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It’s official: Pirates are back

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on May 12, 2017

At the moment just in China… 😉



They were glamorous, elegant, wild, sexy and sophisticated the various pirates/actors who attended the world premiere of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell no Tales at Shangai, China.

As said before, this time for the launch of the movie Disney thought at a complete different location from the classics ones of the past.

It was wonderful to seeing reunited again Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, with close to them smiling new entries: Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites and the always appreciated and the most loved character of Pirates: Captain Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush.

The movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (on the left) directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg lived a gala event at the Disney Resort yesterday.

The movie screening at the Walt Disney Grand Theater at Disneytown.

Anna Maria Polidori



Photo credits  JustJared.



Jerry Bruckheimer: “Johnny Depp was under pressure”

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on May 11, 2017

There is not I think a movie with a more prophetic title like the one chosen for the fifth episode of the saga of Pirates: “Dead Men Tell No Tales” because ironically, people in good health and alive told a lot about them on the set. I know I wrote it several times but it is true.

And you mustn’t think that it was just Johnny Depp.
It seemed that the set “cursed” No one found peace during the filming.
This “curse”, or heavy negative influence involved everyone.

It happens sometimes but for sure we have seen the script of another potential movie going on while there was the making of Pirates: the one of a disgraceful set’s misadventures that just life could have portrayed well as reality has.

Let’s see what happened.

Once a man wearing Johnny Depp’s dress as Jack Sparrow eluded all controls.
On set they also choose a special word: “Herschel” for the most upsetting moments.
The man a knife with him.

Another time sorted out the  drama of the two little monkeys on set, because of quarantine problems. Big polemics, environmentalists, petitions…But at least the two monkeys arrived in Australia happy and cheerful for joining again Captain Barbossa.
End of the story?

No, of course!
No one know the reason, and why it happened (when there is an unlucky moment trust me in life everything can happen!) one of these little monkeys adorable with Captain Barbossa escaped away from  the set ending up on the set of another production.
A worker of that production was eating peacefully during a break. Seeing the monkey and thinking she was tender she started to make friendship with her but the monkey ready to bit her.. The lady I guess pretty upset and scared transported to the hospital.

Another man of the troupe of Pirates accused some severe chest pain .
The man transported to the closest hospital with an ambulance. Just in case.

Then there was the case of the women with big breasts requested as extras in Pirates…
Yes, well Disney searched for prosperous women with a good, visible breast, but not redone, natural.
A scammer falsified the e-mail of the person responsible for the casting of the ladies and asked to these ladies to send him their pics.
This one of all the facts the funniest one after all, but again: no peace because there was an investigation, the arrival of police and again a lot of stress.

Then of course there was the problem of Johnny Depp and his return to Los Angeles for being cured.

Bruckheimer in a statement said of Johnny Depp: “You’ve got to understand the kind of pressure Johnny was under in Australia. At times helicopters would follow him home. There would be so many media outside his gates that trucks were feeding them.”

I am more than certain that this franchise will be a great success because the realization was fruit of sufferance.
It will be a movie more felt, more real, more vivid, more focused because life entered as main character  in Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales for reclaiming its own role.

Anna Maria Polidori

Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales in Scotland soon

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 1, 2016

Inverclyde another locations chosen for Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales


Greenock Telegraph anticipated a wonderful news: Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell no Tales 635948763560609418-XXX-20160215-Grammy-Awards-USA-APS-0313 (thanks Lory Depp Girl for pictures. All pics are sent by Lory Depp Girl) will be filmed also in the “picturesque waters of Inverclyde.”

According to the newsmagazine wonderful and spectacular scenes will be filmed in the Scottish dreaming area.

But when the production decided to add Scotland after Queensland, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, to the production?

Last year. Directors of the movie Joachim Ronning and Epsen Sandberg visited the area with Johnny Depp at the end of the year.

It is estimated that the movie will bring a lot of money to the local economy being a big production.

What local people wish is that the area can be well promoted by the arrival of this production and chosen also in the future, why not? for other productions.

Written by Jeff Nathanson, Jerry Bruckheimer producer and in the cast, with Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, the return of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Javier Bardem as captain Salazar, Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner, Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smyth, Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs and the always nice Geoffrey Rush as captain Barbossa.



Anna Maria Polidori

Wrap Party for Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music, Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on July 15, 2015

 Funny time for most members of cast and crew of Pirates


There is a lot to celebrate.
Australians are happy and joyous because they know that they have given hospitality and trust to maybe the most loved production of all the times, one of the most appreciated by viewers of all the world. Johnny Depp with his wonderful and loved pirates Jack 11046864_399861530187496_2393144938592319735_nSparrow, the return of Will Turner, Geoffrey Rush reprising his role as captain Barbossa,  Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar, the main protagonists of the fifth installment of Pirates.
It is not still clear if Johnny Depp attended the party but at Bundall’s New York-styled One 50 Public House last saturday there were more than 400 people of cast and crew for celebrating the end of this movie after five months where a lot of tales were told by everyone.
Geoffrey Rush and a smiling Jerry Bruckheimer were spotted at the party.

The part of the American production of Pirates has been impressed by the different working-style of Australians.

At the same time some Australians added during the wrap party to the Bulletin: “We have proved we can provide the resource for the whole production. That’s the biggest statement this show has made for the Gold Coast”.

Another man: “It’s a fantastic pitch as long as the crew members from overseas go away having found it easy to work here and they say those things. I reckon that will be the case. The Gold Coast turns it on.”

Pirates will be on cinema July 2017.

To everyone again happy and…safe 😉 work.



Anna Maria Polidori

Bruckheimer and the birthday cake

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on June 10, 2015

A special Happy Birthday from producer of Pirates Jerry Bruckheimer to Johnny Depp

…With the cake posted on Twitter as well.



It’s in theme with Johnny and his soul the birthday cake presented to him the day of his birthday, yesterday, celebrated on set of Pirates 11392970_905991792776523_6503316327186187852_nDead Men Tell No Tales.

In the cake displayed also the glorious Australia where Pirates are currently filmed.

Situation back to the normality after a lot of problems for this production, everyone wanted to celebrate Johnny and…eating a piece of cake, celebrating the joyous and happy moment for Johnny’s 52nd years!

Bruckheimer’s tweeted:


Happy Birthday to the most famous pirate in the world – Johnny Depp.

6:57 AM – 10 Jun 2015


Last year Johnny celebrated on set of Black Mass in Boston while he was filming the biopic movie Black Mass as the infamous mobster Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger whiteyjohnny birthday black mass in theaters next september 18th.


Again: happy birthday Johnny!



Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny abandons the set of Pirates May God help this disgraceful production!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 20, 2015

Johnny please don’t do that!!!!



The Gold Coast Bulletin reported today that Johnny Depp decided to abandoned last night the set of Pirates Dead 22_19 Men Tell No Tales because he needed to follow his wife back to the Usa.

Depp evidently is worried because of his marriage? We don’t know although what reported by the Bulletin is pretty, seriously worrying.

Johnny 10689585_331028153737501_4307479752506863638_n Depp decided to marry a lady that, honestly I have always thought wasn’t the best one for him.

But…Of course after all if he had chosen that one maybe for him she was the best one and the one with which maybe he lived the most profound perdition in comparison to all the various partners he has had.

Sure if I think at the years of stability with Vanessa and at the actual Johnny Depp there is an abyss of difference. This one is not anymore the old Johnny and I miss the old one so badly.

The facts. Last night the actor had to filming some key scenes on the Black Pearl as I had anticipated days before. The production was filming in the Helensvale set.

Johnny abandoned the set before to start the shooting, told the Bulletin.

Johnny will follow the wife, and the father of the model back in the USA. The two had accompanied the two terriers imported illegally in Australia without to pass through a period of quarantine days ago.

The idea of leaving was in Johnny’s mind when the wife left Australia but of course producers told to Johnny that maybe it wasn’t the case of “abandoning the ship” again after six weeks spent of course because sick, and still sick, in the Usa and because maybe in polemic with the australian government. There are rigid laws and restrictions in Australia for giving to everyone a best health.

The Bulletin add that anyway the presence of Johnny’s wife wasn’t very appreciated on set of Pirates by producers, because it seems that during the filming there were constant fighting between the couple.

It’s strange that the discussed on set considering that Johnny is flying in the Usa searching for the wife. Wouldn’t it be a liberation not to have anymore around the reason of the conflicts?

I have always thought that Johnny can’t stay anymore separated from that model but he must always have her around for going on in life.

Last night was an agitated night and I guess there was a lot of desperation on set.

Production sources, told the Bulletin that representatives of Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer, I guess in person, tried desperately to keep Johnny in Australia and not let him go back in the Usa again.
A source of the Bulletin said that Disney wanted to keep things secrets but it’s not anymore possible to do that.



Anna Maria Polidori

More about Captain Salazar

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 15, 2015

Revealed details of one of the most important Sparrow’s enemies in Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales



News from the Gold Coast and Pirates set. The character portrayed by Javier Javier Bardem Bardem the one of Captain Salazar has ben revealed.


Javier Bardem’s character must be beautiful. “A ghostly villain with slicked-back hair who wields a walking stick” wrote the Bulletin describing Salazar.
The first pictures of the Oscar-winning actor were taken by the same newsmagazine on thursday.


Complete explanation for the “ghost vessel” spotted in the Gold Coast the past days, so.
With Captain Salazar on set the presence of Captain Hector Barbossa portrayed by Geoffrey Rush.

Everything is proceeding more than well on set and for what reported the Bulletin Bruckheimer and the film co-directors 11123767_452883568214131_1867180402_n (Ronning in the pic) chatted and laughed hilariously  while the shooting was going on. The scene must have been one of the funniest ones of all the movie.

But who is Captain Salazar?

Another creature searching for Jack Sparrow and not for shaking his hand in admiration, no, but because according to Salazar Jack is responsible for the destiny of his brother, Eric Brand.
Introduced to a pirate’s life, he died tragically and this departure has shocked and in a way constricted Captain Salazar at searching for Sparrow for a revenge.

It is still unclear if Barbossa and Salazar will be united for fighting against Jack Sparrow considering that the shooting involved both the captains and Barbossa is not exactly the best Jack Sparrow’s friend.

Ready also the Black Pearl for Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow. These days Depp/Sparrow will film on the Black Pearl.

It’s all under control and there is no fear that Johnny Johnny1 Depp can again abandon the set of the production of Pirates 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n for some problems.

Further delays would cost film executives up to $250.000 a day.

But, as also said by Bruckheimer, in a post with a picture and phrase that says all posted on Twitter, once Johnny 11136700_916942995011954_7858734634046874516_n 10455714_411781972328785_9016701268037474349_n Depp returned in Australia 323515-05fcc4f0-e7ca-11e4-a30f-c66423242607 after the terrible domestic incident off set and six weeks spent in California for healing:

Captain Jack is back CDIkwVPWYAEkr5d and we’re not letting him go“.



Anna Maria Polidori

“Captain Jack is back and we’re not letting him go!”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on April 21, 2015

Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest tweet


“JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Verified account

Captain Jack is back and we’re not letting him go!

This one the latest tweet posted just few hours ago by Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.


“JERRY BRUCKHEIMERVerified account

Captain Jack is back and we’re not letting him go!


For sure these past weeks without Jack Sparrow 22_19 have caused some problems to the production of Pirates 5 Dad Men Tell no Tales. The absence, because of an incident off set of Johnny johnny-depp Depp in fact, had left the entire production astonishing alarmed for what would have happened to the workers and people/crew involved in the production.

There was of course compassion and understanding because of Johnny’s 10455714_411781972328785_9016701268037474349_n physical conditions, and the operation followed this injury, with a pin inserted in one of his fingers of the right hand, once he flew back to Los Angeles for being operated. The problem six weeks ago, at the beginning of march and for Pirates 5 after Nathan, the second interruption.


Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist of all this production and if absent, there is not anymore the…captain, the main guidance.


With great joy and relief, Johnny  11136700_916942995011954_7858734634046874516_n Johnny at the airport of Brisbane back for filming Pirates 5 is back to Queensland, one of the most stunning localities in this world, for enjoying love, appreciation from fans, and for filming this wonderful movie, Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.


In his latest tweet, Bruckheimer, recently seen at a match involving a local team called Titans Producer Bruckheimer, Scodelario, Bardem and players wrote without hesitation he wouldn’t never let him go anymore.


The picture posted on Twitter tender and true!


We are all with you mr. Bruckheimer and please take good care of Johnny 🙂 like all of you lucky Australians.


To everyone from the filmmakers, to all the cast and crew, a good, joyous and productive happy weeks of filming.




Anna Maria Polidori



Joachim Rønning: “Let me share with you our pirate-life in Queensland”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on April 19, 2015

Joachim Rønning glad to let us know thanks to Instagram what it is going on in Queensland



Sunny director for sure, Joachim Rønning 11008102_812712025468650_1314643059_n is an avid Instagrammer. Thanks to him we can follow more or less some of the latest events going on in the Gold Coast trying to see during these weeks of work and vacation what the actors and filmmakers are doing waiting to re-start to filming again.


This one is a picture taken by the co-director in a moment of relaxation.




In this one from the set director Rønning reveals he loves to drink diet coke.

Diet coke and a motorola

Pirates 5 will start shooting again today for what we know of – in Queensland it’s april 20th – but in the while the filmmakers in vacation enjoyed some spare time doing various things. As told previously, Joachim Rønning searched for a perfect location for other shootings in the middle of the Ocean.

11123767_452883568214131_1867180402_n Paradisiac view for sure, as you can see the director is another tattoo lover like Jack Sparrow is. Look at that sword on the right arm.




Javier Bardem, as reported by national australian newsmagazine Gold Coast Bulletin last weeks has been spotted with his wife Penelope Cruz and the two children in sunny and beautiful Australian locations picked up by Disney for this fifth installment of Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales.


These past days, as reported by these pictures  director  Rønning and part of the crew and cast of Pirates, recognizable Javier Bardem and Kaya Scodelario attended also a rugby game involving the Gold Coast Titans VS. Penrith Panthers. The match at the Cbus Stadium last  April 18th.


The director added the pic

Romming, Scodelario, Bardem and other members of the crew writing on Instagram “Great gang – great game

The picture posted on april 18 at 4:12am.


More pictures posted on Twitter about this event and this time it’s possible to recognize producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer Bruckheimer, Scodelario, Bardem and players Kaya Scodelario, Javier Bardem, looking always more cheerful, with some players of the Titans team: Jamal Fogarty,  Jai Ingram, Dan Mortimer, Eddy Pettybourne.


The director here with Scodelario  Director Romming and Kaya Scodelario during the match.


Let’s remember that the shootings of Pirates were abruptly interrupted six weeks ago when the main protagonist of the saga of Pirates, Johnny NassauJune2005039 Depp injured his right hand off set and returned to the USA for being operated. A pin has been installed in Johnny’s little finger.

Everyone is waiting for Johnny Depp 10455714_411781972328785_9016701268037474349_n in the while in the Gold Coast. Why?

Because….No captain, 22_19 no party!



Anna Maria Polidori

Seeking for natural breasts on the set of Pirates 5

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 20, 2015

Casting women with natural breasts for Pirates 5



It’s not a new story this one because producer Jerry Bruckheimer declared that for Pirates 4 he would have wanted to cast an actress with real breasts. Later they would have chosen Penelope Cruz for the role of Angelica.

The production of Pirates 5 while they’re filming in Australia waiting for the return of Jack Sparrow 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n will cast all women of all ages with real boots.

The casting will include a “show and tell” day.

Bud Hopes the casting man.

Charne Louise charne louise 2 charne louise participated at The Voice and The Big Brother. Of course she did the casting and she explained to the Gold Coast Bulletin why production prefers real breasts: “They can’t have fake ones because the corset would bust them.”

For the casting call it’s possible to visit Bud Hopes Casting’s Facebook page.

Waiting to find a lot of natural breasts for Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales let’s give some numbers again. Pirates 5 is employing 900 people. Extras will be 6100. The 75% of people working in this franchise are for the 75% Australians.

In total, money left in Australia will be 100 million of dollars.
The movie will cost 250 million of dollars and will be released July 7th 2017.



Anna Maria Polidori

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