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Roald Dahl: A biography by Jeremy Treglown

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The dad of Charlie and the chocolate factory in a wonderful new detailed biography on bookshops these days



Who was Roald Dahl?

I know him as the writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Being a Johnny 22_10 Depp’s fan I appreciate the movie created by Johnny Depp in couple with Tim Burton charlie1 trailer01005 so badly and of course later I read most of Dahl’s production.


I didn’t know anything of Dahl’s private life, his character. Nothing.

Reading this book cover91621-medium of the former editor of the Times Literary Supplement Jeremy Treglown: Roald Dahl a Biography published by Open Road Integrated Media every reader will open a fascinating window in Roald Dahl’s life discovering myriads of anecdotes of an extraordinary, sometimes eccentric man.

Treglown has been more than complete and exhaustive. He analyzed all Dahl’s life with incredible cure, passion and love.

Dahl was a man, Treglown writes with the desire to return to childhood maybe because during his childhood he lost a lot of components of his family.
Not a premature writer at all, Dahl became successful after the 40s.
Oh yes, he wrote most of the time, but real success would have knocked at his door only lately.

His best and remarkable books: The Gremlins, George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Witches, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with a first movie in 1971 and another one wanted by the couple Tim Burton and Johnny Depp in most recent times, 2005.

Roald Dahl was for sure a macho man. Very tall and handsome characteristics these ones of his dad. His parents were both Norwegians.

Dahl didn’t always appear at his best with people. A friend of Dahl revealed at Treglown that it depended which side he wanted to let you show.

Born on Sept 13th 1916 his dad Harald died when he was still 4 years and other disgraces and lost interested his family so little Dahl started to being affectionate to his mom to him an icon of perfection if compared to all the rest of women of the world, classified by him “witches.” Roald was called by his mother “The Apple”. Being the little man of the house everyone after the departure of his dad waited a lot from him.

What kind of kid was Dahl? A toddler fascinated by birds, butterflies, and highly influenced by the rich traditions of Northern European Fairy-Tales, and in particular by witches.

Roald Dahl wasn’t a great scholar although he loved reading. He was interested on authors with a certain masculinity in their writing as for example was Kipling.

Can we say the author of the book asks, that Dahl had a distorted personality and reticence about schoolboy homosexuality?

When in Repton Dahl assisted at various episodes and he didn’t hesitate to report this behavior.

Bullism was a reality of a certain importance but Roald Dahl, tall and strong couldn’t risk to be bullied by his companions.

Once at Repton Dahl felt melancholy for his mom, his dad. He also started at home a collection of birds’ eggs.

Contradictions in Dahl are numerous. If he complained for the behavior of some schoolmates, at the same time he didn’t hesitate to put sadistic and cruel nicknames at his oldest friends reports Treglown.

Young Dahl discovered a room that became his refugee and where he loved to spend his afternoon every Sunday. He also started to develop a big passion for photography and at school he played football, cricket. He was also a passionate of golf.

Because his votes were not excellent it was excluded to him Cambridge or Oxford. He found a work in a refinery and he drove a truck while at the same time he worked at London in the Shell’s office.

Dahl found attraction for girls contemporaries like him but also, maybe because there weren’t serious implications in this case, for married ladies.

His desires of visiting with Shell Africa accomplished and once returned his positions close to the ones of the colonialism.

Once published Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, some polemics involved the role of the Oompa-Loompa for this reason.

An old friend of Dahl introduced the future writer of Charlie at the beauty of flowers and in particulars orchids.

When the war started to be seriously real for express desires of Roald Dahl the family moved from Kent to Wales because Dahl thought maybe Kent could be bombarded.

Once in war his mom always in his thoughts and when he had a bad accident injuring back and nose, reconstructed, her mom wrote him eight letters waiting anxiously for his answer.
Once the war over he was introduced at the White House and Hollywood started to flirting with him.

The reason The Gremlins, inspired at the last Second World War Conflict.

Disney, apart Snow White, a big success of 1937 hadn’t known big hits with Pinocchio and Fantasia, and they were searching for some novelties.

The Gremlins became a Disney Picture book published by Random House.

This first experience with a major like Disney meant to Dahl the beginning of his career as a writer although it was still unclear to him if he wanted to become a writer for children or adults.

Alfred Knop read Taste in 1952 published by The New Yorker and searched for him. Dahl in contact with him, more than pleasant to share with him his material. This one started to be published in various magazines.

Times passed by and in 1968 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a big success for the author and as we know a first movie as told before realized in 1971.

In 1980s Dahl reclaims paperback rights to six most important titles, starting a new collaboration with the Viking Penguin and the division of children’s book created by Penguin, Puffin.

Dahl has had a lot of women but the most important ones two. He knew Pat Neal when still young although their relationship weird enough. The two will divorce in 1983 when Dahl 66 and Neal 56. Dahl in the while met another woman Felicity with which she was living an affair from various time.

Talking of competition and again relationship with other writers Roald Dahl didn’t offer any kind of support at Salman Rushdie when he lived a terrible experience immediately after his book The satanic Verses released. This connection with Rushdie always cold.

Roald Dahl started to experiencing a strong back pain and later it was discovered leukemia.

The author said that he could have coped with death but he was sad because dying would have meant to live his family although according to him world wasn’t all that great place where to live.

Dahl died on November 23 1990.

After his departure it was created a foundation helping literacy, neurology, hematology. In 1992 the foundation helped an illness still not very well-known: epilepsy. It was built a center, and donated a minibus for school with epileptic children.

Roald Dahl is this and much more reading this informative, great, stunning book written by Jeremy Treglown and I am more than sure that the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be a surprising portrait for a lot of fans around the world.

Many thanks to and the publisher.

Anna Maria Polidori


Johnny Depp at the 95.5 KLOSFM ‬JonesJukebox‬

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Pictures if the event Johnny attended this June 27th

Johnny was guests of this radio station to LA for telling his experience with the Hollywood Vampires. With him other members of the group.
and pictures

13501739_570017203171927_6834170178367458276_n 13521928_570017153171932_1239026881913670808_n 13524336_570017136505267_2171408540803494265_n 13537631_570017109838603_577574689488039826_n



Thanks Lory for pictures



Anna Maria Polidori

Unbelievalble but true: The framed pic of Tiger the Stray Cat back to Catherine Greig family

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The picture of the beloved cat desired again by the family of Greig

Although it is not clear if there were people close to Bulger at the auction for re-buying some objects last Saturday 24th, it’s more than sure that although Tiger The Stray Cat created a lot of turmoil bringing the couple of fugitive Bulger and Greig in prison on June 22 2011, the family Greig wanted back the picture of this beloved pet.
For this purpose an attorney from South Boston, Lane, spotted at the auction.
The attorney bought for $110 some framed pictures of dogs and cats including the one of Tiger The Stray Cat.
Cats and dogs the most favorite animals of Bulger and Greig.
The attorney told to the reporters of the Boston 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n (Johnny Depp in the role of the mobster of South Boston in the movie Black Mass directed by Scott Cooper) Globe he bought these pictures for passing them at Catherine Greig’s twin sister Margaret and later surely once released from prison at Catherine Greig. Greig will be released from prison in 2020.

The auction was a real big success. Many objects owned by “Whitey” Bulger in South Boston on June 24th auctioned at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with 75 bidders in South Boston and 225 online.

Organized for benefit the families of people killed by Bulger and his affiliates, the Boston Globe reports and confirms that many objects auctioned were sold.

There were items for everyone and every wallet: from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

Someone decided to bring home the boxing mannequin. the headless one discovered once the FBI visited the house of the mobster once arrested on June 22 2011.
The bidder brought home the mannequin for $4,900.

The Globe reveals also the name of the new mannequin’s owner: John Kelley. Mr. Kelley from Andover confesses he didn’t buy it for keeping home an object of a big criminal but for supporting the families of the victims

The famous big 40-inch flat screen Sony television sold for $190. At the end a cheap price.

Someone decided to buying the ASICS sneakers of the mobster, never worn, at the price of $55.

Some people afforded to Boston just for bidding some books of the mobster. As a lot of men Bulger doesn’t love relaxing stories at all and as reported by the Globe someone complained: “It’s all war, it’s all violence” maybe a bit deluded. A Bible and a cookbook for curing blood pressure the less stressing books people could bring home.

But what maybe interested readers/bidders the most was to discovering through the annotations in the books “Whitey” read the “brain of a killer”, the mind of a killer.

Someone was searching for Bulger’s social security card, a sensitive card in the USA able to open myriads of information about a person.

People that couldn’t be physically at Boston could bid at

The rat-shaped pencil holder was sold for $3,600.
After all although pretty upset for this nickname “Whitey” sounds to have some sense of humor buying who knows where, this pencil holder.
He always refused to admit that he was an informant of the FBI.

The hat “Whitey” worn when captured sold for $6,400.

Not all the people bidded reported the Globe.

Some just wanted to stay in company drinking a beer, chatting with someone and trying to see with curiosity the possessions of “Whitey” Bulger.

In this sense some people remained deluded. Maybe they imagined that while Bulger was on the run he lived in the luxury. It was the opposite. The couple Bulger-Greig lived frugally.

A bidder bought a pair of used slippers and shoes of “Whitey.” The price much more high than the one of the ASICS pair of shoes never used. $210.

The hand-carved pine crucifix bought by Brooks with also the replica of the 1986 Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup championship ring.
He pair for the ring $9,100. Someone inscribed in the ring: “Thanks Jim, Love Chris & Karen.”
You will ask: who are Karen and Chris? Karen was one of the daughters of Teresa Stanley one of the most important Bulger’s girlfriends, the one Catherine Greig was jealous of, and Chris is her husband. Chris Nolan is a member of the Canadians championship team.

The claddagh gold diamond ring was sold for $23,000.
The buyer said that he would have spent a lot of money for buying it. This only piece interested him.

The diamond ring of Catherine Greig sold for $14,500 at an online bidder.

$1,000 paid 10 of Jimmy Bulger’s hats.

The man bought the hats, Kelley, said he wants to present these hats at the dad of his fiancee. Everyone thinks he lookalikes a lot at the mobster of South Boston.

In total at the end of the auction accumulated $109,000.

Anna Maria Polidori

source: Boston Globe

A first bid for “Whitey” rat-shaped pencil holder

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This auction is  intriguing a lot of potential buyers

Surprise surprise, there has been a first important, crucial bid for the auction will interest many items once in possession of Jimmy Bulger, this Saturday in Boston: the one for the rat-shaped pencil holder. Long term informant of the FBI someone classified him with that word. “Whitey” never loved that animal or word, but after all using some sense of humor bought this pencil holder. $2600 the price launched.

The Boston Globe launched the news yesterday morning. the website where the bid launched  and where you can find all the items for a bid.
Preliminary bids still accepted.

But other news…. As reported by the Globe another preliminary bid for Bulger’s personal desk calendar, maybe a bit out-of-date for $60. “Whitey” loved to add there his daily blood pressure and it was annotated also the day he was captured on 22 June 2011. This one a crucial item for who wants to keep home a piece of criminal history of a famous mobster.

As we know during his experience to Alcatraz Bulger agreed for being tested with LSD. An experience devastated his brain leaving him with horrible nightmares. After that, the mobster can’t sleep anymore in the darkness but always keeping light on.

This item a handwritten note of this experiment classified as “Unethical treatment” and “Manic elation to the depths of depression.”

This auction will help, financially, all the families of 20 people killed by Bulger or other affiliates of his gang, the Winter Hall one, plus there are three Bulger extortions victims.


Shelley Murphy for the Boston 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n (Johnny Depp in Black Mass as Jimmy Bulger) Globe reported also that the victims of the South Boston mobster will start to receive this week over $39,000 each. This money the one discovered in the house of the mobster when captured in Santa Monica on June 2011.

Back to the auction.

A lot of items will be sold: a headless mannequin, many shoes, many books, most of them about war, crime and history and you can find a lot of annotations made by the same Bulger.

Some annotations from the books: on Ghettostadt by Gordon Horwitz, “Whitey” suggests that they camp of Auschwitz should have been reopened again for the guards tortured Jewish people while in Last Train in Alcatraz, Bulger not happy for what written by the author adding he did a “disservice” and the book: “Strictly fiction.”

A skull belt buckle, sunglasses , a Christmas Tree but if you need some Christmas decoration go for it. You will find them as well. Then a Bible, an iron I guess used by Catherine Greig, framed pictures of cats and dogs, but surprise, also a lot of cat mugs, a fixation of the couple. This animal would have betrayed them thanks to the good heart of Greig for poor abandoned cats. You can also bring home a survival suit, binoculars, a crucifix, “Whitey” and Catherine are catholic.

You can also buy a diamond ring donated by Whitey at Catherine Greig. Go for it, for a special gift to your wife or girlfriend. After all Bulger has been lucky with his women.
This diamond ring can be bought at $15,000 to $20,000.

The Claddagh diamond ring of Bulger more or less is estimated $10,000- $15,000.


Anna Maria Polidori

Where is Johnny Depp?

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Surprise: the post man can still find him  at Little Halls Pond Cay 😉



People Magazine in an exclusive piece two days ago discovered where Johnny Depp can be found at the moment: in his little island, Little Halls Pond Cay.

Johnny 22_20 Depp is recuperating from a lot of stress.

Lately the departure of his beloved mother Betty Sue Palmer left him with a lot of pain in his heart. Let’s add that the news that Amber Heard asked for divorcing from him while he was starting the promotion of Alice Through the Looking Glass and the tour with the Hollywood Vampires didn’t add any lightness at life.

Sources of People discovered that Johnny at the moment doesn’t have any plan to return to L.A.
“He doesn’t miss anything of that life”, added the source to People.

Sure he is missing his kids tremendously, and so Lily-Rose 17 years, stayed for some time on the island with his dad days ago and it is waited also Vanessa Paradis who will accompany Jack, 14 for a visit.

What it is more than sure is that everyone is trying “To cheer him up” said the source to People.

Johnny loves to receive visits, because he loves to be surrounded by friends and relatives.

Johnny Depp still hopes that all this story of the divorce can be settle out of court.

What it is more important, not only Johnny doesn’t want to talk often of Amber Heard but he wants to move on.

Johnny, remember what the tarots said: relax a lot and re-discover yourself.


Anna Maria Polidori



source: People

Who’s cheated who?

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Theoretically and practically?

There is no peace for the acrimonious split between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

This story, immensely wanted by Johnny NassauJune2005039Depp many years ago with Amber Amber Heard Heard brought him a terrible spiral of perdition. The man lost, completely lost his head for Heard as in Pirates 3 the preacher for the mermaid. Remember that section of the story?

Johnny’s eyes slowly slowly not only lost their sparkle of joy, but they became sometimes lifeless.

Fans started to think: but what the hell is happening? He is living a story with a girl more young than him of 23 years, he should be more than happy. But it didn’t seem that this new relationship was bringing happiness. Or maybe, not apparently.

At the end Johnny is a mature guy, and Amber still a very young gal. Maybe Johnny had conquered her and was satisfied. Heard satisfied of the star of Hollywood and the new husband.

I think that they have been happy. Do you know where and when? At Boston while filming Black Mass. I guess that during that months Johnny and Amber were happy together.10389726_722299781145726_7601767080398614162_n

At the moment the latest news published by E! online reports that one of the biggest fights of the couple when Heard thought that maybe the husband was cheating her.

This news is pretty new because in the past it was reported that Johnny was seriously jealous about some of Amber Heard’s female friends, in particular her ex Tasya Van Rees the most important relationship of Heard reported E! hf online.

When in fact Amber filmed The Rum 0 Diaries she still was with Rees. And maybe Johnny curious because in this case he would have stolen the girl not at another man but at a woman, started to flirting with her, conquering her heart.

This friendship between Heard and Van Rees continued also after their official split and the news that Amber Heard was dating Johnny Depp.

During the relationship with Van Rees, four happy years together seeing the various pictures online, Amber Heard announced to the world to be lesbian going proud of it.

The news Johnny was trying to capture the heart of this lesbian/bisexual girl shocked at first the star-system.

For Johnny Depp this friendship with Van Rees and with other friends unacceptable and reason for being upset with Heard according to E! online.

Husbands can go out…Of course men are men but in this case, in the relationship with Heard, Johnny was won by a his same sensations and this great perdition.
Won, because all his possible defenses fell. Won, because he became weak. Won because if before he knew who he was, then he got lost in a profundity of emotions and sensations maybe never tried before doing this world and the other.

Of course Johnny Depp annie Lpotentially can have wagons of women but that wouldn’t prove that he has forgotten Amber Heard.

He stills love Amber Heard and for her he changed completely his life.

He was the most powerful and paid actor of Hollywood. Plenty of success.

He had a beautiful and wonderful lady close to him and two stunning children.

The portrait of the Depp-Paradis family idyllic and romantic. We were all envious because of course each of us would have been at the place of Vanessa Paradis but we also admitted as fans that they were a wonderful couple and for sure we hadn’t to cut out Vanessa from a picture where there was Johnny in. They were beautiful together. Vanessa is an icon of style and class and Vanessa has been loved also by all of us and she is still loved.

Maybe of course, doors closed they experienced their own problems as every couple have, but surely they were a very good and balanced couple.
Vanessa Paradis a wise lady able to help her husband to become more wise in terms of alcohol and cigarettes reducing his addictions.

With her, Johnny Depp discovered stability, joy, happiness, fatherhood.

Recently the ex partner Vanessa Paradis admitted that with her Johnny Depp has never been abusive or nasty verbally or using hands.

Vanessa wrote a letter last May 27th

To whom it may concern

in which she says:

Johnny Depp is the father of my two children,
he is a sensitive, loving and loved person,
and I believe with all my heart,
that these recent allegations being made
are outrageous,

In all these years I have been with Johnny
he has never been physically abusive and this looks
like nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years


Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa and the letter she sent to TMZ

Vanessa said clearly that she spent “14 wonderful years close to him” and that the man portrayed by the allegations followed the requests of divorce from Amber Hear, unknown to her.

A source of Plan-de-la-Tour told to E!online: “Everybody in the French community in France that know Vanessa and Johnny have only ever said good things about him. Vanessa and Johnny didn’t split because he was allegedly abusive to her, they are still best friends and still get along really well. Vanessa loves him still and her French friends do too.”

There is also to add,  people of Plan-de-La-Tour, agreed that Johnny was very social. He loved to buying wagons of meat, he loved to going out, at the market, everywhere making new friends.

Happiness and joy for the people of the little town. They could see around Johnny Depp, accomplishing his culinary desires.

Vanessa and Johnny will always be united. Two children, a real big love can’t be forgotten.They were the perfect couple.

Johnny has had a lot of women in his life: from Wynona Rider to Kate Moss, but he always, always maintained very good friendship with the rest of all his ex girlfriends and also with his ex-wife Allison. He helps them when necessary if they need help and these ex girlfriends are there for him if necessary.

I think that it’s the best condition.
They’re all friends.

If it wouldn’t be for Allison his first wife, maybe Johnny at the moment would be somewhere doing some gigs, but not paid well. Who knows? But Allison was in a relationship with Nicholas Cage at that time and once talking with Cage she recommended this ex unforgettable-husband at the star of Hollywood and Nicholas Cage launched Johnny Depp.

Johnny is not a man that love remembering what it went wrong in life or in his relationships. That’s why he remain a good friends with all his ex-partners.

He is a man who wants to enjoy the present and be happy in the present.


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny surrounded by blonde and beautiful girls at the backstage of The Ellen Show

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Johnny Depp at the Elleen Show April 2011


13434845_565649066942074_7274433666477432706_n 13466354_565649086942072_1115472635712865916_n 13466480_565649053608742_2248126179743902450_n


Thanks Lory Depp Girl for the pics


And let’s remember….

‪#‎ImWithJohnnyDepp‬ 👊‪#‎WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp‬


Always and forever!






Johnny Depp, Laura Fink and the Hollywood Vampires

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Some pictures of the Hollywood Vampires with Laura Fink 13511965_567593813414266_5632217188055284590_n taken on May 29th 2016 during the concert of the Hollywood Vampires.
The pictures taken at Hessentag , Herbon during the after party. But look at all these amazing men!


The sweetest one Johnny Depp, with the sweetest smile on the face,  hanging out with Laura Fink, Alice Cooper, truly happy and smiling! & the mythical Joe Perry at the Hollywood Vampires concert.

Aren’t they simply wonderful?

(thanks to Lory Depp Girl for these pictures)

Anna Maria Polidori

Doug, Johnny, and an act of sincerity and true friendship

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The Massachusetts comedian is paying a big price for his words


US weekly reported yesterday that Doug Stanhope one of closest Johnny Depp’s friends, for the first time talked of the legal trouble he is involved in caused after the release of his long piece published by The Wrap after few days from the drama-split between Johnny Depp   Johnny and Heard and Amber Heard.

According to Stanhope the actress blackmailed him. For this reason Heard  Amber Heard, reading these words decided to suing him.

Bingo and Doug Stanhope  have always followed Johnny Depp during these past years.

In London during MortdecaiJohnny-Depp-and-Doug-Stanhope-300x225 , on set of Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales sidney-stanhope-and-amy-bingaman on-the-airplane Doug Stanhope 889902-bec8261a-215d-11e5-b42c-642ce4bf4440 johnny-with-sidney-stanhope-and-amy-bingman, difficult months for Johnny Depp recovering from a bad injury. Doug Stanhope and Bingo presented for Stanhope’s niece a wonderful trip to Queensland. Some pictures of that moments (Thanks to Lory Depp Girl.)

Now Stanhope guests on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show on Monday, June 20 without losing his good mood said to Stern: “I think the whole lawsuit is just about calling her Amanda on your show.”

Doug Stanhope explains he posted the piece on his website.

The Wrap later got it as an exclusive and of course the title, less strong on Stanhope’s website: “At a Loss for Words…” on The Wrap became very strong: “Amber Heard is Blackmailing Johnny Depp.”

The piece became viral and all  blogs and most famous online websites specialized on showbiz  reported the news in various ways. The news firstly launched by The Wrap.

That title and words upset a lot estranged Johnny Depp’s wife Heard , ready for starting not only with her husband but also against Stanhope another tenacious legal battle.

Stanhope adds that: “I didn’t write that f–king title. I didn’t put that stupid tabloid title in there. I’m a better writer than that, so I don’t know if it’s hinged on that, I don’t know how much of it is spite.”

Great consolation for Stanhope the reaction of Johnny Depp.

Doug Stanhope thought that he would have lost his friend after this piece, while Johnny wrote him a text saying: “Hey, thanks for22_20 NassauJune2005039  250evelyne1_jpg being honest.”

Stanhope has always said and no one thinks the opposite, that he wrote the piece feeling it, and posting it with honesty. “Not for publicity.”

The comedian is famous and he doesn’t need publicity.

Sure as every person with a legal problem Stanhope is worried for the lawsuit because: “I don’t have millions of dollars to lose.”

Stanhope surely doesn’t regret his words.
He spent in fact some time at Johnny’s house that May 21 when everything started.

The couple, Bingo and Doug Stanhope stopped by at Johnny Depp’s house for bringing to Johnny their condolences for Betty Sue Palmer’s departure and sharing some time with him.

The three friends started also to talk of other problems. Johnny worried for a potential divorce, maybe more dirty than the necessary. Plus, he confessed them “I still love Amber.”

Bingo and Doug  started to tell him what they thought of Heard, but that they hadn’t never told him these thoughts for fear of losing him and his friendship.

Johnny thanked them for their honesty deppink005. They left the house.  After a while Amber Heard back home (I guess that during this conversation the girl was elsewhere) the call at the 911 because Heard said she was injured by Johnny Depp with the iPhone although cops once in the place didn’t see any evidence of violence.

The escalation of pictures and details of private life from both parts  is continuing to going on in one of the most acrimonious divorces of the story of Hollywood.



Anna Maria Polidori


Source: US Weekly

I wish for you, Johnny….

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Sunny days,
dancing stars,
joy in your heart,
relaxing times,
peaceful moments,
lots of good time,

Anna Maria Polidori

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