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Orlando Bloom in polemic with BBC Radio 1

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on April 27, 2017

The British actor and the diplomatic error

We all know that the father of Orlando Bloom Mr Bloom is a writer and professor and probably Orlando was trying just to be researched in his speaking: who knows?

Or maybe it was just a wrong day for Orlando Bloom when he decided to release an interview with BBC Radio 1 where he said during the interview that he was a pikey boy from Kent. The interview with Nick Grimshaw.

In the past pikey was used with the meaning of
“a lower-class person” perhaps coarse or disreputable.

In Kent where Orlando was born had also another meaning: the traveling groups who came to the county as “pickers” in the summertime of fruit and hops.

In recent times pikey means: people, of any ethnic group, who travel around with no fixed abode.

And an actor can be a “gypsy” in this sense because he travels a lot and for work’s exigencies he doesn’t stay in a place for a long time.

The diplomatic incident when Mr Grimwshaw asked to Bloom something about his own stunts: “I’m still a pikey from Kent, boy, I’m still a pikey from Kent. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of me, boy.”

BBC Radio 1 has apologized after Orlando Bloom’s strong expression used on air in case someone hurted by his expression.

The actor replied at BBC: I’ve come from Kent and I grew up with a lot of, like, freewheeling, cool, interesting characters like that. I certainly wasn’t taking a slant at that at all. I’m very respectful.”

Polemic or not, Pirates will be released this May 26 with the re-appearance of Keira Knightley as well reprising her role of Elizabeth Swann.

The movie will see the big return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush as captain Barbossa, and new exciting entries like Javier Bardem in the role of Captain Salazar and Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner.


Anna Maria Polidori


Let’s discover the roles of Jack and Will in Pirates 5

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 25, 2017

Everything started with these two stunning characters some time ago…..


Jack Sparrow the perfect pirate. You couldn’t and shouldn’t never trust him, but… at least you do that because he is too funny.

Will the perfect good boy.

Good work as a blacksmith, a secret love for Elizabeth Swan, too rich and important to him although Liz loves Will.

When little she was the first one to seeing his body in the Ocean before they rescued him. Will the Perfect Guy, but also bloody hell, – no one is perfect –  some pirate blood in his veins.

Which will be the main roles of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in the new Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales?

Well, as you will remember we had left in a previous Pirates Will Turner as captain of the Flying Dutchman. What does it want to say?

The Flying Dutchman you must know is the most curse ship existing in the face of this Old World, but not only: people can tell you that they had seen it!

It’s all true, including famous writers as well. I do believe them. Most people in the past and in the present wrote about The Flying Dutchman because as also mermaids and other weird strange and magical creatures of the seas and Oceans, the topic absolutely captivating.

Some websites anticipated what it can become the character of Will Turner. The captain of the Flying Dutchman for example can’t keep with himself his own heart. Yes, ahem literally, literally. It must be put out from the body, extirpated. The heart of Will in good hands of course but not anymore with him. The captain of this cursed ship can’t touch any land for ten years. This one is part of the curse.

What maybe can do Will Turner according to the website Den of Geek is to guide people who died for various reasons into the sea in the afterlife.

There is surely the appearance of the son of Will Turner, Brenton Thwaites the actor who will play the role of Henry.

And Jack? Jack Sparrow?

Jack’s new ship won’t be anymore The Black Pearl but a new littlest shabby ship, Dying Gull the name.


May 26th the premiere to Los Angeles.


Anna Maria Polidori

Where is the truth?

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on November 25, 2016

Jack Sparrow will disappear from Pirates 5? Mmmmm…

I agree with the production on a point: to change the title of Pirates 5! considering the bad omen Dead Men Tell no Tales brought at the franchise. A new title would be, why not? absolutely the best, refreshing, sunny for this franchise.

Just in case other tales would be told by other people, you know 😉 I do believe in magic and I think that the fifth production of Pirates 5 absolutely one of the most unlucky ones I have ever seen.

I followed all the various productions, thanks to great people I know from the set and I saw the behind the scene of all the past Pirates and each time was so magical so beautiful, enchanting and dreaming.

I can tell you that every time was a feast.

The fifth Pirates appeared like behind the scene  movie-horror .

When it wasn’t a Capuchin monkey biting a poor lady while she was eating during a pause from filming, it was a man with a real knife and who knows? some weird ideas in his mind on set without authorization. When it wasn’t this man, it was someone else who made a bad joke, asking for topless pictures of women during the casting for women on set saying that he was the scouting man. Again troubles, investigations, police involved.  Another time it was Johnny, other one a man working on the set who accused a chest pain and the ambulance brought him to the hospital…The same set had a big privacy. Herschel was their code. I mean…Tell me if this production hasn’t been adventurous. A movie in the movie.

Said that: according to Parent Herald this period it seems that new scenes will be shooting again (in fact Johnny Depp 12294707_526130127560635_1726995778047090250_n is still wearing his Jack Sparrow’s teeth) according to various sources and the characters of Jack Sparrow johnny-depp and Will Turner put aside because of the new entry: captain Salazar and Henry Turner, Will Turner’s son.
As we know the filming of Pirates this time appeared a bit more difficult than not the other times and there were portion of stories re-written.

Now, it seems that the two heroes of the past Pirates movies will see their role redefined and in some cases, like the one of Jack Sparrow, deleted from Pirates 5 according to some websites.

But: can it be possible to delete the character of Jack Sparrow?

Of course the actor has lived a stressing moment in his existence. We have seen it with all our eyes and not from a day but from various years. According to my point of view Johnny Depp is indispensable for Pirates. The negative phase is over and a brilliant present and future ready for Johnny.

I also hope to see Orlando Bloom back again in Pirates. The idea of this relationship dad-son wasn’t bad at all.

But so who should lead the movie?

The name is circulating the one of Javier Bardem with his Captain Salazar.

According to some sources Bloom and Depp upset because of it.
Orlando Bloom would want to exist Pirates 5 in case his role would diminish.

What I know for sure is that I hadn’t never seen a biggest drama like this one.

I just hope that the good sense will prevail.



Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp maybe will be the main protagonist of Pirates 5

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on August 4, 2016

Still uncertainties at Disney

Still uncertainty at Disney, where the studio is trying to understand which direction should take Pirates 5 for the new and old viewers.

What it is certain, it seems, latest news, is that Orlando Bloom pirates1 and Johnny Depp will be back together, and that after the many protests of fans for seeing  too much cut out from the scenes Jack 10400812_352822714891378_596295355008652586_n Sparrow, the main protagonist will be again Johnny 10406537_296973293809654_7333082697670845881_nds Depp.

Of course, as also added by Orlando Bloom there will be a very important section of the movie all about the special relationship between Henry and his beloved but never seen dad, Will Turner.

We left in fact Will as captain of the Flying Dutchman, the cursest ship of all the Oceans. The rules are these ones: because of this curse the captain and the crew 0f the Flying Dutchman can’t touch any land for 10 years and the captain heartless. In every sense, physical one included as we saw in the movie.

If there will be a reboot, in case that this one will be the latest Pirates for Johnny 22_19 maybe as speculations are saying to the net, Bloom Mario Testino pic could become the main protagonist of the saga.

Disney is trying also to focus about the impact that Bloom and Depp can have positively at the box office.

Anna Maria Polidori

Keira Knightley back to Pirates. Maybe

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on August 2, 2016

Orlando Bloom launches the news

It is still unconfirmed but it appears clear that Disney is interested to prepare a wonderful lauch for Pirates 5 next year on July and if this news spread by Orlando Bloom pirates1 will be confirmed Keira Knightley should appear again for the joy of many fans estimators of the couple Will Turner-Elizabeth Swann on Pirates 5.
It could be just a cameo but of course the news will thrilled all of us fans of the sage of Pirates.

Bloom affirmed also that this Pirates 5 will be a sort of reboot, more close to the first Pirates than at the fourth one.

Long and important story the one between Orlando Bloom in the historical role of Will Turner and Brenton Thwaites in the one of Henry, his son.

Johnny will reprise his character of Jack Sparrow 10400812_352822714891378_596295355008652586_n although it is still unknown if this one will be his latest Pirates movie.Let’s hope that there will be many many others.

Actors that will be back with their historical characters: Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, Javier Barden as Captain Brand and Scodelario as the girlfriend of Henry Turner.


Anna Maria Polidori

They called him on set “Johnny Come Lately”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 22, 2015

What a sadness…



That two weeks for a broken wrist from the set was too much, it was clear although breaking bones are a very painful situation and we don’t react in the same way.

It was just a “suspect” insinuating in the mind because of what happened in the recent past and because of the new guidelines on the set of Pirates. There had to be something else…


And you ask to yourself why. Why a such talented actor like Johnny Depp, the actor I follow in a daily base everyday is acting like this. You don’t find answers and all the answers are upsetting because talent doesn’t fly away, but the desire of acting and being good it seems, yes.

The Gold Coast Bulletin released just few hours ago a piece where it is described a scenario I wouldn’t never wanted to read! or report from the set of Pirates.

I feel a great and genuine enthusiasm for Pirates!

Always loved captain Jack Sparrow and his crazy friends. it’s a fresh movie, it’s for all families. Children adore Jack Sparrow. Adults can see in Jack Sparrow the healthy wild side of themselves. So what happened to this man, before to analyzing the actor?


While we were all thinking that on the set of Pirates 5 there was because it should be like that joy and excitement, production is big, money is not lacking, there should be a lot of relaxation because people on set knows what they’re doing, a lot of confusion started to going on when people noticed Johnny was keeping everyone waiting per long time on set and not just once, exactly as happened before for Mortdecai last fall, when Johnny for the first time didn’t go at all on set.

You can think that this one is not a problem that for one day it can happen. Yes yes, it’s all human, just in case of Pirates they were all guessing what “Johnny would have done next” because for what reported by the Bulletin it wasn’t just a sporadic situation.

Before Johnny injured the right wrist workers told Johnny had altered a lot Pirates filming schedule. The Gold Coast Bulletin describes this mood like a sorta of behavior. “Johnny will be on set whenever he feels like it”.

Oh, right….

The new nickname Johnny Come Lately started to be the nickname with which he was called by before the broken wrist and before Johnny’s return to the Usa.

The Bulletin reports consideration from various sources.

They told to the Bulletin often they don’t know what kind of scenes they would going to shoot because no one knows when Johnny will be on set. Sometimes it happened they shooted another scene because the planned one wasn’t anymore suitable for the purpose because of a lack of time.

Although production of Pirates cheerfully admitted that there weren’t a lot of problems on set it seems now that since Johnny Depp is returned in the USA production has stalled for a bit.

A source of Pirates told to the Bulletin: “Production was halted for three days this week because we had no star and the sets that don’t involve Johnny aren’t ready to go yet“.

At the same time the art department and costume sector of the movie are working like crazy this week for put all the extras and actors in condition to shooting some scenes without Johnny this friday.

That Johnny is changed is a fact. That a dangerous mutation from my point of view started at some point, sigh 😦 a fact. That sometimes is unrecognizable from the past Johnny, a fact. 

Please old Johnny: be back as soon as possible because I don’t want to report anymore stories like this one where there is a lack of dignity, where work is considered not important and where nothing is anymore important, and people must wait. Many people depend from you Johnny, many people, from the ones on set, starting from the director, producer believes in you so badly, to all the other workers, extras, and professionals.
Not only: Jed Baker depends from you. He is the teen-ager with Moayamoya and many other children anxious to discover where Jack Sparrow is because to them you are a myth.
Be responsible Johnny! Firstly with yourself, because respect for yourself is the first step. People love you, people are waiting to see a good acting and funny scenes. They just want to see you back. In every sense.

It’s a sufferance. A sufferance thinking at this before/after for this man and actor.

Johnny can’t you see it? Everyone put you in the conditions for working well, for giving all the best. It’s just all up to you. Do not be a delusional person, please be back. Search into yourself where the old Johnny is hided and please bring him back to life!!! as soon as possible!



Anna Maria Polidori

Pirates 5

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 15, 2015

Waiting for the return of Captain Sparrow….


Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales is underway in Queensland with success although the right wrist broken by Captain Jack Sparrow 35 and his return Johnny Depp in sunny California for being operated. Bloody Hell! what another adventure,  Jack.

Main actors with Johnny Deep are Javier Bardem, Geoffrey Rush, Brenton Thwaites.

The movie is directed by Kon-Tiki Espen Sandberg and Joachim Ronning.

This fifth Disney’s Pirates movie is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
Jeff Nathanson wrote the script.

Executive producers: Chad Oman, Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr., Brigham Taylor.


Anna Maria Polidori

Helensvale and the arrival of stars and….pirates

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 17, 2015

Great excitement for the first Pirates shooting in the little australian city


February 17th will be remembered because this one has been the first day of filming of Pirates 5. Several hours before dawn.

1510705_393233857516930_4842666574795051194_n 10931212_393233870850262_8327163467249280049_n 1513662_393107067529609_7079496505025881061_n 10985545_393233847516931_2670283530017509437_n 10993464_393233837516932_3805425897000770027_n (thanks to Lory for the pics)

It was a big emotion for the people living in the Gold Coast: a magical experience they dreamt to living so badly from a lot of time at this part.

There is to say that the contacts between Disney and Australian government has been long but at the end winning under all the aspects.

At the end mr Abbott, Australian premier signed the final contract that would have brought the cast in the Gold Coast. The government has given 21 millions of dollars and other bucks to the production. They asked in return to Disney Studio of creating and increase local jobs and economy and Disney is answering very positively: this blockbuster will cost something like 250 million of dollars and 100 millions of dollars will be spent entirely in Australia. It means work, of course seasonal but very well paid for a lot of people without to count the tourism potentially and surely attracted by a franchise like Pirates is.

Restaurants, hotels, every kind of store will work much more.


A resident told to the Bulletin that the troupe: “started arriving about 3 am. We knew they were coming. We all went down to the set yesterday. They are keeping in touch with everyone on what is going on. They are very nice people”.

Rural neighbors, sixty people in total loved to seeing the first shooting of Pirates on sunday morning. They assisted to all the construction of the set during these past months with great joy and excitement.

Helensvale where the set is located, is a city of 15.000 citizens, named in this way because of Helena White.

As it happens always with big productions, people signed some papers for agreeing of not divulging any details of what they can see on the set about the filming for avoiding too much-anticipated spoilers. The production didn’t allow digital cameras or smart phones as well on the set for avoiding the temptation and possibility of filming or taking some pictures.

It’s not strange but common guidelines in a big production. Sometimes these restrictions can involve extras as well.

When the news Johnny Depp johnny5 was around somewhere, the property owner as reported by the Bulletin it seemed said: “I can’t believe it!”

Two residents said: “It’s a reconstructed town. Great details. Food is real. All the vegetables are real”.


Pirates are exigent, and they want to eat and drink very well. It is known. You will discover it, Gold Coast! 😉



Anna Maria Polidori

Asks Johnny. He knows the answer

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 16, 2015

For men searching for a Jack Sparrow look 😉


I guess that everyone maybe has thought looking at the picture of Johnny Depp in Australia published two days ago: “Who are the two people close to Johnny?”

Once arrived in Australia the first place Johnny Depp stopped by was Buccaneer Grooming a reality created by Rhys Furner.

There has been a bit of misunderstanding about the role played by Rhys and his society. Realistically this one is a reality selling beard-grooming products for men. I truly apologise with my readers because I wrote that this man was a barber.

Rhys Furner’s reality is great for all that men interested to re-create a pirate-look or they love to paying attention to their beauty.

10423733_392053387634977_1954231994818031413_n 10615542_392092700964379_3023388761979530519_n

Like in the past our hero  is suggesting to men where to find the best for their daily necessities.

In the past “Asks Johnny He knows the answer” let us discover magical places where to find incredibly good books, like at the Brattle Book Shop of Boston or food or pizza or beverages or just a special place where to stop by for a relaxing moment of peace and tranquility.

This time Johnny is back suggesting for all the men an incredible good reality with great products.


To the “beardbassador” of Buccaneer Grooming Johnny  said: “Man, I have beard envy”.

The name of the locality where this pic has been taken close to Brisbane is still undisclosed.

But…if you are not close to Brisbane, Australia, wild man, just copy the incredibly wild look of these two men!

Maybe it will be sufficient although the products won’t be the ones of “Buccaneer Grooming”.



Anna Maria Polidori


Regarding Henry

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on November 22, 2014

Brenton Thwaites in talks with Disney for playing the role of Henry,  british soldier


According to The Wrap and Variety Brenton Thwaites brenton_thwaites_ 25 years, Australian, is in talks with Disney for joining the cast and crew of Pirates 5 in Australia.

Brenton Thwaites should portray the role of a British soldier called Henry.

Thwaites has previously impersonated the prince in Maleficent and recently was seen in The Giver.

Other people will probably join Johnny Depp, back in his character of Jack Sparrow in Pirates 5, will be

Javier Bardem  Bardem in the role of another villain.

This time Captain Brand, Bardem’s role will be a ghost and he will search for captain Jack because he wants to revenge the departure of his poor brother. According to Captain Brand Jack Sparrow was directly responsible for his brother’s departure.

Geoffrey Rush will return to impersonate his historical role of Captain Barbossa and being Australian we guess he will be thrilled of filming in his homeland.

Orlando Bloom should be back with a cameo


A pic of the original cast

like also Keith Richards, 07rollingstone001 the musician inspired Johnny Depp for the characterization of Jack Sparrow.

The movie will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer  Bruckfor Disney Studio and Johnny Depp 10620645_317503805089936_6747645503135436650_n  NassauJune2005039 normal_venice_2004_photocall_009 normal_venice_2004_photocall_026 and his company Infinitum Nihil.


Shootings will start this February in Australia and precisely in Queensland one of the most attractive places known and admired by the tourists of all the world.

Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg new directors Pirates 5, the “Kon-Tiki” filmmakers will direct Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell no Tales.

Pirates has grossed $3.7 billion worldwide and the studio knew that this project had to be a top priority.

Disney will release Pirates 5 july 2017.



Anna Maria Polidori

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