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Two pictures of Johnny and ‎Masatoshi Nagase‬

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 30, 2016

The Japan 13087559_546820008824980_7230577086425167865_n 13055522_546820025491645_3957876811879413383_n actor known for Mystery Train.


Stunning pictures, Lory Depp Girl. Thanks as always!




Alice through the Looking Glass New Pictures

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 30, 2016

Enjoy! the Mad Hatter and Alice!









Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for these stunning pics!

Muscle Shoals: Rick Hall’s musical adventure in a new music drama

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 29, 2016

Johnny Depp involved in various projects

Johnny 13062034_547252658781715_6663516466498221817_n (thanks to Lory Depp Girl for this stunning pic!) Depp famous for being one of the most famous actors in the world, recently signed an agreement for teaming with IM Global TV and Richard Branson.

The two creatives will develop a music drama: Muscle Shoals, based on Rick Hall’s autobiography: The Man From Muscle Shoals: My Journey from Shame to Fame.

Developed by Reliance Entertainment’s TV studio also: I, Rebel, LD50. Planetoid and The Lesser Dead, two books.

I didn’t know anything of this story but it seems truly captivating.

It’s the true story of legendary songwriter, producer, publisher and musician, Rick Hall.

Hall founded the “Muscle Shoals Sound”, his Fame Studios in little Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Rick Hall discovered many incredible talents. Aretha Franklin one of them.

This production will be wonderful because will combine Johnny’s love for his South, music and history.

Another series I, Rebel, a sci-fi drama from Dana Siavash Farahani.

The story of an astronaut who crash on Earth after a long travel, eight years, in space.

The Lesser Dead based on Christopher Buehlman’s novel.
LD50 is from Scott Dacko.

Action-adventure series Planetoid is an adaptation based on a graphic novel by Ken Garing. The story the one of an ex-soldier mercenary in space. He will end up in a weird planet.

Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny as Raoul Duke

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Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for the pic portraying Johnny behind the scenes of the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, directed by Terry Gilliam, 1997.

Raoul Duke and Whitey Bulger

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on April 24, 2016


(Thanks Lory Depp Girl for the pic-collage)



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas based on the book by Hunter Thompson book and Whitey Bulger, Black Mass.


Look at similarities and differences of these two characters.


Johnny, always at the best!

Johnny in a Jar…

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13000222_543292482511066_6415024807223693314_n Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for this pic



Today we want to keep Johnny in a jar 😉

Johnny and quotes

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Enjoy this one!

And happy Sunday Deppheads and visitors!




Thanks Lory Depp Girl for the picture.


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Humility and acceptance of Australian laws

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 19, 2016

Australia asked this act to the couple


When I received Lory’s picture regarding Johnny and the Karma 12592384_543292615844386_8032681758903640812_n I thought: Oh God I must be scared as well. What will happen to me if I write a single negative word about Heard? And Johnny’s curse and karma against all that poor reporters will going on?

Today I brought my little dog by the groomer and look at the coincidence I was stopped by two police-men and received a ticket of 108 euros because during last January I forgot (I didn’t remember at all! they send me always a letter for reminding me of this appointment) to do the complete check out of the car.

So I returned home I went to Cagli for the check up etc etc etc…Not a joke considering I live in a countryside.

I thought: it’s a sign.

Don’t write anything.

It’s dangerous.

I remember that January was a particular month to me.

And that the past year I destroyed dad’s car and injured his finger.

The year Johnny damaged his right hand and his finger.
I should be seriously scared.
We can’t know how a curse or karma can work on us and our dear ones.


I prepared a good piece. I mean: it was still all in my mind but at the end I prefered to give up to write that one. Just in case…


Ok: I read a lot of pieces about this story yesterday night, I went to bed at 1 o’clock. Daily Mail, Washington Post, NYT, Eonline, Hollywood Reporter, Celebitchy etc etc, and no one added something to me incredibly visible, maybe because scared by this powerful couple.

Or by the karma 🙂 as I am now.

I want to express with freedom,  what I think hoping that my opinion won’t bring me back any negativity from the couple.

I wait of course a curse from Johnny. (Don’t be too much nasty Johnny, you know I like you).

To me the lesson that the Australian government in primis and Australian laws wanted to give to the couple and mainly to Heard, – sure Johnny is the husband and so he has been involved because in a way a man should also drive in the good direction the spouse -, has been this one: not to want any money from them because the country is rich and they don’t need Johnny’s money; not a big punishment able to cause extra-turmoil in the world of showbiz because substantially it wasn’t the case,

but pretending to express from this couple a feeling completely not anymore existing unfortunately on the face of this world in these times:

Considering the words said by Heard and also the ones expressed by Johnny, in polemic with the ministry of agricultural Barnaby Joyce, what Australian asked was an act of humility and acceptance of Australian laws.

That’s it.

The rest of the story can be found in other web magazines or also reported by me.

I am too scared for a possible negative Karma.



Anna Maria Polidori

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Stunning picture of Johnny and his wife Amber Heard during their honeymoon

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 8, 2016

The two, on board of the Eastern Oriental

Wonderful picture of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The couple celebrated the first year of marriage last January and in this picture, it’s possible to see a private scene of their honeymoon on the Eastern  Oriental, The Orient Express of Malaysia where they enjoyed some portion of their honeymoon after the filming of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell no Tales.


Enjoy the picture!


Anna Maria Polidori


“I want to eat italian to Vancouver”…Asks Johnny, He Knows the Answer!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on April 7, 2016

Il Giardino stunning Italian Restaurant


Vancouver is a set of Pirates in my heart because an italian man of our land, I live in a tiny little corner of Italy, Morena, left, in 1948 without  instruction our land for affording to America, making his fortune to Vancouver in the theaters’ business. Americans love to go to the cinema.

So with great joy if you have a big question in your mind: where eat very good and tasty italian food, passing of course through wonderful and delicious fish meals, we are happy to let you know that Johnny Depp Knows the Answer and can be very helpful in this case as well.

On April 7th Johnny in fact for our always numerous affectionate readers of Asks Johnny he Knows the Answer, went to eat at Il Giardino 12931285_539185256255122_5638997575315078653_n (Lory Depp Girl pic!) re-opened recently by chef and owner Umberto Menghi.

A wonderful and enchanting place Il Giardino is.

Italians in Vancouver more than in other part of the USA wants to re-create all the time the magical atmosphere and sensations of their distant land: Italy. Menghi did the same with this restaurant.

The decor is not inspired as maybe would suggest the name, at a garden, a beautiful italian giardino, no but at a granary. In the past and in the present, there are special places where peasants keep food for their animals. 160 seats in the restaurant, the patio can contain other 80 people.

There is a wine room, an open kitchen and other spaces that Menghi “translated” and re-created taking inspiration from his beautiful Tuscany for the joy of his reality and the citizens of Vancouver that can appreciate a taste of Italy also just from the interior and exterior of the restaurant.

But…Let’s talk of food now.

There are “crudi” dishes.

Starters involves: salad of burrata, cherry tomatoes and many more.

There is handmade pasta dish of course, Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia and the chef added also Atlantic Lobster and cherry tomato sauce.

The beauty of living close to the Oceans means the use of a lot of fish.
So Menghi proposes fried calamari appetizer, but you can eat  with confidence if you are an estimator of this dish a very good classic Fiorentina.

And for dessert?
Cannoli, pistacchio macarons.


I just can wish you: Buon Appetito!



Anna Maria Polidori

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