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Last Sunday the departure of Wes Craven the creator of the horror Nightmare on Elm Street

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One of the king of horrors movies, Wes Craven died this past Sunday

He intrigued an entire generation of people with his creations like Nightmare and Scream adding that the idea of Nightmare started to born in his mind while he was spending his childhood in Cleveland.

Craven wes craven from a certain time was fighting against a brain cancer. He was 76 years.

Johnny Depp started to be known in the movie industry because of his performance in Nightmare on Elm Street.
elm street 1

elm street 2

elm street 3
It was 1984.

Craven loved to say that horror films don’t create fear but they release it.

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Another letter from Whitey Bulger. This time at the Boston Magazine

This time Bulger writes at the Boston Magazine

While Johnny johnny_depp_20 Depp is waited this week at the Venice Film Festival for the promotion of Black Mass Johnny_ out of competition this sept 4th the new coming soon movie by Scott Cooper about the life of South Boston mobster Jimmy whitey 4 “Whitey” Bulger, based on the book Black Mass: Black Mass new cover for Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal by the former journalists of the Boston Globe Dick

Dick Lehr

Dick Lehr

Lehr and Gerard gerard o'neill O’Neill, from prison Whitey, 86 years, spend his time writing and sending letters.

The Boston Globe reported in an article of august 27th that the mobster sent a letter at the Boston Magazine. The reason? A change of address.

As also specified by The Boston Magazine, they received a letter written on monday may four 2015 from a Mr. James Bulger, m_whitey-boston-magazine_ (Boston Magazine picture) prisoner ID number 02182748, from the high-security U.S. penitentiary in Coleman, Florida.

James Bulger was requesting a change of address for the subscription of the magazine. A subscription Whitey treasures a lot.

“Look forward to your magazine”, James Bulger writes at the end of the, this time, brief communication.

The journalist of Boston Magazine Erick Trickey ends the piece writing: “Like other retired snowbirds we know, he is evidently relying on these pages to stay in touch with his hometown”.

In june in an exclusive article appeared on the Globe and written by Shelley Murphy, three smiling teenagers, The three teen-agers with Whitey Bulger's letter (Boston Globe picture) Mollykate Rodenbush, Brittany Tainsh, and Michaela Arguin revealed they had received a letter from Bulger. They had sent him a letter in jail previously with questions and informations regarding his criminal life.

They, in fact, were participating at The National History Day competition on leadership and legacy and picked up Whitey Bulger as historic character creating a website on him.

“We couldn’t send a letter to someone passed away” said the teenagers at the Globe, happy for Bulger’s reply.

The mobster wrote to the teenagers he “Took the wrong road” and they shouldn’t spend their time with someone like him.

Whitey added: “My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon”.

Whitey added he is not an example for anyone. There is not any “legacy” left from someone like him for the posterity.

“Don’t waste your time on such as I — we are society’s lower, best forgotten, not looked to for advice on Leadership”.

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Cross Creek Pictures a loving reality of creative people

In an interview appeared on Hollywood Reporter the two producers open their heart about Black Mass and their expectations

Hollywood Reporter published an interview last 8/27/2015 with Brian Oliver and Tyler Thompson the producers of Cross Creek Pictures.


It was more than a year and half ago, when the Cross Creek Pictures was asking at the local population in the area of Boston if, for case there was someone with a house with, still, an old-fashioned kitchen of the 70s-80s for filming some scenes of the biopic movie Black Mass, directed by Scott Cooper and starring Johnny Depp in the role of the mobster Whitey whitey 4Bulger …Great memories.

The Cross Creek Pictures was founded in 2009 cross creek pictures by Timmy Thompson.

Black Mass, told the producers has been a movie with a budget of $60 million.

Thompson revealed he keeps a poster in office of the new coming soon movie Black Mass autographed by Scott Cooper, the director.

The producers producers black mass 2-crop, a copy of Black Mass, the one with the green cover Black Mass on the table in their office said that they bought the rights of the book written by Dick lehr_richard Lehr and Gerard O’Neill the Boston Globe logo-bg 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n reporters and writer of Black Mass: Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal something like ten years ago.

What it was crucial and unexpected was the so-called by the producers “third act” of Whitey’s story: the capture of the famous mobster in Santa Monica on june 2011. whitey

The necessity of producing the movie at that point as soon as possible fighting against the time and…”The two of Boston”;-) as I call them: actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Ben Affleck and Matt Damon 2-crop, from years with a script written by the two old friends.

Being Bostonians, telling Whitey’s story a necessity because a story surely captivating, because Boston is their city and this chapter can’t be ignored and because Bulger has been anywhere, in literature, books, in movies like The Departed in these past decades.

Johnny johnny_depp_20 will go to Venice and Toronto for the promotion of the movie.

The producers appear optimistic, because of the chemistry between Scott Cooper and Johnny 22_20 Depp and because this time Johnny Depp’s role is very different from the ones we have seen him during this past decade.

Sure: Johnny has a wig with white hair (the nickname of Whitey was born because of the color of his hair and he doesn’t particularly love to be called “Whitey”) and sure he wears blue lenses because Whitey’s eyes are blue and Johnny’s skin is white because Bulger is irish but this transformation is pretty normal.

This role is real, the story is real, the mobster is still alive, 85 years and convicted in a prison in Florida. All the main protagonists of the story are alive.

The ones killed by the Winter Hill gang and by Whitey Bulger or other affiliates were real people.

This time and thanks to Black Mass you will see what happened in Boston and South Boston during the 70s, 80s.

It will be strong because non-fiction and still “fresh” and I am sure it will be difficult for someone because this one is not yet a “cold story”, a “cold case”.

So, no, no one is waiting for another flop, and let’s hope that “the luck of the irish” and Boston will help this production.

Good Luck to Black Mass and may be Boston the new re-start for Johnny! Bostonian’s accent or not 😉

Anna Maria Polidori

Black Mass and the tv spots

New three tv spots for the new coming soon movie by Scott Cooper with Johnny Depp in the role of Whitey Bulger

The movie Black Mass based on the book Black Mass:new cover for Black Mass Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal written by the two former journalists of the Boston Globe Dick lehr2smLehr and Gerard gerard o'neill O’Neill will be in theaters soon, sept 18th.

Johnny johnny_depp_20 Depp in the role of James “Whitey” Bulger. “Whitey” has been one of the most wanted american mobsters of all the times. The gangster is from South Boston. Still alive he is 85 years and he is convicted in a prison in Florida.

Waiting for the arrival of the movie, Warner Bros Pictures has released three TV spots.

The story of Black Mass: the life of Bulger scrutinized in particular when the mobster was in his 50s and his illegal activities particularly active.

Bulger was a close friend of John Connolly a special agent of the FBI. They were born in the same neighborhood. That’s why Bulger called Connolly with the nickname ZIP.
Connolly convinced the mobster: Jimmy Bulger would have become an informant of the FBI. An old knowledge of the FBI was also Rifleman Flemmi, since 1965 a collaborant of the federal Boston agency.

This role has been strategic for Bulger presenting him a constant protection. (Bulger has always denied any kind of collaboration with the FBI, just, he admitted, a close friendship with Connolly).
Thanks to his collaboration the italian mafia of North Boston created in the while by the family of Jerry Angiulo,defeated, but what happened later has been incredibly sad. An escalation of death and murders. In some cases people were killed just because they were in the wrong place and with the wrong person for a sad coincidence as it happened for Donahue.

Whitey left Boston in 1995. Someone called him: the air of Boston was becoming heavy for Bulger.

Bulger knew that song and he left the city forever.
He was found in sunny Santa Monica on late june 2011.
The trial, two life sentences and five years.

The movie is directed by Scott Cooper and apart

Johnny NassauJune2005039 in the role of Whitey whitey Bulger, we will also find:

Joel 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_nEdgerton as FBI special agent John Connolly JC.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Whitey Bulger’s brother Billy will bulger 2 Bulger.

Rory Cochrane as Flemmi flemmi trial “Rifleman” one of the most close affiliates of Bulger.

Jesse jesse plemons Plemons as Kevin Weeks, another man close to Bulger.

Kevin Bacon in the role of the FBI agent Charles McGuire.

Adam Scott will be the FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick

The girls in the movie have a big role. Whitey Bulger lived various relationships of a great importance.

The one taken in consideration and reconstructed in Black Mass will be the love-story with Lindsey Cyr, Dakota Johnson in the role. With Lindsey Cyr Whitey has experienced the beauty of being dad. whitey bulger 10 A devastation the departure at just 6 years of his only son Douglas Cyr.

Juno Temple will be Deborah Hussey, later killed by the people of the Winter Hill gang. Flemmi Rifleman accused in 1985 Bulger of the murder of the girl – he also participated at the murder, he admitted, and later the girl was buried in a basement – but Whitey has always denied it. He has always said he hasn’t killed the girl.

Julianne Nicholson in the role of Marianne, John Connolly’s wife.

In the cast also David Harbour, Brad Carter, W Earl Brown, Corey Stoll.

The movie has been written by Mark Mallouk and Jez Butterworth. The movie is produced by John Lesher, Brian Oliver, Scott Cooper, Patrick McCormick and Tyler Thompson.

Executive producers: Brett Ratner, James Packer, Peter Mallouk, Ray Mallouk, Christopher Woodrow, Brett Granstaff, Gary Granstaff, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross.

Black Mass will see the light at the Venice Film Festival out of competition on sept 4th.

Anna Maria Polidori

Frank Calabrese another mob story for the screenwriter of Black Mass

Mob stories searching for Mallouk

It seems that for Mark Mallouk Mark Mallouk the co-writer of Black Mass the movie will tell for the first time in the big screen the real criminal life of Jimmy bulger Whitey Bulger, the mobster of South Boston, – Johnny NassauJune2005039 in the role of Bulger 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n (Copy 1) -, it’s opened a career as screenwriter of mafia and mob stories.

The Chicago Tribune reported in fact that the screenwriter accepted to write the script of the criminal life of Frank Calabrese. Black Label Media the financial source of the project according to Deadline.
The story will be about the Chicago mobster Frank Calabrese. The man was accused of 13 murders.
Frank Calabrese died in a prison in North Carolina in 2012.

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Johnny Depp appears in a new short film for Dior

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Dior has released 13 seconds of a short video with protagonist Johnny Depp the new testimonial of the fragrance for men of the mansion

The video will see the light the day of the launch of the new fragrance for men next sept 2nd.

In the teaser Johnny’s voice saying: “I have to get out of here. Which way? I don’t know”. Later the inspiration: “Dior”.

The sensual voice of Johnny at its best.
E! News considers the video: “A breaking free from urban city chaos”.

The name of the fragrance Johnny Depp will be testimonial of is Sauvage.

A hard 11934954_945932175449151_7849137241561983753_na





11060266_945932135449155_7798065650591525519_n face the one of Johnny in the pictures we can see, where the soft johnny_depp_20 and warm 22_20


NassauJune2005039 treats of the actor become hard for this new men’s fragrance.

The short movie Johnny is protagonist for promoting the fragrance was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino great collaborator of Madonna and creator, for her, of six musical videos. There is great expectations for this release.

There are rock’n’roll tracks by guitarist Ry Cooder, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Neil Young.

Francois Demanchy revisited the 1966 original fragrance changing it for the men of the XXI century, giving to it more masculinity.

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New cover and new “face” (the one of Johnny as Whitey) for Black Mass

Released a new cover version of the book by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill with Johnny as Whitey

The biopic movie Black Mass will be soon in theaters and in the while a new version of the book Black Mass, new cover for Black Mass Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal is ready for the readers.

This time on the cover you will find Johnny Depp as Whitey.

The book, 448 pages has been written by the two former journalists of The Boston Globe Gerard O’Neill and Dick Lehr and in this book the two authors mainly focus on the unholy alliance created by the local Boston agency of the FBI with the gangster of South Boston Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger at first for defeating the local italian mafia created by the brothers Angiulo.

Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill have always followed Whitey Bulger and the life of the mobster like also the italian mafia story, publishing in the past: The Underboss: The Rise and Fall of a Mafia Family 61IiBO5v31L._SY445_.

They published last year a new book called Whitey:Book cover2-crop The Life of America’s Most Notorious Mob Boss where there is a reconstruction of the private and public and criminal life of Bulger.

Gerard O’Neill gerard o'neill won the Pulitzer, Hancock and Loeb Prizes.

Dick Lehr

Dick Lehr

Dick Lehr

is a Pulitzer finalist and won the Hancock and Loeb awards. Dick Lehr is a professor of journalism at Boston University.

Anna Maria Polidori

The new Alice through the looking glass posters

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Your opinion?

Looking at these posters I felt a profound sadness.

The Mad Hatter is saying to everyone good-bye, leaving the scene with, behind him. a lot of wasted and broken time,
alice melancholic poster
in a desert land without serenity, but also the poster with Alice as protagonist is incredibly sad.

The girl is walking on these clocks, the term of our human measure for the Time but she doesn’t appear joyous at all. The uncertainty of life…

Alice through the looking glass

Disney is confident with Alice through the looking glass and will launch the movie next year.

Alice in Wonderland, the first part, earned $1 billion in 2010 thanks also to the big and wonderfully beauty popularity of Johnny Depp. The director of the first Alice, Tim Burton.

In the cast Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rhys Ifans, Sacha Baron Cohen, Stephen Fry, Alan Rickman, Michael Sheen, Toby Jones, and Timoth Spall.

The movie always written by Linda Woolverton and directed this time by James Bobin.

The movie will open on may 27, 2016.

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Scott Cooper: my Whitey Bulger

The director of the movie Black Mass reveal details of the characterization of the mobster

Pictures, tapes, books and a good script. This one the strategy adopted by the director Scott Cooper and Johnny Depp for giving life at the powerful and terrible mobster of South Boston: James/Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger.

whitey once discovered that a production involving his personal life would have born soon strongly refused to meet Scott Cooper and Johnny Depp when the two wrote him in jail.

So, the characterization of the mobster passed through the tales of people, numerous and still alive, who had had the chance of meeting Bulger in South Boston.

The director Scott Cooper explained days ago:

“A lot of our crew were from South Boston and many of them knew Whitey”.

How did they live Johnny’s characterization?

“They said it was like a ghost coming back.”

Black Mass Book Cover

Of course the director of the movie read the book Black Mass: Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal by Dick lehr2sm Lehr and Gerard O’Neill.

There will be a special appearance as an extra in the movie of the Boston Glob reporter Dick Lehr in the role of himself searching for informations regarding “Whitey” in a cafè of Boston.

Director of Black Mass with Dick Lehr (Boston Globe picture)

People said Cooper “Talked about the way “Whitey” moved his body, the way he held his head and arms”.

Joel Edgerton, in the role of John Connolly, the special agent of the FBI close friend with Whitey Bulger admits:

“Johnny is already a mysterious character, with a certain rock-star aura. By the end of filming I’d spent more time with “Whitey” Bulger than the one I’d spent with Johnny”.

Anna Maria Polidori

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Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann both back in Pirates?

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Rumors, rumors…Maybe the romantic couple will be back

If there was still uncertainty and my blog for the first time launched the news of the re-entrance of Bloom will turner 3

will turner 2in the franchise thanks to my sources, now it’s possible to write without any other doubts that Orlando Bloom the actor from Canterbury, Kent, will be back in the fifth installment of Pirates 5 reprising his role as Will Turner.

The detail revealed at the D23 Expo where also Jack Sparrow appeared in costumes for the joy of all his wonderful and loyal fans.

That this franchise thanks to Johnny Depp the creator of Jack Sparrow is loved and appreciated is a real fact.

The festival of Anaheim in California revealed further details about Pirates 5 Dad Men Tell No Tales: the return maybe of Elizabeth Swann, Keira Knightley.

In what way? Cinema Blend anticipated the rumor but there is not yet any certainty about this return.

Maybe at Disney they will insert old scenes of the past movies for the return of Knightley in the sixth installment of the franchise?

We will see.

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