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Forgetting Whitey

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Teresa’s children want to forget their dad “Charlie” according to an exclusive article appeared on the Daily Mail last year


I don’t want absolutely abandon the story of Whitey Bulger although the shootings in Boston are ending these days for the biopic movie Black Mass starring Johnny Depp

Angelic2TagPlain avi Johnny Depp by Dan MacMedan jdwquiz JDTWOSTREET johnny_depp_20 Johnny Depp by Dan MacMedan


and based on the nonfictional book Black Mass: Black Mass Book CoverWhitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal by Gerry O’Neill and Dick Lehr two formers Boston Globe’s journalists and writers.


Too much important and too much involving, you will see posted in Johnny’s blog several other articles regarding the terrible mobster Whitey Bulger whitey 4 whitey 5 whitey 6who caused terror and panic in the area of South Boston during the ’70s and ’80s.



Very interesting the article appeared on the Daily Mail in 2013 regarding Teresa Stanley and her family during the trial involving Whitey Bulger once re-captured in Santa Monica and put in jail.
As maybe you will know if you have followed my Jimmy/Whitey Bulger’s reconstruction of the events, Teresa Stanley has been the most important lady in Whitey’s life.  Later this role would have been taken by Catherine Greig a lady able to sacrifice for his man all the best of her life living with him in clandestinity for 16 years.

When he started the relatioship with Teresateresa e whitey, Whitey discovered she had had four children from another previous relationship. Not only he didn’t mind, but to these children he was more than a dad.

For what I can understand Whitey didn’t create other people similar to him, but he educated these children for being in the society once grown up honest and respectable people, good men and women and this is very remarkable.

Anyway, at the moment the children Whitey grew up with are keeping a distant position from their dad Charlie.


Let’s see.

Time passed by, as all we know and Teresa decided of abandoning at a certain point his wild life with Whitey here and there in 1994. Whitey could have been captured and put in jail. Teresa had four children, other responsabilities. Whitey had his plan B: Catherine Greig. In a way both of them continued to living the life they wanted to live.

Teresa assured everyone she hadn’t never known what realistically did Whitey.

It was this phrase blocked me entirely per days and let me analyze these two love stories  of these capturing story.

Maybe it was right. Maybe Teresa, of the two ones have always been the most “protected” one by Whitey. Who knows?

If, for example Catherine knew a lot about the existence of Teresa, Teresa hadn’t any pale idea of other women in Whitey’s spare time from his intense criminal life. And of course she couldn’t imagine Whitey had another girlfriend with a similar profound emotive and physical impact as the one Whitey Bulger had for and with her.

More than surely the two relationships were built up by Whitey very differently, emotionally. I guess that maybe he tried to preserve a lot more Teresa from the “asperity” of his life and from all the horrible part of his character as a mobster Maybe when he spent time with Teresa as I wrote before, he searched for that calm, for that normality someone like him couldn’t live at all all the day being the boss of an organized criminal structure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if with Catherine maybe Whitey was more “opened” regarding his love story with Teresa. In fact Catherine searched for Teresa trying to put aside the rival when Teresa didn’t know anything of Catherine’s existence.


Of course I think it was shocking for these four children who considered Whitey Bulger their dad (although they called him Charlie) to discovering all the sad facts the trial put in evidence and before that, the years and probations put in evidence against Jimmy Whitey Bulger. They were little when their mom started her relationship with him.  Whitey Bulger was in fact incredibly different when he shared his time at home with the family. At the same time these children have been loved by this man with great love.


Jimmy Whitey Bulger didn’t like the idea of having children. It musn’t be a great surprise. In his position the discovery of a baby would have meant other problems, other risks for that little creature as well. Whitey has been a great criminal man. He knew as a criminal what it was right to do and what it was wrong to do. A baby would have been a wrong idea.

But he has been a dad without to being a biological dad apart for the experience he lived with Douglas Glenn (Lindsey Cyr’s son) disappeared too soon at just 6 years.


These children  now refused to follow the trial and they didn’t mind what would happen to Whitey Bulger.
It seems that no one of their grandsons know who their granpa is.

Nancy, 47 years, told to the Daily Mail (she was very little when Jimmy Whitey Bulger entered in their existence, just 3 months) she was acting like this for protecting the children from what they would discover.

These grandchildren don’t know the existence of Whitey, they don’t know he exists.

But what did Whitey do for this family in the past?

All. He was a real dad.

For example the Daily Mail reports that when Karen another Teresa’s daughter fell in love for Chris Nilan former ice hockey pro player, asked to Whitey for her hand in marriage, meeting when Whitey discovered that this boy was a good boy, very soon the parents of this boy as well. The same Mr.Nilan admitted that it was unthinkable to think that what they saw on tv was Whitey’s portrait, because “The man who came to our home was very different”.

Whitey: two different people, two different lives. The criminal one and the good man experienced in Santa Monica as well.

Whitey appeared to be constantly there, for his family, for helping,  supporting.

Shock in these grown-up children appeared when they discovered thanks to Kevin Weeks’s revelations (one of the most important Whitey’s men), where some bodies of killed people were.

And to these children it was simply…shocking.

These children admitted that they couldn’t believe Whitey was the man they had known.

So they started in a way like to elaborate a….lost. They had lost someone they loved, they had lost someone they trust, for discovering that Charlie was another man. Charlie was Whitey.

At the same time another pain for these children: the departure of the beautiful and stunning Teresa Stanley, died for lung cancer in 2011 at just 71 yars.

Teresa didn’t imagine all this drama. Of course she had the idea of who Whitey was and that she wasn’t living and spending her existence with a saint.  She assured she had no idea of what Whitey was doing and firstly the capacity of his vioolence to other people and situations.

She said in an interview released few months before her departure: “To me he was just Jimmy. I never saw him the way other people did“, the same incredible words said by Lindsey Cyr.

Whitey was very generous with Teresa. Every week she received 500 dollars. All cash.
Holidays, lots of gifts, a good life.
At time admitted Teresa that he could be a “difficult man”.
He was for the rest a good and charming man of good company and not a heavy drinker. A man who was appreciated also because he wouldn’t never have permitted to anyone else to paying for a dinner at a restaurant.

Teresa confessed in an interview: “Here’s the man I have a life with. He’s been a father to my kids, walked my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. I’ve devoted my whole life to him, and he has this entirely other life“.


Teresa reflected during the interview: “He humiliated me in the eyes of the whole town“.

Teresa in these words maybe was also who knows? reflecting about her conditions as a woman who had shared without to know that, a man with another lady she didn’t know anything of: Catherine Greig.

Teresa collaborated actively with the F.B.I. once discovered who Whitey was. And once they captured Whitey she  added she wouldn’t never have recognized in that man Whitey’s face.

Because, true, in that while Whitey’s face was changed. Forever.



Anna Maria Polidori




The Mad Hatter can’t wait to sail on high seas

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Citizens are waiting impatiently  the arrival of Disney production: Alice Through the looking glass



Gloucester Docks glouc 1glouc 2 is a beautiful and suggestive city located in southwestern England close to the Welsh border. It is the capital of the Gloucestershire.
For some time it will be the wonderful location of the shootings of Alice through the looking glass, new Disney production, starring Johnny Depp and sequel of the wonderful movie Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton . New director for the sequel, Boubin, starring Johnny Depp in the role, another time, of the Mad Hatter. In the cast Helena Bonham Carter Toronto2005016 Toronto2005003 Toronto2005000.

People can’t wait the arrival of the crew.

They should start to shooting soon” said a local business man, who wants to keep secret his identity to the media adding: “This is the secret best known of all the city. Everyone is working hardly for preparing a great location for their sootings“.

Apart the second Alice’s episode based on Lewis Carroll’s children’s books the local cathedral has been the location for something like three Harry Potter‘s harry harry 1 harry 2movies (and great news for all Harry Pottter’s fans: it seems a new movie  with an adult Harry Potter will start soon. The protagonist Daniel Radcliffe launched the news just some hours ago) and other productions have been there for filming as well.

It will be very exciting to seeing the arrival of, in particular, historic ships.

The North Devon Gazette reported that the historic schooner Kathleen & May will be used during the filming. This schooner of the value of 2 millions of pounds was property of the late councillor and businessman Steve Clarke, dead last December.

She was bought by Clarke in 1985 and restored until she sailed away in 2011 for good.

The Kathleen and May is considered a national treasure.

In the while the ship will be in the location only the first days of august for the joy of citizens, tourists.
It will be incredibly exciting this august month for the people of the little and enchanting british locality. Suggestive, old-fashiond and…historical!




Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny in the new stunning horror movie by Kevin Smith, Tusk!

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Tusk! Premiere coming soon



The worldwide premiere of Tusk will be celebrated during the Film Festival of Toronto, starting this 4th ’til 14 September. It is still unknown if Johnny Depp

10464331_720316338028152_7942615333055848116_n Toronto2005085 Johnnyface FotoSketcher - afiTagBlankSaliere johnny_depp johnny_depp_128822a johnnydepptenebroso cosmo02 cosmo03


will attend the premiere.

Long will play the role of a journalist who finds the story of his life thanks to Mr.Howe portrayed by Michael Parks an eccentric man and adventurer. The screenwriter is the same Kevin Smith and the co-stars Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment.

The role involving Johnny is the one of a french-canadian detective, Guy LaPointe.

Horror movie born out thanks to SModcast Smith’s podcast, produced by Shannon McIntosh and Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and David Greathouse

The news of Johnny’s partecipation at this production hasn’t been spread by the director Kevin Smith himself but by Long who said to the world: “Johnny Depp is in the movie“.

Johnny Depp and director Kevin Smith can be classified like friends, because at some point their daughters went to the same school together and because they have hosted various charity events together.

Plus the favorite Johnny’s make-up artist Joel Harlowe worked on “Tusk”.

The Demarest Films has produced something like three movies involving Johnny Depp’s future bride including London Fields where Depp plays a very little cameo.

Still unknown where London Fields premiere will be celebrated although rumors of this past may anticipated as probable location and event the Venice  festival. Johnny could attend this premiere as well.




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Throught the looking glass we can see the arrival of the cast and crew of Alice in Gloucester Docks

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Alice: first shooting next month



The arrival at Gloucester Docks of the crew and cast of Alice Through the Looking Glass, second episode of the adventures of Alice in Wonderland based on the book written by Lewis Carroll, other Disney production involving Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter6568_1229965988693_1215413496_30685651_4339417_n, is waited next month.

At first because of five tall historical ships located in the area, everyone thought maybe Disney wanted to afford in this location for filming some shootings of Pirates 5.

These ships are for Alice, the second production involving Johnny Depp.

This one hasn’t been the first important movie and production to be filmed in the area. Other ones were something like three Harry Potter movies! and a Christmas’ movie.

Alice will be released on may 2016.

Nick Worthington, waterways manager for the Canal River Trust:

“This will be a fantastic showcase of ships coming to the docks. Wonderful for our citizens, tourists and business. I am really excitedfor this Disney’s production” added cheerfully.

Anna Maria Polidori


Pirates, witches, ghosts and a trident. Ladies and gentlemen: Jack is back!

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The return of Jack Sparrow a mixture of adventure and “paranormal” creatures



Pirates of the Caribbean76363834_l  446703375_l: Dead men tell no tales fifth episode of the saga of Pirates of the Carribean it seems will be truly amazing.


Starring Johnny Depp

depp01depp4 avi


in the role of Jack Sparrow, after the complete disappearance of Angelica, portrayed by Penelope Cruz penelope

in the fourth episode, it’sconfirmed that there won’t be  the return of Will 111456817_m and Liz JackandElizabeth (Orlando Bloom  orlandoand Keira Knightleykeira )

Fans won’t be deluded anyway because according to Disney producer Jerry Bruckheimer Jerry Bruck   the movie will always be very exicting with the entrance in the scene of “horror” creatures like witches, ghosts and the famous legendary and cursed Bermuda Triangle Bermuda_Trianglealso known as Devil’s Triangle.
Captain Jack will be busy searching for the Trident following an advice giving to Jack by his dad, portrayed on big screen again by Keith Richards  07rollingstone008     07rollingstone001  one of the leaders and component of the band of Rolling Stones great Johnny’s friend and inspirator of the characterization of Jack Sparrow. Keith Richards so will be back to his role as Jack’s dad in this fifth episode of the saga.

On the road and on….the oceans firstly Jack will meet the sinister ghost of Captain Brand living with him other extrabiliant adventures.

Jack this time will fall in love for the daughter of Barbossa. But Barbossa’s daughter is a witch….It will be seriously interesting and as always the plot of the movie is pretty articulated for all the tastes of the various fans.






Anna Maria Polidori

Ciao Boston!

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Johnny left the city of Boston after the final shootings this past monday



Johnny Depp


Lory pic

as Whitey Bulger has finished this past monday the shootings of his role as Whitey Bulger whitey 4 in the biopic movie still unnamed, Black Mass, based on the nonfictional book by Gerry O’Neill and Dick Lehr: Black Mass: Black Mass Book CoverWhitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal.
What a story this one of Black Mass.


I admit at first I was skeptical about this new movie involving Johnny. Again as a criminal. “But Charlie Mortdecai wasn’t sufficiently dark?” I thought.

And this Whitey Bulger was a real criminal. Plus a mafioso and to me, italian, such a scary word that one, just to pronounce.

I am a journalist but I had always thought that I had to staying away from two topics:  mafia and drug.

Johnny Depp during these years,  has been in grade of let me change ideas a lot of times regarding various things. And so here I was one day of several months ago writing about a mobster.

I started to write down something about Whitey Bulger for giving an idea of who this person was.

While I was writing I recognized something else: the reporter’s fever. It’s an adrenalinic sensation.

I was falling in love for the story.

So after a while I decided of subscribing The Boston Globe for reading more about Whitey and his story.

Thank you so much for the help 😉 They know why…. 😉

Whitey for a reporter is adrenaline.

Why? Because writing of Whitey Bulger let me say this, is never boring. Never boring, becoming an addicted is incredibly simple because the enormous quantity of news permits everyday of chosing some interesting topics to treat.

Whitey Bulger’s story is able to capture the spirit and the mind and once you start to feel this story you can’t help yourself but you must discover always much more.

Whitey is a very interesting criminal man with an indiscussed powerful criminal mind.
He has been very cruel, he terrorized South Boston, he arrested every good possibility of growth for that area when he was the boss of the irish mob in South Boston. He acted as a normal man during the 16 years spent in sunny Santa Monica leaving the crime apart. But, what I appreciate the most, he doesn’t pray and he is not particularly religious.






During the filming I discovered a city, Boston.
I knew Boston in the past because of some friends and because a friend of me sold, because she was a shopgirl at that time, to Liz Taylor once some pair of shoes in a very famous shoe store of the city. I reported the news when Liz Taylor died. But apart it, I had to discover much better the city.


My sensation is that Boston is a big city but a small one at the same time.

There is love, connection and humanity. Every news is followed with great intensity and great and good heart. This is remarkable.

Boston is able to be jealous of his stories. This story the one of Whitey is their story.

Whitey’s story is not just the isolated, sad story of a mobster and a part of the city. It’s the most recent and most remarkale story of Boston, it’s the story of a particular historical moment for all the city.





fingersuck FNLife03 chronicle%20of%20jd-4

has been as always wonderfully connected with the city. He always love to do that, for feeling the reality where he will film and he is always incredibly warm with everyone.


He stopped by at the historic Brattle Bookstore, where Ken Gloss content_Ken-Gloss-2 1 bn mnbv 222 url the owner of the bookstore remembered the great interest and appreciation Johnny had had for his selection of books. “He sounded genuinily interested” he declared. Yes, Johnny has always been an avid reader.


Later it was the turn of Roy’s Cold Cuts  10368357_737807142908607_3782839849500156741_o and his stunning pizza. The owner is also a very big fan of the Beatles so the two continued their conversations talking about the recent Johnny’s projects with one of the most important icons of music: Paul McCartney.

He shared moments with fans.

1782132_711022768940094_390800052801108018_n 10306316_711022735606764_5499384120716406810_n


Johnny  had celebrated his 51 years on the set this time. The shooting took place in a special location. Months ago the production was searching for a special house with a special kitchen still remained in the typical ’70s-80s style.

10437668_722334024475635_5408938567981900891_n 10351964_722333974475640_3576031153912493818_n   10442995_722343744474663_4846329845160934653_n9-giugno-2014 10389726_722299781145726_7601767080398614162_n10362374_721971361178568_8082334248250971022_n


Afer the shooting the big surprise.


Johnny has been in grade to sharing with us all his joy for being there and being happy while he was filming: something I particularly appreciate.


Johnny has performed with Willie Nelson and the Aerosmith during these past months and days in Boston.



It seemed that the moment of the final scene shooted by Johnny last monday in the locality of Lynn has been moving. Well maybe not the scene itself. In fact it was pretty cruent.  Johnny/Whitey getting out of a car beated very violently with a wrench a drug dealer.

10509650_300756036764713_5697363905026463666_n 333 HFH 10487552_300756063431377_3220501899604131874_n 10403410_300756100098040_3213425193223781557_n

But the final part (it was a quick scene)  when all the crew interrupted for a long applause the departure of the actor from the set,  has been very, incredibly moving.



Scott Cooper, the director of the movie, and part of the cast will remain in the city for filming in the city of Boston. These last two weeks shootings will involve segments of the FBI’s role in all this Whitey’s story.




Anna Maria Polidori







That problem with the storage locker….

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Whitey’s capture



Mr Bond the owner of the complex where Carol and Charlie Gasko lived called Carol. Carol greig.r had missed the call and returned it after a while asking if it was all right.

Bond admitted that no, it wasn’t all right.

The storage locker, the famous one the couple wanted 16 years ago not asking for a car park space but for this one, was broken and so damaged. Bond thought by someone.

“Should I call the police men or do you want to inspect the damages?”

Carol suggested it would be better if Josh would have met her husband whitey at the storage locker firstly.

It was a trap.

Whitey didn’t want to go out at all whitey but he did. He was of a very bad mood as that last period he constantly was. Now this problem as well!

It was 5:45 pm. Whitey was walking through the garage.

It was a second and a lot of F.B.I. agents plus Los Angeles police officers surrounded him.

After handcuffed, an agent dialled Greig’s phone heldind the cell phone’s up to Whitey’s mouth.

“Stay in the apartment. I’ve been arrested.”


Johnny Depp


johnny-depp bvn 10555203_1506808452885924_1120231092_n early037 JDTWOSTREET jdwquiz johnny_depp_20 johnny501 Johnny Depp by Dan MacMedan depp4 Angelic2TagPlain depp01 johnny732 grunge_color001 brownsuit002 djdhair014 djdhair012 cesarhair010 cesarhair020 brownstripe003

is playing the role of


Whitey Bulger



10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n 10298995_715174731858231_6863301499632720590_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10494638_299416326898684_7829995691654753705_n

in Black Mass.


This one is the first historical reconstruction of the criminal history of the most wanted, researched irish mobster of all the US history: Whitey Bulger. His criminal history is legendary, and I admit incredibly interesting for a reporter. And cinema as well.

The movie is based on the book written by the two Boston Globe‘s former journalists, Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal”. The two have also written: Book cover2-crop Whitey: the life of America’s most notorious mob boss.







Anna Maria Polidori

Catherine and Whitey: their 16 years of a normal and happy life together

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Santa Monica and the new dimension discovered by Whitey and Catherine




It is seriously stunning the book written by Kevin Cullen with Shelley Murphy two Boston Globe’s journalists

WHITEY BULGERamazon: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice

because it is able to offer to the reader another perspective of Whitey Bulger.

A book able to read between the lines of new Whitey’s life with Catherine Greig after he left Boston in 1995. A different Whitey Bulger, this one distant from Boston and from his gang and his numerous crimes.

A person who lived peacefully, without committing any crime for 16 years. And I guess without any regret for having been a good man after a very heavy criminal life.

So let’s be back to this story following what the colleagues of the Globe reported on their book.

Whitey and Catherine spent after their romantic first meeting, more than two years in various American States. Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and so on. Cars and trains the favorite modality for traveling without to be too much recognized.

What Whitey desired was a place where people wouldn’t have noticed them. Some place highly populated, because maybe there were a lot of tourists from various places from all the USA and so they would have been able of camouflaging themselves much better than not finding a house in a State without too much tourism and where people would have asked to themselves maybe: “But who knows if that two are hiding something…That faces are remembering me someone I have seen somewhere else”.


Santa Monica had the profile Whitey was searching for. It is an international city, there are a lot of very rich people, a lot of stars and a niche of tourists plenty of money from many countries in the world. It’s a sunny city, with ocean, beautiful weather all the years. The Eastern eccent of the couple, the Bostonian one wouldn’t have been noticed at all and they would have lived free to do what they wanted to do. Always paying of course some attention.

We all know the fixation of Whitey for the name Charlie but how they obtained the documents? Murphy and Cullen reports this particular too.

Thanks to a homeless called, bingo! Charlie Gaska, the new document. What a joy for Whitey, because Charlie has always been his favorite nickname with which he loved to being called by Teresa Stanley’s children.

They were at Palisades Park when they firstly met the homeless.

The two convinced him of let them use the social security number. Necessary for a rent. The operation went well and Whitey became in a few days Charlie Gasko followed by Carol Gasko always introduced as his wife and they were both in grade of renting an apartment at the Princess Eugenia complex. Two bedroom, two bath, 837 dollars per month.

No need for a reserved parking space the two needed just a storage locker.

It will be important this storage locker at the end of Charlie Gasko’s story, but we will see all later.

Whitey was and still is an avid reader, so during the years he spent to Santa Monica he bought and read several hundreds books.
Chosen topics? Typical ones of most men and if he wouldn’t have been a mafioso I would have classified him as the common man interested in typical men’s topics: crime, war, history, military story. Some of these books involved organized crime. He also read: Escape from Alcatraz, a movie too with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage (Whitey personally knew during his long criminal career the prison of Alcatraz as well), Master of Disguise, American mafia. A book to him very inspirational during the years: Secrets of a Back-Alley ID Man. It offered a lot of advices for creating new identities.Whitey with the time created a lot of business cards to Catherine Greig using this book as inspiration and using various false names.

Plus F.B.I. agents found many books involving Hitler and second World War.
Whitey is in fact a passionate readers of facts involving that dictator.

The couple told to the neighbors that they were from Chicago.
No one asked questions, and although there were people from Boston living in Santa Monica no one seemed to recognize in this man in his 60s with mustache and beard whitey-bulgerB.JPG__1308856943_4622 whitey the notorious gangster of their city: Whitey Bulger whitey 4. It was as if Whitey would have been “deleted” forever from the mind of people and from the same Whitey’s mind.

Whitey of course didn’t never go out without wearing sunglasses and a large hatwhitey-bulgerB.JPG__1308856943_4622 . He wasn’t a star, trying to avoid fans’ attention, but someone, seriously someone incredibly wanted for other reasons and not for an autograph. He needed to pay a lot of attention to it. The fact that maybe that particular style is common in Santa Monica for not being constantly recognized  I guessed helped him as well for not being noticed too much for this eccentricity as it would have happened in other places.


His companion in the mid 40’s loved to go out always with make-up.
They both loved to wear very clear induments when they went out. Carol/Catherine always wore white dresses.


Whitey continued to cultivate a passion for weapons. Whitey during the years spent here and there with Catherine bought somethinglike 30 weapons. He always said to a friend: “It’s recommended to have a hobby after one retires”. He hided them in some holes in the apartment.

They had also a large amount of cash money although they lived very frugally.

They didn’t sleep together, Whitey and Catherine. Catherine slept in the guest bedroom.

The couple loved to buying through catalogs. Let’s see what they bought. In the Vermont Country Store catalog she bought flannel nightgowns and New England jellies.
She bought through a mail catalogue of a Kentucky company castile shop and ordered from Road Runner Sports $103 New Balance sneakers.
Catherine loved the 99 cents store.

The couple joined the AARP for receiving senior discounts.
She also loved to shopping at the farmer’s market.


It happened a day in the distant 2000 in Fountain Valley.


F.B.I. was searching for the couple that it was previously seen it seems to London and other places in the past. Someone, the owner of a hair salon recognized thanks to the segnaletic pictures the agents brought also to her hair salon Catherine Greig. The lady paid 16 dollars cash for the treatment was Catherine Greig for sure, assured the lady remembering that the husband of this lady preferred to stay into the car.


Other precautions were taken and ms Greig decided of stop to coloring her hair. In fact once captured her hair were mainly white.

Their life was changed. No need to be back to the past. Their posters and their faces changed.


The wall of diffidence Whitey had built up during the years with his neighbors slowly slowly fell and he became a very good neighbor for everyone. He needed to talk with someone and make new friendship.
The couple searched for younger people with which sharing their interests and passions.

Whitey started to place the free press newsmagazine at the doorsteps of his friends, telling to them of reading the police blotter.

He helped a single young woman with some good self-defence advice.

There is the anedoct of Whitey and Catherine knocking at her door. The young girl opened without exitation the door and Whitey said her: “Look, this one is a great method for let enter also unwanted or dangerous people. You must protect yourself”.

It’s an unrecognizable Whitey this one and maybe was also correct what said a police man in pension regarding to the difficulties experienced for capturing Whitey: “It was difficult to capture Whitey because Whitey was not anymore a gangster” and didn’t act anymore as a gangster, that was true.

Some women told that the couple could appear at time “cold” but of course Whitey was much more old than Catherine and the past enthusiasm for flirting over.

Of course he had his own thoughts. Sure he was living in a wonderful place and peacefully but he knew that in another moment of his existence he was Whitey Bulger, and Whitey wasn’t a man you could be proud of.
For too many reasons and because Whitey in his life had seen more negativity than positivity for a very personal choice and not because constricted by the events, of course he couldn’t be a sunny man.

Catherine couldn’t be a sunny woman either. That one of living close to Whitey has been her most dangerous dream because once captured if captured, it would have meant to going to jail for several years because she had helped to harbor a very big criminal man.

For love.

A lady would have later said: “She was young and she looked very pretty. He was old and grizzled. I kept thinking to myself, ‘What are they doing together?”Whitey and Catherine

Catherine had strongly fighted for spending some more time of her existence with Whitey and feeling a great frustration for being maybe a second choice. Teresa for many years, 30 years, has been in fact the most important Whitey’s woman. That woman had had children as well, something like four and Whitey had grown up them without hesitation and largely as if they would have been his own children.


A family Catherine couldn’t give him because they were hiding themselves and because Whitey as also said to Cyr didn’t want other children.




whitey and teresa

Whitey and Teresa

Of all these ones for sure Catherine has been the most sacrified one to me, because Teresa has lived her story without too many thoughts close to Whitey  with teresa stanley whitey and teresa sense of humor whitey and teresa with some parrots whitey and teresa 2


It hasn’t been the case of Catherine. She followed her big love in the hardest period of his life. With a great devotion.

Life for the rest was going on well.

It was wonderfully good ’til may 1 2011 when a very happy, cheerful President Barack Obama announced to the Usa and the entire world Osaba bin Laden was captured and killed.




Great feast in the entire territory of the Usa, a funeral at Whitey’s house in Santa Monica.


To Whitey it meant in fact the beginning of the end. He perfectly knew of being, after Osama bin Laden the most wanted and researched man on the Top Ten List of the F.B.I. He was now the Number One.

He perfectly knew that from now on his existence would have been much much more difficult.

Two millions of dollars as a reward for signaling his presence in Santa Monica too much attractive for someone for not talking. whitey 3  anna _

Whitey knew that and he wasn’t illuded.

He became a recluse and he became an extra thought and a great worry for Catherine this change of character of her partner.


Maybe Charlie/Whitey had imagined another end. Living these final years of his existence appreciated and loved from neighbors and his new friends.

It started to be very important to him. In fact once re-put in jail he wrote to every neighbors he had met and interacted with for telling to them that he wasn’t the monster everyone now was saying he was.
And then: what people could have thought of him? Some of them would have told the truth if they would have recognize him? Some of them know who he really was and anyway they accepted him for his new identity? I think that maybe these thoughts could have been constantly on his mind.
He fell in a horrible mental state.

No more visits at the neighbors’ houses for the free press newsmagazine, no more visit at the house of the young woman for trying to see if she was learning to being more cautious with dangerous people. No more chat with the owner of the complex where he lived. Nothing. Every human contact was cut out.


Catherine started to invent a lot of illnesses. Charlie? Some hospitalization, a difficult prostate condition prostrated him a lot, a new enphisema, some Alzheimer as well and the desire of Charlie of staying alone because depressed.

Plus the couple added a handrwritten piece of paper on the door where they asked of not being disturbed and not knocking.


In a way if in the past neighbors could have doubted of the real identity of the couple Gasko maybe with this behavior attention was much more vivid and maybe neighbors  if some of them suspected something could be sure of who realistically the couple was. But no one talked.  People were always more worried for Charlie’s poor conditions and they were missing him a lot.


In the while spring 2011 the strategy of the F.B.I. for arriving to capture Whitey changed-This time the winning strategy’s had a name and last name: Catherine Greig.  Identikit and pics Catherine Most wanted  greig.r  whitey and catherine 2 The agents knew that maybe using this very powerful “key” they would have been able to open the door of new Whitey’s house and existence.

And it happened. Whitey was captured because of a…cat and a friendship with a Miss Iceland 1974 anna 2 miss iceland 2 Anna Bjornsdottir.


Big passion Catherine loved to sharing with this miss, miss iceland 2 Anna, for feeding abandoned cats.

Once back in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland, watching the CNN, for Anna the shocking discovery.

Anna didn’t hesitate for a second. She called the F.B.I. office located in Los Angeles leaving a message on an answering machine.
“They were my neighbors.They live in Santa Monica” she could have said.


Biopic and still unnamed movie I will call Black Mass starring Johnny Depp


gjh  sss rttrwowmnmnbJohnny_vcbannie Ldgfggfgfhghhgfhgfjjhjhsddasds

as Whitey Bulger


10298995_715174731858231_6863301499632720590_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10330519_715174898524881_8099084409602884287_n 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n 10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n 10492218_297200510453599_5041930842082269221_n-crop

is reconstructing the criminal adventure lived by Whitey Bulger.  They’re shooting this summer in Boston and the movie is inspired by the nonfictional book written by Dick Lehr and Gerald O’Neill Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger the FBI and a devil’s deal.


Anna Maria Polidori

Teresa, Catherine and their love for Whitey

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Portrait of a triangle


Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, two former journalists and writers of the Boston Globe (they have followed Whitey’s criminal life per years)  on their latest book WHITEY BULGER: amazonAmerica’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice add a lot of very interesting details regarding Whitey’s domestic and public life.


It’s time of portraying this impressive triangle: Teresa, Catherine and Whitey the “bigamous” of the situation.


First of all let’s say that  Whitey was surrounded by a lot of molls. I took in consideration in the past, talking largely of her, ms Cyr.


Cyr is still saying to the world: “My Jimmy was a different man from the one they all say he is”. Undoubtedly one thing is true: Whitey has been one of the worsest criminal of this world but apparently he has been a very good partner  for all his women.

Since now I haven’t read any complaints in fact from his numerous companions.

It appears pretty weird that a man so hard and with such a curriculum of horrible crimes could be a good man at home.

Of course it is incredibly comforting to discover that the mafioso, the mobster once with a girl left outside the domestic walls of a private house the most horrible part of his character.

Whitey although never married has alwas researched a certain stability with the little or big harem he built up with the time. Girls located in various areas of the city.

It is not surprising that two women in particular in a crucial moment of his life have been very important: Teresa Stanley with teresa stanley With Stanley in the '80sand Catherine Greig Catherine .

These two ones in fact have been his main and most important relationships of all his life. The first one, Teresa has been his companion for 30 years. Relationship ended up in 1995 when Whitey left for good Boston. Catherine knew him and had a relationship with him from 20 years (in 1995) and followed him harboring one of the most wanted fugitive of the history of the Usa for other 16 years.

Catherine Greig is described by the Globe’s journalists as a weird Southie (South Boston) girl because she pretended much more than her schoolmates. She was an ambitious girl.

Colleagues reports on their book she wrote in the 1969 High Yearbook she had medical ambitious. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact the girl after the high school studied for two years at the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists

She was very intelligent and chosen from a very good and prestigious periodontist and research scientist for working in his laboratory.

While work was going on well a very young Greig married a certain Bobby McGonagle and it was immediately a nightmare. In 1973 they split up obtaining the divorce in 1977.They split up because Bobby was found with Catherine’s twin. Oh well!

Catherine met Whitey firstly when she was 24. There was again a big age difference, 22 years (as seen also with Cyr).

It is still unclear if this girl didn’t know Whitey had killed two of her relatives, one for error,  and another because member of a rival gang.

Maybe she didn’t mind. Maybe she didn’t know who Whitey was, although it seems pretty impossible because she lived in South Boston and not in another area where maybe some news could be neglected.  She lived in s peaceless area because of Whitey’s gang and criminality.


And Whitey wasn’t exactly a little and sporadic criminal. If you look at the pictures the idea is of a very powerful and rich criminal man. Everyone had to know who realistically was: the boss of the local irish mob and not the poor man who maybe at time could steal something in a supermarket for feeding the family because unemployed.

What happened in the immediate was for Catherine a change in…altitude. Expensive clothes and fur coats, jewels,a different girl in a little while.

Friends understood this choice although it meant living a perilous and not anymore tranquil life.

“She wanted to be loved” said a Greig’s friend to Cullen and Murphy on their book.

It is certainly without discussion that what happened between her twin sister and Bobby, her husband, was absolutely horrible, deprecable. Being very young and cheated by the peoople she loved the most Catherine wanted to find someone else able to loving her back. And maybe she would have been able to give to him back some trust considering what happened before in her past sentimental experience. Pretty disastrous and not for her fault.

Maybe for this reasone she was searching for a sort of dad, able to giving to her the security she hadn’t found with a contemporary and a man maybe unable to cheating her again. Sure in this case the man was Whitey Bulger.


At the same time while Catherine was thinking to be the princess for her special “criminal prince”, there is to say that Whitey’s bed was more populated.


Another lady much more important than Greig in fact was in Whitey’s mind: her name Teresa Stanley.

Teresa had had four chidlren by a previous relationship when Whitey fell in love for her. To him it wasn’t an important detail that one and he grew up that children as if they would have been his own. This one is impressive. There are remarkable considerations of these grown-up children always saying that they’re grateful to Whitey for what he did for them. His generosity has been great with them and the children considered him like their dad although they didn’t call him dad but “Charlie”. The name later Whitey  would have chosen for his false identity.

Teresa Stanley moved with the four children thanks to Whitey from South Boston on Telegraph Hill in 1976.
Teresa obviously didn’t know anything of the existence of the other girl, Catherine Greig. Who knows if she had a pale idea of Cyr and the story of Douglas Glenn. I guess it’s strongly excluded ’til very recent times. News of Whitey’s paternity in fact has been revealed just in more recent years, in 2010.

Although Whitey’s bed was very populated with a lot of other girls, there is to say that the two with which Whitey had confidence remained Catherine and Teresa the second one totally unaware of the existence of the other girl.

With the time Whitey started to developing a routine like a bigamous husband.

He loved to spend every night the dinner time at Stanley house. I guess that he felt a great sense of normality with a lady with four children and maybe he felt more than in any other places the word: family, impossible to pronounce for a boss like him.

He didn’t stay for the night. He slept at Greig’s home.

In a way these two ladies meant to him all. He felt stability with Teresa and passion, freedom and trasgression with Catherine Greig.

Catherine has always lived constantly with the fear of losing Whitey and so maybe she bettered her face and body with a lot  of  plastic surgery operations. News breasts, facial lifting, liposuction, eyelid surgery.
Of course paid by Whitey, but I guess this was implied.

Catherine knew all about Teresa and of course she was jealous of her. So one night, on 1994, she called Teresa.
“We have to talk” it seems Catherine said to Teresa.

Teresa was still convinced she was the only Whitey’s important woman.

They had spent various trips in Europe. Whitey was always good with her and the children. Whitey for sure felt he had met a very important lady for his life. But he also thought the other relationship he was living with Catherine Greig was great for him.

Two different women, two different characters, two different life’s expectations and two different way of “living”  these relationships for Whitey.

In a way Whitey could change with each of them his “personal skin” to me.

With Teresa he could be a loving partner but a dad to,  being there when necessary with children and Teresa. A real family I am sure he adored.

With Catherine he could be younger, wilder, where possible and without to feeling responsabilities the hours he spent with her.

Three decades together, of course Teresa, maybe more ingenous than Catherine couldn’t believe possible he was surrounded by someone else as important as she was for Whitey.


The meeting at Catherine Greig’s home. The two women of course in tension talked in the living room.

Teresa discovered while Catherine was speaking that Catherine had a relationship with Whitey from more than 20 years.

Catherine specified she loved him and couldn’t believe of continuing to live an existence dividing his companion with Teresa.

Teresa must have looked at that lady as at a ghost.

How could have been possible?

She had spent 30 years with Whitey without understanding he had had close to him such another important love-story like this one was? Possible?

In the while someone who had seen the two women together had called Whitey and Whitey run at Catherine’s home as soon as possible for trying to save the situation.

He didn’t want to lose these two women. A choice would have been impossible to him.

At the same time Whitey knew his time was over in South Boston. He was in fact under pressure because he knew that a multi-count extortion indictment was ready for him and some people of his gang.

Whitey intimated to Teresa of leaving the house with him.

Teresa was very irritated for Whitey’s behavior and said: “No!” crying desperately and adding of course she felt the sensation of being a real fool, because Whitey was cheating her with this girl from 20 years! And not just from a day.

She didn’t notice anything. Whitey has been a real “bigamous” for a long time without to being married.

So Whitey according the recostruction of the colleagues of the Globe, tried to strungle Greig, leaving later her alone and at least accompanying Teresa home.

He also clarified as all the possible cheaters existing in this world do that the story with Catherine was over.

Of course Teresa didn’t believe at these words. She knew that this second relationship had to be too much serious for Whitey for being closed in a second.

At the same time after the horrible discussion at Catherine’s house the day Teresa attended the meeting with her, when Whitey was back at Catherine’s door days later, Catherine was just able to saying him. “Come on in”.

But this strange triangle knew an end soon.

On december 23 1994 in fact John Connolly it seemed stopped by at Whitey’s South Boston liquor store.

Indictment was ready for some of these mafiosi. Air was changing. It was better to leave Boston.

Whitey was busy with the latest Christmas’s presents with Teresa when he stopped by at the liquor store and talked with his man. The two wouldn’t never bought other gifts, but after what reported to Whitey by his man, Whitey decided of leaving Boston.

A romantic Christmas’ Eve in New York, and New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.

Once in Florida Whitey would have picked up cash and some phony identification he had stashed in a safe deposit box years earlier.

This joke cost something like 6 months to Whitey’s brother John, years later, another judge, incriminated because  he had helped his brother and acted so against justice, the motivation of the sentence.

And Whitey there is to say left a lot of traces behind him putting in difficulty the brother, who of course paid for the “gesture of helping a brother”, as John Bulger’s brother’s defense tried to put all the story.

Whitey didn’t want to abandon Boston. It was the last of his thoughts.

Maybe the story of the indictment wasn’t real. Who knows? But when Whitey and Teresa where driving home and they were still in Connecticut the news of Rifleman (Flemmi) arrested convinced Whitey to turning the car around.

Teresa started to be worried of this situation. She had left home four children. What kind of justification could offer to them?
Did she realistically feel the desire of following this so much loved man in this new adventure leaving his children alone? And if they would have been away forever? She would have lost all their education, every possible joy a mom can feels.

She said to Whitey one day she couldn’t do that. She didn’t want to live as they were living.

Whitey dropped her off in the car park of a Chili’s at a mile of distance from her daughter’s house.

The end of this relationship? Well, not romantic at all. After 30 years of life together, Whitey said her: “See ya” and Teresa replied: “See ya”. Depressing for sure.

Teresa died in 2012 and Whitey hasn’t never met her anymore.

Whitey didn’t cry at all at long because he had lost a companion. He had as all the boss of this world have, a real good plan “B”: Catherine Greig. If Teresa wouldn’t be available he would have chosen her for this new existential adventure.

Catherine was simply thrilled of being chosen.

In this case the meeting was very romantic and Kevin Weeks would have remembered later: “It was like something out of Casablanca”.


Johnny Depp

22_17 chronicle%20of%20jd%20-1

johnny007 johnny012 jeans01 johnny003 depp222 depp01 fingersuck johnny007 crose2038 potc2517 jdepp JDZhomepic108



is playing the role of


Whitey Bulger



Real Whitey on the rightThanks to Lory Depp Girl for the picture/collage

10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n 10298995_715174731858231_6863301499632720590_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10494638_299416326898684_7829995691654753705_n

in Black Mass.


This one is the first historical reconstruction of the criminal history of the most wanted, researched irish mobster of all the US history: Whitey Bulger. His criminal history is legendary, and I admit incredibly interesting for a reporter. And cinema as well.

The movie is based on the book written by the two Boston Globe‘s former journalists, Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal”.





Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny special guitarist

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Johnny Depp performing with the Aerosmith




Thanks to Lory for all the pics


Lory pics thanks

Johnny Depp    at the concert of the band Aerosmith on july 16 in Boston at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.


Johnny performed with Steven Tyler and his band in the final song: “Train Kept a-Rolling”.  10414454_299208816919435_1526501778235203062_n10500253_299221190251531_1084202798252358345_n 10501857_299208920252758_7557039265814392492_n 10413314_299162110257439_6239415035631134809_n 10387672_299208870252763_6561310953528690123_n

A band old something like 45 years, incredible to believe, 66 years the leader of the band, and always a great successes wherever they go.

Anna Maria Polidori

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