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Johnny Depp, his tears, loneliness and financial problems

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on June 24, 2018

Johnny Depp, his tears, loneliness and financial problems

In an interview with Rolling Stone Johnny opens his doors and its intimacy with the world, including use of drugs and alcohol

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Here the piece about Johnny Depp and Rolling Stone.



Recently Johnny Depp met a reporter, Stephen Rodrick by Rolling Stone.
“This could be your Pulitzer” he told him once arrived to his mansion in London, one of his favorite places.
The journalist spent 72 hours with the actor, finding Johnny not at his best and this is worrying, although, he adds, his eyes are still stunning and the ones we all remember very well. Johnny Depp has always been one of the best voices of Rolling Stone. I have the piece written by him when Thompson passed away and his numerous interviews at the magazine.
When Johnny wants to tell something important to someone via press he picks up Rolling Stone.

What caused this terrible and so hard existential moment for Johnny?
Why not yet over but where possible more profound?
Why did he fall and why is it so difficult for an actor like him to return at the normality?
What’s wrong in this process of healing?

Each of us will find some answers reading this long interview published by Rolling Stone.
Johnny didn’t call the magazine for telling them what it is going on in his existence at the moment but for speaking about his financial situation.

Johnny considers his life “Plenty of betrayal.”

Depp as we know sued his management group and some relatives, being sued by his past management group as well.

Johnny Depp started to experience problems on the set.
His agent and lawyer abandoned him.

Stephen Rodrick tells that Johnny’s day starts after dark ending at the first lights of dawn. The reporter has never met Johnny Depp during the day only during the night.

I didn’t like a lot the phrase in the interview: “If his current life isn’t a perfect copy of Elvis Presley’s last days, it is a decent facsimile.”
It’s terrible to make comparisons. People are different, their life-stories are different. It’s impossible to serialized or stereotyped existences.

Like also comparing Johnny Depp at Dorian Gray the character created by Oscar Wilde not maybe the happiest choice. That fictional character was horrible. Johnny is a good man I guess with some problems to sort out at the moment but substantially innocuous.

In the article is reconstructed Johnny’s life and a long portion will  involve Betty Sue, the mother.

Great friendship with Tim Burton his collaboration with him created many, wonderful poetics movies.

Johnny Depp lost an important friend River Phoenix when he was the owner of the Viper Room. After that, for respect, every Halloween’s Eve, the Viper Room was closed for remembering that horrible fact.

Johnny considers his financial situation as reported by Rolling Stone in this way: ” I didn’t see the movie, and I didn’t understand the script, but here’s what it is.

The economical conditions explained in a detailed reconstruction.
In all this intricate story also the marriage and divorce with Heard.

Johnny Depp started to feel depressed.

He tells to Rolling Stone: “I kept trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve this. I’d tried being kind to everyone, helping everyone, being truthful to everyone. The truth is most important to me. And all this still happened.”

Johnny Depp wants to return to filming when some of these intricate (it’s so complicated, you will read) financial problems will be resolved. A french book he wants to adapt and direct.

When the reporter left Johnny Depp’s mansion, Johnny thanked him for listening. The reporter admits that the house where Johnny Depp lives is like a “gilded prison.”

Johnny presents good movies, original ones, and what I love of his movie is this lightness.
He treats sometimes pretty heavy thematic with a great light touch and once you finish to watch one of his movie you are delighted and absolutely satisfied because it remains the beauty of what you have seen, plenty of poetic touch.

Dear Johnny, stay strong and be well soon!

Anna Maria Polidori

Source: Rolling Stone


Depp and Law together in Fantastic Beasts

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on January 1, 2018

The actors collaborated together after the tragic death of Heath Ledger for completing  Parnassus . Now they are back together in Fantastic Beasts Sequel


In the sequel of Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald Jude Law plays the role of a young Albus Dumbledore
Johnny Depp plays the role of Grindelwald replacing Colin Farrell (with which he worked with in Parnassus.)
J.K.Rowling announced enthusiastically the entrance in scene of Depp: “We are genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.”

Anna Maria Polidori

The message of Murder on the Orient Express

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on December 24, 2017

Why is it so important Murder on the Orient Express and the message contained in this book and in the movie where Johnny Depp is part of?

The thematic of murder is not just seen through the perspective of a crime committed in this case against a baby in the past, but dynamically.

It is analyzed the possibility of a revenge after a certain amount of time and the legitimization of a murder when the crime committed  too inhuman and horrible for being forgiven or forgotten.

Suggestive book I am a real estimators of all works by Agatha Christie for the intensity of her stories and plots.

Christie loves to portraying claustrophobic situations where people are blocked or invited somewhere for maybe find death.

These stories presents more suspense and psychological knowledge of characters.


Enjoy the movie!

Anna Maria Polidori

Three Men and an Evening!

Posted in movies, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on November 20, 2017

31 years after Platoon Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Dillon reunited this past summer

Last July a touching moment for Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Dillon and reason for spending some time together.
Johnny Depp was very happy and cheerful and “in smoking mood”, relaxed and with the stunning look of the old times. So sexy! looking at this pic and with his terrific, seductive eyes we all know very well.
Sheen appeared surprised by the flash of the pic, Dillon very smiling!

The reunion because all these actors played a role in Platoon one of the most iconic movies realized about Vietnam’s war.
Platoon was directed by Oliver Stone.

Johnny Depp was Lerner the translator, Sheen Chris Taylor, Dillon soldier Bunny.

Great careers, I am a fan of Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen that I know in particular for his role of Charlie Harper in Two Men and Half.

In a post time ago Sheen said he wants to be remembered for his work more than for anything else.
So…Let’s talk a bit of Two Men and Half for defining this actor. Charlie Sheen will pass at the History because of this very important and followed American TV series.

Charlie Sheen played in that TV series the main character Charlie Harper with Jon Cryer in the role of his brother Alan and Angus T.Jones in the role of Alan’s son, Jake. A successful TV series, loved and appreciated by Americans, the main story is this one.

These two men – and half, Jake, Alan’s son still toddler when the series started, – if at first sight appear completely different are ironically substantially equal and complementary in their psychological block unable to let them construct a good existence with a woman because of the big problematic developed thanks to the lack of attention, love and devotion of their mom Evelyn, their mom, more busy to working and spending her free time with men and women than not to growing up two psychologically healthy children!

Alan, the littlest one tried to do that: married two times he divorced two times. He left at the first wife his old house, deciding to ask for some help at his oldest and luckiest brother Charlie.

Charlie is rich, thanks to the creation of jingles and children’s songs. He loves to spend his spare time drinking too much, surrounded by a lot of girls. Charlie is very opened, captivating and so to him conquering a girl or a woman is like to drink a glass of water.
He is loved by Rose, his neighbor, a so romantic girl, but Charlie thinks she is like a cartoon although maybe secretly he loves her, or maybe just he doesn’t want to lose her. He has a waitress, Berta, a woman able to scare a dictator. Charlie hates with all himself his mom Evelyn, for the reasons I said before: this lady neglected to give love to her children with different results. And he openly tells that to her.
Alan tries all his best for being nice with his mom.
Alan, is a chiropractic, and maybe it is a life’s metaphor: trying to fix back’s problems, Alan would want also to try to fixing himself and the deviations his life has taken; he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he read a lot, he speaks with researched words most of the time, but without that success Charlie has known and he feels constantly the comparison with him.
Charlie once grown-up became a successful man but an addicted. An addicted about alcohol, an addicted about girls, women, because of this lack of love during his childhood age. He searches for constant compensations.
Jake, Alan’s son is a junk-food addicted.

Charlie is an intelligent man. He hates hypocrisy and he loves to speak openly of every kind of topic and he is a great uncle for Jake.
When Charlie can’t sort out big problems the TV series developed the character of a psychologist where he goes for trying to resolve his most profound conflicts.

Although the tv serie can’t be suggested to children, it’s for an adult public, trust me when I tell you I find both these brothers adorable and tender, for different reasons.

Alan because is unlucky. He is a sort of modern Donald Duck not with three nephews, but with a son. He doesn’t have a lot of money so his biggest nightmare is money and how he can save them for himself and of course for Jake’s future.

Fortunately, Charlie is not Scrooge McDuck or Uncle Scrooge.
He is very generous with his brother.

Charlie considers his brother a complete failure and so stingy, but Alan is fighting in a daily base for money. Charlie, in this sense is much more lucky because his work gives him the possibility of a best existence.
Alan is considered a failure in a society where money are the meter taken in consideration for every person and a social symbol of success.

Charlie is successful, easy-going, always smiling, happy, very generous with everyone although his life when interested by a serious relationship is a failure.
Most of the time these failures are connected, when Charlie doesn’t work for destroying his relationship using just his bad habits by the strong connections existing in his family able to absorb him and Alan in an abyss of confusion and straining moments.

In particular women of his family and his life like Evelyn, Berta, don’t act for his personal private success. Yes, because if Charlie is plenty of success with his work his private life is chaotic and messy.

At the same time there’s no doubt that the Harper’s family in its big dysfunctionality is solid with a great touch of ingenuity and “return of childhood” in these two brothers sometimes.
There is sadness as well because no one is happy in the Harpers although no one is seriously unhappy either, but at the same time there is this spiral of problems unresolved that no one knows how they can be resolved because Berta, Alan, Charlie, Evelyn are united by the same destiny: a weird life and a weird life brings lacerations that sometimes can’t be healed completely.

Adorable tv serie, I try of not lose any episode because according to my point of view Two Men and Half is just apparently light.
The character of Charlie Sheen, Charlie Harper sometimes seems to be the alter-ago of the actor.

I just hope that Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer one day will realize a movie all together for Disney. They would be great! Charlie Sheen is nice, Jon Cryer is extremely funny and Johnny is a real icon and Disney’s “brand.”

Anna Maria Polidori

Very happy that this time Rotten Tomatoes didn’t win!

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on June 3, 2017

OK: The Inquisitr arrived before but I thought to realize a piece remarking this the day after Pirates was launched: that for once Pirates defeated Rotten Tomatoes and the sum of negative critics (many good as well) expressed by many critics of big and small newsmagazines and realities in the entire territory of the USA.

Box office and Rotten Tomatoes became my biggest friends or enemies these latest years and every time a Johnny Depp’s movie out.

This time viewers didn’t listen anything or anyone.
They just went to the cinema for enjoying a moment of escapism and only God knows the necessity of some de-stressing moments considering the times we are living in.

More important has been the card played by Jerry Bruckheimer a real test on the viewers according to my point of view: “Without Johnny Depp no other Pirates will be realized!”
Producer Bruckheimer maybe said that words in fact also for trying to see if the solid base of Johnny’s fans and Pirates fans were still there waiting for him.

People trusted Johnny Depp and they went to the cinema, free again to adore their Jack Sparrow.

Fans never abandoned the saga, never abandoned their favorite characters, never abandoned the ideas of wild adventures with Jack Sparrow, the more educated William Turner, Captain Barbossa and the new entry: Captain Salazar.

Do you know why? Because dreams are priceless.



Anna Maria Polidori

BRAVI BRAVI BRAVI! You all deserved it!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on May 31, 2017

I knew that!
That luck was back, negativity over, hardest phase deleted by a fresh wind.
I knew that a new start was going on and I am truly happy for all the team of Pirates 5! starting from producer Jerry Bruckheimer a real man plenty of gratitude and good old values able to make the difference in this world, directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg screenwriters Jeff Nathanson, Terry Rossio,
Ted Elliott , Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie, and Jay Wolpert, actors Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Kaya Scodelario and all the rest of the wonderful workers behind the scenes who worked for creating Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell no Tales. What a prophetic title…

This Pirates will pass at History as the 12th movie with the biggest opening, it will pass at History because there was a lot of turmoil on set, but also thanks to this, determination stronger for working hard and for creating a wonderful movie.

I know very well that when a creative process is suffered, then there is success, happiness.

Viewers understood problems, and turmoils and a difficult human phase and at the same time they missed Captain Sparrow from a long time like also all the rest of the protagonists. For all these reasons no one could lose the opportunity to going to the cinema for seeing it.

This one is a great result because this great team have always believed that although all the adversities, it could have been more than possible not just to reach this goal but to return winners with a great Pirates.

Pirates will always be the most loved Disney’s franchise and I strongly doubt that Johnny Depp can retire too soon from his role of Jack Sparrow like also I wish to seeing back again also all the rest of the historical cast of Pirates for other adventures!

Bloody hell, congratulations to everyone! again!

Anna Maria Polidori

Bruckheimer an old-fashioned man with real values in his heart

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 26, 2017

Jerry Bruckheimer and his gratitude and friendship with Johnny Depp

Jerry Bruckheimer to me is one of the most grateful men existing in the face of this Earth.
His respect and consideration for Johnny Depp considering the role Depp has played during these many years of collaboration with Disney, an iconic brand for children and teenagers is endless.

Johnny Depp thanks to his personal visionary world created great iconic movies like The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland and sequel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Today the producer specified something: without Johnny Depp Pirates, an eventual Pirates 6 wouldn’t be created.

It’s a story of gratitude and great friendship the one between these two men and creatives.

At DigitalSpy Bruckheimer specified: “The secret to any successful franchise is picking talented people, and Johnny is absolutely key to the success of Pirates.” He also added: “Jack Sparrow is still the same guy he was in the first one. He’s still out to get what’s good for him…” About Johnny Depp he added: “We’ve worked together on six movies now and he’s just an amazing individual.”

But…Which is the philosophy of movie-making for Bruckheimer? He said: “You have a kitchen in your house, right? But you still go out to eat… If something drags you out of the house it’s usually good food. We have to make really, really good movies to make people stay away from their televisions. And that’s exactly what we do.”

So, what we hope is that Pirates 5 will be a great success and that the final choice of Johnny will be the one to continuing to play this iconic role so loved by children and people all over the world and one of the most entertaining characters ever created in the history of cinema.

Good Luck Pirates! I am very happy that you are back!


Anna Maria Polidori

At first the villain was a woman?

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, Orlando Bloom, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on May 21, 2017

Terry Rossio reveals what happened with this first script of Pirates 5

It’s interesting: lately websites launched the news that one of the historic screenwriters of Pirates, Terry Rossio said recently that at first he imagined for Jack Sparrow a woman as a villain, following maybe the scheme of Angelica and Jack in Pirates 4. Angelica was Penelope Cruz the wife of Javier Bardem, Captain Salazar.

Terry Rossio with Ted Elliott signed the first three installments of Pirates.
The fourth one, written by Terry Rossio.

The same Terry Rossio left alone the Fifth installment of Pirates.
Ted Elliott later involved in the realization of the fifth installment.

Why this?

At first was written a first script by Terry Rossio, a first Pirates 5, but the main villain was a woman and Johnny Depp when read it rejected the idea, thinking that it was too redundant considering also Dark Shadows.

For sure we can just wish to seeing back soon again also Terry Rossio for the realization of Pirates 6! We miss seeing him around!


Anna Maria Polidori

Hacked Pirates 5

Posted in Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales by Anna Maria Polidori on May 17, 2017

Real online pirates called hackers stole Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales

It was strange. Last night maybe I received an e-mail from google alerts Pirates 5 and they said that it was possible to watch Pirates online. I thought: “There is no more religion.” But I didn’t imagine all this story behind. I just thought that somewhere the movie legally posted. Although it was strange.

Deadline reports that Pirates has been hacked and  the movie is online. Just: the movie will be launched in a week on May 26th.

I do believe at the magician of a movie. To me online movies are superfluous. Going to the cinema is an iconic moment for all the family.
Popcorn, an afternoon spent all together forgetting problems, anxiety and just staying relaxed going outside and then entering in a dream. A theater is this; cinema is this.
Cinema was born for this: for presenting dreams to people and it will continue to do that.
Just maybe majors considering what it is going on should keep as more secret as possible a movie putting it in safest place.

More we discover the net and more we know that it is not the a safe place.

Main protagonists of the fifth installment: Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom back to the franchise with his character Will Turner, Brenton Thwaites, in the role of Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner, Geoffrey Rush in his iconic role of Captain Barbossa, Javier Bardem as the ghost pirate and Captain Salazar.



Anna Maria Polidori

It’s official: Pirates are back

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on May 12, 2017

At the moment just in China… 😉



They were glamorous, elegant, wild, sexy and sophisticated the various pirates/actors who attended the world premiere of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell no Tales at Shangai, China.

As said before, this time for the launch of the movie Disney thought at a complete different location from the classics ones of the past.

It was wonderful to seeing reunited again Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, with close to them smiling new entries: Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites and the always appreciated and the most loved character of Pirates: Captain Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush.

The movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (on the left) directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg lived a gala event at the Disney Resort yesterday.

The movie screening at the Walt Disney Grand Theater at Disneytown.

Anna Maria Polidori



Photo credits  JustJared.



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