pain in his heart. Let’s add that the news that Amber Heard asked for divorcing from him while he was starting the promotion of Alice Through the Looking Glass and the tour with the Hollywood Vampires didn’t add any lightness at life.

Sources of People discovered that Johnny at the moment doesn’t have any plan to return to L.A.
“He doesn’t miss anything of that life”, added the source to People.

Sure he is missing his kids tremendously, and so Lily-Rose 17 years, stayed for some time on the island with his dad days ago and it is waited also Vanessa Paradis who will accompany Jack, 14 for a visit.

What it is more than sure is that everyone is trying “To cheer him up” said the source to People.

Johnny loves to receive visits, because he loves to be surrounded by friends and relatives.

Johnny Depp still hopes that all this story of the divorce can be settle out of court.

What it is more important, not only Johnny doesn’t want to talk often of Amber Heard but he wants to move on.

Johnny, remember what the tarots said: relax a lot and re-discover yourself.


Anna Maria Polidori



source: People

Harry Potter’s mom the new owner of Johnny’s yacht

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 11, 2016

Good-bye Vajoliroja. Another piece of Johnny’s past gone forever



I read with great sadness that Johnny’s yacht has been bought by

J K Rowling JKRowling


Oh: I absolutely do like ms Rowling.

I read all her books. Harry Potter&friends are in my heart forever.

I have seen all Harry Potter’s movies.

It’s just that I am sorry for Johnny and for this beautiful past forever gone.

Ms Rowling bought the yacht for $35 million.

A decision the author of Harry Potter did after a vacation on board followed with her husband and her two children.

Johnny Depp spent more than $8 million for restoring the entire yacht called Vajoliroja, the name of Vanessa Paradis, and their two children Lily-Rose and Jack.

The Sun reports that the interior of Johnny’s yacht the one of a pirate ship.

The yacht has a home cinema, satellite TV, video games and can contain more than ten “vacationers” and nine crew members.



Anna Maria Polidori

Keep Calm but Be Careful about the Security Guidelines on the set of Pirates

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 15, 2015

Walt Disney Studios Production security document



22_20 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n


The document in question was well-known from various time at the residents but after the latest facts happened close to the set of Pirates just few days ago has been disclosed to the media as well.

These past days on the set of Pirates eluding the security guard a man, a fake Jack Sparrow precisely with a fake parrot on the shoulder but with a real knife, it seemed hasn’t been so polite with a security guard.  Johnny Depp, broke a wrist after few hours from this fact. Sufficient material for accumulating emotive tension for a production and a blockbuster movie that will  cost $250 million of dollars, 100 spent only in Queensland.

So the appearance thanks to an exclusive of the Sunday Mail of a document I am sure all the residents of beautiful Helensvale and Maudsland knew very well. Guidelines I talked about in a previous piece. Normal ones for big productions created for not producing too much confusion on the set but a good order and a lot of productivity.

The past weeks as said, the local residents of Helensvale and Maudsland the cities where it has been built the set started to be allowed of course to assist at the first shootings (and following ones of course!) of Pirates with great joy and enthusiasm but with some restrictions. No pictures, no videos taken while there is the shootings.

Fear is that the movie can be pirated before the appearance on the big screen July 7 2017.

It’s called production security document this one of the Walt Disney Studios.

There are important guidelines, more than guidelines, “orders” so better for everyone to following what Disney production is asking to most of the people and categories involved. After all it’s not difficult and everyone can enjoy every shootings, staying more relaxed and tranquil.

Scenes, script and pictures must be protected by unwanted “technological” eyes.

Herschel is the codename adopted for the production for the sensitive material.

All the people must “cover” the mobile phone lenses “at all times” with security tape.

Better not joking with this guideline because if you take a picture you can be taken into custody.

Disney wants to “Help protect this production“.

It says in the specific: “Each unit manager, supervisor or lead will provide cell phone tape to their specific employees. Every employee will be responsible for placing the security tape on their respective cellular phones during work hours“.

Disney adds:

The security tape is to be left on the phone at all times and if the respective crew member peels the tape to his/her cell phone camera during off hours, a new piece of security tape will be provided to that individual“.

There are secrets location, names still undisclosed marked as a “H” Herschel the codename adopted by the production for all the sensitive material.

Other topic that maybe could be of big interest are filming documents. All the crew has been warmed : “Be careful. Don’t leave out in the open, in vehicles or any other locations for public display any filming documents“.

In this part of the document maybe it’s implied that “When these documents are no longer needed, please make sure you dispose of them as per Disney’s security protocols“. So I guess, destroyed?

Of course script couldn’t be put in weird places as explains Disney here: “Do not place scripts or one-liners, filming schedules, in regular trash containers or unlocked shredding bins — no exceptions!

Social network: great. There will be a global detoxification from social networks on the set of Pirates.

Production staff in fact is not allowed to use: “Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, email, or similar social media sites to post proprietary or sensitive information about the production“.

Sometimes people are invited on the set by actors of other people of the production. It’s a great experience for sure. Just…Better that they leave their cell phones or tablets in the hotel or in their houses. They couldn’t take any pictures, they wouldn’t allow to film anything and in case they have taken pictures they must deleting them.

Inspections on all vehicles. “All vehicles entering the studio or a location entrance may be subject to inspection — without exceptions“.

The keys of the vehicles plays a crucial role.

All keys to production vehicles and trailers must be locked in a lockbox and keys should not be hidden externally on any vehicles or trailers“.

In case of a pirate party production staff is warned against raiding set wardrobe.

Disney says: “The unauthorised taking or use of props, costumes, set decorations or other materials … will be dealt with accordingly“.

They can appear, strong restrictions but they are normally and commonly used on the set of blockbuster movies.

Crew, troupe, actors, everyone in Queensland: happy work and lots of joy!

And of course: Jack, we are all missing you. Stay well soon pirate!


Anna Maria Polidori

Books, music, candles, light, warm. Johnny’s world in his trailer

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 8, 2015

Have you ever seen the trailer of Johnny Depp?


Personally no, but the fame of Johnny’s trailer is legendary. While he was filming Black Mass some Bostonian reporters wrote it was possible to hearing Johnny while he was playing guitars.


So when Lory sent me the pictures of Johnny, sleeping in the trailer while he was filming Sweeney Todd MV5BMTg3NjUxMzM5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzQ1NjQzMw@@._V1_SX214_AL_ ,

m_10888478_372221339618182_2972292337880707487_n m_10888478_372221339618182_2972292337880707487_nnn

the Oscar Winning movie based on the Broadway Musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street written lyrics, songs by Stephen Sondheim, I thought: wow.


Johnny is surrounded by his world while he is sleeping and I find it enchanting.

A diversified rich world plenty of culture and interests.

I was thinking that his mind must be intellectually very active and in perennial movement.

The big table coffee has completely lost its role as a table m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_nm because Johnny decided to put on it various stuff I guess he wanted to have around with more priority than other ones. So: certain books, magazines scripts he wanted to read or just seeing m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_nmaah around for being read later but not too much late.

Let’s start the analysis of the picture from the big sofam_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_nmaa  where Johnny is peacefully resting. He had put under his knee a pillow or two. The foot are touching an old-fashioned piece of furniture m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_nma able to reveal the good taste of Johnny.

Johnny doesn’t want to sleep without to seeing some lights here and there, and in fact the rolling shutters are not completely closed m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_n (Copy 2) and abundant light is filtering from the windows. The heavy curtains are opened. There is a lamp on the furniture and is switched on like also a candle to make him company and giving him warm. Close to the lamp a picture of a woman. On the furniture a mirror as well.

The table coffee became a table-culturem_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_n (Copy 1)

On it, a bottle of water and a glass. Close to the glass a pile m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_ngfgffg of books.
A notebook is put on an article Johnny had to have printed, and on a pile of magazines and other various written materials.

There is a big book (I couldn’t read what there was written by Johnny) and close to it, some cds for listening some musics.

On the floor books, bags m_10888655_372221319618184_1396876576632561730_n (Copy 3)

The guardians angels of Johnny? Apart the one sent him by the Great Spirit  you can see somewhere his two children Lily-Rose and Jack watching over him while he is sleeping..



Anna Maria Polidori

Remembering the dear, old times

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on November 4, 2014

Two old-fashioned pictures of the original cast of Pirates the Carribean

Two precious picture this ones because it let us see the original cast of the big adventure that, later would have become Pirates, projected in the Olympe of the most seen movies of all the times.


Pirates became with the time incredibly admired and Johnny Depp created a wild look inspired by the character Captain Jack Sparrow.

From the left: Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, Orlando Bloom as the blacksmith Will Turner, Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow,
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, Jack Daveport as Commodore Norrington. Sat, from the right Disney producer Jerry Bruckheimer and close to him the director of the movie Gore Verbinsky.

Very beautiful pictures. The beginning of everything.

Anna Maria Polidori

Happy Father’s day, Johnny!

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day to Johnny, and his dad as well.


Johnny has had two children with Vanessa Paradis.



Some recent pictures of Lily-Rose Thanks to Lory Depp Girl

10441425_717540454954992_5424140910197897338_n 10344801_717540411621663_4455823423711341248_n 10374081_717540471621657_2919894353470711130_n

born May 27 1999


Jack John Christopher Depp III

John Jack as a pirate John Jack jr john jack 2


born april 9th 2002-


A poem for celebrating Lily and Jack!


Lory, a friend, wrote it.
Father and Son …..
When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.

John Jack jr


Father and Daughter ….
A true father is always there.
He is there to spill tears
of happiness when his
eyes fall upon his infant daughter.
He is there with arms ti
catch her when she takes her first steps or stumbles.
He is there to teach her at
the youngest age, even
though she might not
understand half of it.
He is there to help her color
inside the lines,
make her grilled cheese
sandwiches and tomato soup..
and tie her shoes.
He is there to hug her and
kiss her on her first days of school..
and to walk her in if need be.
He is there to teach her and
tease her and laugh with her.
He is always there to embarrass
her, but that’s part of life.
He is there to tell her to
go ask her mother..when her mother told her to ask him.
He is there to lecture her,
prepare her for the monster
called high school.

He is there to put up with
her teenage moods and
her co-ed relationships.
He is there to approve,
disapprove, accept and forgive.
He is there to give her a big
bundle of flowers when she graduates..
to smile when her name
is called and feel proud.
He is there to embrace
her and kiss her before
she goes to live and learn
a thousand miles away.
He is there to see her
become a workingwoman,
to walk her down the aisle
(or not, if her independence and stubbornness
prevail after all).
He is there to watch her
grow as the lines on his
face grow.
He is there to welcome
her home, always,
and let her hug him and
smell the smell she remember
s from childhood, the warm, protecting, comforting
smell of dad.
But most of all… he is always
there to love her..
And she is always there
to love him back.

Lory DeppGirl


Enjoy and have a happy Dad’s Day Johnny!

Anna Maria Polidori

The people I admire? Never driven by ambition but only by hunger or passion or need

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on April 15, 2014

“I know I wouldn’t hesitate to upload a person that I loved” tells Johnny.


In a very recent interview appeared these days “EN Interview 2 – Hollywood royalty and ageless heartthrob “Johnny Depp incredibly good and with great questions and answers Johnny talks about his latest movie Transcendence on Theater in Italy this April 17th.




The interviewer asks Johnny if he would want to be “uploaded” in a pc in case of departure and if he would want to living in a pc.



Johnny’s answer: “I know I wouldn’t hesitate to upload a person that I loved in that split second, and I would hope that I would know their wishes first, but I myself, I don’t know. I mean, if I would want to be uploaded into a machine, because think how rapidly technology is moving, I would basically end up in a pawn shop where a guy comes in and says, What’s that thing? A thousand years from now, I don’t know. It’s like a kid looking at an old 78 going. What the hell is that? I think we all become obsolete at some point, might as well let it happen. And I am pretty close.


The interviewer later asks if Johnny think at time at his own mortality and his legacy in this world.

Yeah, we all do. I think about it occasionally with regards to where I am today in my life.


If I were to be taken away, do I feel complete? And is there anything haranguing me that I must do before? No. I have two amazing kids, I have a very privileged life, and so if the time came, well, toodeloo. So, no I am not so concerned with it, only in the sense that I think it would be wrong to live in fear of it every day because then you are not living, you are existing. So in terms of transcendence, we should transcend to some degree of fear and transcend worries and transcend stress, the things that are the number one killers.



The interviewer asks if Johnny believe in God

The answer: “I don’t. I do not”.

 So are you atheist? ask the journalist.
I mean, I am a pedestrian.

The journalist is not satisfied of the answer (in fact I wouldn’t have been either). So he insists asking to Johnny if he is surrounded by any religion or spiritual belief.

I don’t. I believe in where we are right now, just because this might not be happening at all if you think about it. There are all kinds of angles right? Is there a God? Have you seen him? I haven’t seen him. Santa Claus? Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy.

The journalist is now convinced: Johnny can’t believe in something he doesn’t see.  Johnny is a sort of Saint Thomas, for creating a catholic comparison. Johnny this time can’t avoid a complete and more profound answer.

Okay, there’s an aardvark hanging over my head but you can’t see him, but I can. No, in fact, I can feel him. I am not saying that to be facetious, I am saying that everyone has their own kind of thing and it’s not that I don’t have what might be construed as spirituality or a great many beliefs, but I don’t hang my hat on one particular thing. I think there’s a lot of useful information in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and there’s also an incredible amount of misinformation in those books. I think there’s a lot to be gleaned from Buddhism. I don’t look negatively upon organized religion or anything. I mean people believe whatever they want and I think that’s wonderful. I just don’t look… I love to be pleasantly surprised. I mean if when my eyes close and I end up in some kind of killer place with loud music, I would certainly welcome it. I would prefer that to dirt and worms. Definitely.

The journalist is very acute. He knows Johnny is a native american. A native american. Nature has been the main creation of God.  So a question about his connection with nature.

Well, when my kids were little and they asked me what is God, I told them to look at the trees, I told them to look at the grass, I told them to take a deep breath, and to look up in the sky and the clouds and all that was God, and to look in the mirror and that was God, too. I don’t think that’s very far off the mark. Nature, there’s a lot to said for simplicity and using nature as an example. But unfortunately, long out of those woods, technology and the technology that we are talking about for this film, which is in a weird way, life everlasting, and in a strange way, the concept of that.

Johnny: books or computers? And Is he a melancholic man?

I am the worst with computers and phones. Normally when I travel and go to a location or whatever, there’s always an acoustic guitar, there’s always a record player and some vinyl, more than likely old blues, and then there’s always a typewriter, an old Smith-Corona and that’s how I live. A computer is the last thing I need.

In the movie Transcendence there is a lot of music….

Yeah, a shocking amount. Every day at lunchtime, our director was not eating his lunch. He was in his trailer with a savage amplifier and a raunchy Strat, wailing away and it was great. That’s the trickle down. If the boss is in his trailer, having a sort of rock fest, you are sort of escaping from reality through guitar playing, that’s a very good sign. But yeah, we find out that Rebecca Hall


is this incredible pianist and singer. Bettany


is a talented singer, a talented guitarist, a talented songwriter, Wally, the director is a great guitarist, I pass, I am all right. I play with Willie Nelson


and Alice Cooper


because they feel sorry for me.

The interviewer wants to know how Johnny cope with with Lily-Rose and Jack’s homework. Plus his favorite appl on the iPhone and if he google his name.

I have Googled my name and immediately regretted it. God, I really regretted it. I don’t do that kind of thing, I try to stay away from anything about me out there in the world. But my favorite APPs, I like photographic applications, things where you can take a photograph and then instantly turn it into some abstract piece of art. I think it’s great that everybody has that opportunity to really go nuts. But as far as technology, I will put it to you this way, my kids are smart enough to not come to me with any questions about the computer or even homework for that matter. If it’s got to do with history or literature or music I am all right. I am good. If it’s math or all that, I am down the road.

The interviewer asks to Johnny if there are similarities with his most glorious heroes like Thompson






very tormented men with many demons or if he is a brighter person in comparison to them

No I think we are all born with if it’s a demon or whatever, we are born with these tendencies. But also, obviously growing up, conditioning and all that has a lot to do with who you turn out to be even though we are who we are going to be by age three. I mean, absolutely true. I have been very lucky in terms of heroes. My heroes, Hunter Thompson as you said was one of my great heroes and someone I knew very well. Was he driven by his demons? Running from his demons? It’s hard to say. We all got what we got, but at the same time, whatever Hunter’s demons were or whatever my demons were or are at the time, it formed a very strong bond between us because we understood each other on a deeper level. The same thing with another hero of mine, Marlon Brando. We hit it off instantly and it didn’t change until the day that he floated away. Because of similar experiences in childhood you bond and that bond doesn’t ever change. So I have been very lucky in that sense. I will say that the people that I always admired have never been driven by ambition. They are driven by hunger or passion and need, but never ambition. Never how famous can I get or how famous can I be? That’s an accidental, that’s like an occupational hazard.

The interviewer ask what it would mean to live in a world where all the possible informations would be available for everyone. Good or bad to become Godlike?

I think the easiest way that I can put it is if everyone in the world had high powered firearms. Some people would be fine; it’s not the weapon itself that does the killing, though I would say it is a tool for that. Or a tool for protection or whatever. It’s an object, and it depends on who is behind it. It depends on what brain is behind it, it depends on the second. I mean if we have road rage, we can’t conquer road rage, I ain’t giving the keys to the computer to everybody on the planet, unless there is an endless opium drip that I can be on to watch the whole thing explode. Do you think that would be a dangerous thing, to give everybody access to that kind of power? Clearly, we are all aware that technology isn’t going anywhere, it isn’t going away, you are not going to see less kids doing this. So yeah, it’s most surely something to be dealt with and to be schooled upon.

Johnny did any research for the movie?

I had one of the best experiences I ever had. I was introduced me to Elon Musk. And he came and visited the set, and we had a ride around in his car, and a pretty good chat and then the police pulled us over, with a Tesla. I was in the front seat, Paul Bettany was sitting on my lap, Rebecca, Wally, Elon was driving, and we were immediately pulled over. For speeding. And Elon had a great sense of humour about it but the cop did not and he really needed a humour chip installed, that cop, but it was a really good time nonetheless.


Many compliments colleague. Great questions! Ah, Johnny: very good answers!


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