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While the DVD of Black Mass is released “Whitey” in trouble again…

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 27, 2016

A story of powders, hands and guards


Black Mass Black Mass dvd cover-crop has been released on DVD from 10 days and let’s remember it: in this movie Johnny Depp plays the role of the infamous mobster of South Boston Jimmy 10330519_715174898524881_8099084409602884287_n 11181839_422107524629563_434860139454374437_n Bulger.

But: what about Bulger whitey immediately after the capture?

Bulger from the prison in Florida where he is convicted now is in trouble again as written by Shelley Murphy, Boston 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_nGlobe.

The newsmagazine launched the news two days ago.

As the Globe reported, it happened something a bit embarrassing: Bulger was violating alone a regulation that prohibits sexual activity.

For this reason “Whitey” has been put in solitary confinement revoked his commissary, e-mail privileges for 120 days, confiscated his personal property for 30 days.

While one of his attorneys Hank Brennan declined to comment, Bulger told a lot about what happened.

He said he was sick in the area in question. There are nurses in the medical ambulatory so he was not comfy to being visited by them feeling a sensation of embarrassment.
Giving up with it he decided of buying some powder at the prison canteen for being put to his genitals.
He declared: “I’ve never had any charges like that in my whole life. I’m 85 years old. My sex life is over”.

In the while Bulger tried to explain what happened but a hearing officer rejected his explanation.

The reason? “The action/behavior on the part of any inmate to engage in a sexual act interferes with the orderly running of the institution”.

Bulger is appealing the sanction. At the moment closed all alone in a cell where he just spend an hour per day out.

The scene of the facts this one: “Whitey” Bulger at 3 a.m. light on putting the powder in the genitals while a guard: “I got you!”


Anna Maria Polidori


Black Mass DGA Screening and Questions and Answers

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Pictures! Of last November….


12246594_488317254675256_8768942410796638856_n 12235023_488317228008592_1595762344462676844_n 11222008_488317194675262_5933084864944365590_n 12249626_488317164675265_6431633749192186917_n

Johnny Depp memories…Leaving from LAX Lone Ranger Premieree

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July 2013

12800321_519972104843104_5317593347183472835_n 12745642_519972091509772_2359925112543841820_n 12745425_519972124843102_5979721148424638899_n

Johnny Depp memories: with fans in Venice for promotion of Black Mass

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Sunny Johnny!

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Hollywood Vampires necklace

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on February 26, 2016

12745543_517603695079945_5308798553669728419_nA necklace appreciated by the Gothic Hollywood Vampires 12729337_516048038568844_6816451462035155804_n

Black Mass and the amazing performance of Johnny Depp

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on February 26, 2016

Five Boston’s industry insiders talks of Spotlight, Black Mass and that scaring “Whitey” that has been Johnny Depp published yesterday an article of an informal chat about the latest big productions filmed in the city during this past year. Some movies based in Boston running for Oscars other ones very appreciated.

Black Mass and Spotlight the biggest ones.

For talking of them asked to five Boston’s industry insiders to accept the invite for a round table.

All enthusiastic of the idea, people involved: Peter Keough Boston Globe correspondent and The Boston Phoenix Film Editor, Erica McDermott actress, Manny Basanese, screenwriter, professor and TV writer, Wes Hazard, comedian and Brian Tamm, executive director of the Independent Film Festival Boston.

The biggest expectation for the city are the Oscars fingers crossed will receive Spotlight, the movie based on the story of the pedophile priests in the Catholic church.

A real bomb started thanks to an article written by Lombardi and published by the  Boston Phoenix  in 2001. No one had previously launched accuses so precise against a certain pedophile priest. Legend wants that it is not clear if the reporters of the Globe read that piece or not written by Lombardi but months later the Spotlight team was ready to start the investigation against the pedophile priests, publishing a first piece on Jan 2002.  The Spotlight team started officially the investigation against the pedophile priests with a staff of reporters of the section all dedicated just to this topic.

Spotlight is the oldest investigative structure of an American newsmagazine.

In the Catholic city of Boston  big but not that much for not knowing, everyone whispered something from years and this “something” in 35 years of abuses arrived at the ears of reporters of the Globe as well, but everyone preferred to keep the story alone. There wasn’t any pale idea that the so-called “provincial problem” could have had repercussions in the rest of the world and mainly that it had such big proportions. A real quake for the reputation of  the Catholic Church.

Why the Globe was in grade to start this investigation? A new editor of the newsmagazine from a close city the answer. He didn’t feel any kind of fear for any structure of the city, powerful or not. The solidity of the newsmagazine permitted and permits this world and the other.

So the editor proposed at the team Spotlight an investigation at high levels for trying to understand what it was going on with these pedophile priests  and these voices of abuses in the city. The team assigned the Spotlight one. This one in fact would not have been just an isolated article but it would have revealed how big was this phenomenon in the city. It was necessary an investigation and various reporters involved.

The team Spotlight has been according to Erica McDermott “serious and nervous”.

Tamm added: “You needed somebody with the weight of the Globe to go against somebody with the weight of the Catholic Church to really be able to say, “We’re really going to dig in after this”.

But why Black Mass didn’t receive any nominations as waited? Is there an answer? To Keough Spotlight is more intense and real than not the exaggeration of a movie with gangsters.

The work of reporters long, maybe boring, not always exciting, for sure sad considering the topic, but real.

Black Mass to McDermott can’t be considered real because dealing with gangsters means “liars, and cheats”. According to her we won’t never know the real story of Whitey Bulger.

Basanese thought the performance of Johnny Depp was spectacular.
Again the comparison with Goodfellas and The Godfather still the best ones of the genre and Black Mass lived like a repetition of these movies and not an original movie able to make the difference, adding something new.

McDermott impressed by the charisma of Johnny Depp when he arrived on set for filming. McDermott was Mary Bulger, the wife of Will Bulger, brother of Jimmy Bulger.

For people living in Boston Whitey 11181839_422107524629563_434860139454374437_nBulger has meant a long portion of their existence. And McDermott remembered while she saw Johnny 10464331_720316338028152_7942615333055848116_nas Bulger10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n (Copy 1), how similar he was to the mobster.

McDermott told to she grew up in the area reading in the newsmagazines a lot about Bulger, on the news, she watched documentaries. She knew his story.

Like for “Red” Shea shea and Johnny Depp_crop  (Shea and Johnny/Bulger) an ex-affiliate of Bulger, the actress told Johnny that to her the situation was unreal. “I have to sit with you 1512595_296627340510916_1920857366028700172_n (Johnny while filming Black Mass in Boston) for a while. I have to hang out with you 10368357_737807142908607_3782839849500156741_o (Johnny with the owner of a pizzeria, great fan of Beatles!) for a little while in order to be able 10296945_773851102659454_1753884311_n (Johnny at the Brattle Book Shop) to do johnny362 this” she added during a break from a scene and before they re-started to film.

To Hazard one of the best scene the one when Bulger/Depp goes up to the FBI’s agent’s wife bedroom. It is a moment of tension. Emotive tension. Hazard added at “Johnny Depp is acting the hell out of this scene. You just watch him disappear”.

Johnny Depp didn’t win any Oscar nomination and nor did Black Mass but he is winning and he won tons of prizes all around the USA.
For Johnny Depp this one has been a “prize season”.
It won’t be Oscar, but he won all the rest of possible prizes for Black Mass, and it is good because after a long moment of “absence” let’s use this word, Johnny is back with a real character, with the portray of a real criminal.

Why the Oscars are important? Hazard explains at that they can’t be particularly relevant but “They are a symbol of excellence”.
Hazard at the same time reveals that not always his favorite movies are Oscar movies.

Hazard on Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger: “He was one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen in my life”.

The best movie filmed in Boston for people at the round table?
Good Will Hunting, The Departed, The Fighter.

Good Luck to Spotlight Spotlight. May this movie win a lot of Oscars.

Thanks to Boston and Bostonians because Johnny 12742554_515967618576886_2322515261370518220_n lived a wonderful and happy moment of his professional and private life in this city. Peace and joy better than an Oscar.


Anna Maria Polidori

“It’s not about who and how you know them. It’s all about the connection and bond of each life that you meet on this Planet”

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on February 24, 2016

Alexandria Altman friend of Johnny Depp talks about her first meeting with the actor, revealing more details of her wonderful personal fairy tale


Do you want to know anything about showbiz? Better: do you want to understand how it works that world?

Good: this interview with Alexandria Altman is for you.

Alexandria Alexandria Altman_1is one of Johnny johnny362 Depp’s best friends.
In the showbiz, for case and love, while we are sipping a warm tea in a cold winter day she starts to telling me that one of her main passion is taking pictures.

“I always have been taking pictures.
It seems like if that one would be my whole life. I started at the age of three. I got also my first plastic red camera at that time”.

After pictures, painting and other creative expressions as normal conclusion of a profound research of the beauty.

“The research through the pictures passed later through the painting. Maybe it only grew more intense there with painting, music, poetry, writing…”

Alexandria can’t decide what it is better

“Some would say pick one. I would reply: “But it all goes together as One. I just knew somehow… Some say we are all born co-creators. So let’s create!”

The problem? To recognizes the talent given to us by God

“Yes because everyone of us have gifts and we either recognize them at a early age. Sure some never do recognize them and it’s sad”.

Alexandria tells me that the main influence was played by women in her family mainly her granny and her Great-great mom.

“She lived 106 years!”


“Yes, an important age!”

Poetry inspired by these ladies

“Rainbows, light, I saw the world vibrantly and later I put these colors and lights in a paintings or pictures”.

Her granny had nine sons, she tells me and each of them played some musical instruments. “I was attracted by the tones of the Earth and the sound of a forest. I loved to spend there most of the time while I was growing up. I wanted to discover the life of all creatures and maybe where all fairy-tales began a lot of time ago”.

Alexandria tells

“I became connected with nature. I tried to learn the secret messages of nature. The sounds of forest, the language of animals, the smell of flowers. I loved the wisdom of a big tree where I could stay sat under that reading a book per long time. The product of who I am now is the one of who I have been in the past and during my childhood”.

The project of this movie she would love to seeing soon on the big screen and based on the Cinderella Chronicles, Snow Moon, her books, one of the main reasons why she is fighting a lot during these years

“I became who I am. This movie will teach a lot of lessons to everyone. It can be enjoyed and appreciated by a large public from 0 to 99 years”.

For reasons she doesn’t want to tell Alexandria once grown up has had the luck of owning a Limo company becoming part of a big business

“I had a lot of elite clients. Tennis players, celebrities. Once I would met there also my future husband. Do you know? At first he was the boyfriend of Marla Maples, but later once concluded their love-story  he fell in love for me, and Maples married Donald Trump (at that time the second wedding. The first with Ivana Trump)”.

This man was very rich ad plenty of talents

“Yes we married after five months. Oh: I remember that moments as a wonderful fairy-tale. We spent our honeymoon in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the same suite of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. What a wonderful moment of my existence!”

It was not just a story of honeymoon remarked Alexandria

“We stayed there for two and half months because we needed to shopping for our house in Beverly Hills”.

In the while, Alexandria discover the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

“Yes Michael was on my same floor. We became good friends. I have taken more than 100 pictures of Michael”.

Hot spots in Beverly Hills?

“Secret, few and look: only the A-listers got in and you had to be on the list exactly as all celebrities, or the rich and famous were”.

Alexandria affirms just a category didn’t know anything of these places

“Paparazzi! because every week or every night they would have chosen a different location.”

In this dreaming world, Alexandria and her husband were in the middle of it

“Yes, we knew all the rich and famous. We were invited to the heads of the studios at their home with cast to see for example the movies before the premieres”.

Alexandria looks at me and she smiles with nonchalance

“Oh, it’s common. That’s…That’s just Hollywood”.

With the time Alexandria tells me she became friends with a lot of stars.

“Stars were invited often at my house. I lived in a huge mansion at just three blocks from Rodeo Drive. I had two daughters, my staff with me, hubby included of course”.

Alexandria was considered a party-girl

“They asked me to model, act, write, and in general to become part of all. Sometimes I said no”.

And why?

“I don’t chase others dreams I allow my dreams to chase me”.

I am here for Johnny Depp

“The first time I saw him it was at a popular brunch spot in Beverly Hills”.

Alexandria’s memory is photographic

“Well yes, sometimes…He was sitting three tables down across from me and had baggy blue jeans on and older plain blue t-shirt. His hair floppy then and pulled back in a short pony tail. He was eating”.

An activity Johnny loves a lot

“Yes. At first I didn’t notice him until my daughter insisted: Look mom there is Edward Scissorhands. I looked better at my daughter…Edward who? I asked her…The one of the movie, she replied me back. Edward Scissorhands mom the movie by Tim Burton. Bingo! I was there”.

Alexandria tells that immediately after it happened something else

“Who knows if they had noticed our chatting or the agitation of my daughter. Maybe it was something else…Anyway I looked up at Johnny and he caught my glimpse in that same moment and he smiled back to me”.

And then what happened?

“Nothing. I mean: Hollywood is this. You meet around the corner every possible celeb but you must understand that it’s… hard work. It’s work. Everyone is famed there.My husband worked a lot into this industry while I was more focused on writing”.

Johnny Depp at that moment although famous was entertaining with his movies a niche of people and solid fans in all the world. His movies not exactly blockbusters

“I know that. But it wasn’t too many years later that I saw him, when I moved away in the while, becoming one of the most important stars of Hollywood. And there I re-started an important connection with him”.


“Yeah. I didn’t know anything of Facebook or social medias and I started to create something for Johnny. I started to work in the charity Johnny’s Angels. I started to follow John’s career and I am writing a blog for him at the moment. I can tell you that: I know Johnny Depp but I also know wagons of other stars in Hollywood. It’s…normal.”

Alexandria goes proud of Johnny Depp.

“He is a multi-talented man. Happy to be involved in various projects. Months ago I was involved in a project with Leonardo DiCaprio as associated Producer with Veronica Grey for a big documentary film”.

Alexandria is sure of it

“I feel a special friendship with all of my celebrity friends and I think just that they all have worked so hard to be where they’re today”.

It’s hard to be a star

“Yes, I hate when people wants to make more of something than a simply knowing of a lot of hard working talents to become who they are: stars”.

And common people?

“We are all stars if only we look up. Look: trust me…It is true what I can tell you: it’s not about who you know in Hollywood, and how you know them. It’s all about the connection and bond of each life that you meet on this Planet”.


Anna Maria Polidori

Old friends, new prizes!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on February 23, 2016

A special reunion for Johnny

Johnny Depp has been one of the presenters of the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards of two days ago hosted by Loni Love.

Although Johnny 000002-johnny_depp5 hasn’t won any prize for his latest movie Black 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n (Copy 1) 1512595_296627340510916_1920857366028700172_n  10330519_715174898524881_8099084409602884287_n Mass  presented a lifetime achievement honors to makeup artist Ve Neill  –  X-Men: Days of Future Past – and hair-stylist Yolanda Toussineng – Hairspray –

Johnny johnny362 Depp knows these ladies very well because he worked with them during the realization of Edward Edward 3 Scissorhands 25 years ago.
Tender, sad, delicate Edward Scissorhands is now an icon and a classic of the American cinema.


Anna Maria Polidori


source: Boston Globe

Johnny, Donald and that mask…

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…When a mask is too “heavy”


Who knows if Donald Trump:donald trump “I-am-tired-of-what-I-am-seeing! I want to become President for putting things right” will be the candidate for the Republican party after these primaries.

Waiting for this news, and waiting to discover who Johnny Depp will vote next November, let’s say that the nice and eclectic actor was involved last December in a parody as protagonist Donald Trump for Funny or Die.
The parody inspired by the autobiography written by the same Donald Trump in the 80s.

The latest news? Johnny Depp removed without too many compliments the mask of Donald Trump immediately after the end of a scene.   Trump and his hairJohnny did all this work alone.

The other protagonists of the movie parody: Ron Howard, Alfred Molina, Patton Oswalt, Jack McBrayer, Andy Richter.

Anna Maria Polidori


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Kevin Swain sound engineering remember the leader of the Motorhead


Kevin Swain lives close to me, but when in London he works in the music industry. He is fascinated by hard rock and heavy metal.

So when days ago I wrote a piece for my Johnny’s blog about the tribute at the Grammy Awards of Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires 12744504_516048851902096_7014746815289388076_n 12729337_516048038568844_6816451462035155804_n 12728863_515596361947345_2928277637991323484_n, mostly dedicated to Lemmy Lemmy Kilmister Kilmister founder of The Motorhead, Kevin didn’t lose time and he wrote me back saying me: “I knew Lemmy” and I told him: “Ok, tell me all”.

Today he did.

Kevin knew Lemmy so he hasn’t never talked of him as Mr. Kilmister, just as Lemmy.

Kevin, when did you firstly meet Lemmy?

I first met Lemmy in 1975/6. It was an early version of Motorhead, and they were the warm up act for my band!”

But Kevin being a sound engineering would have met the Motorhead another time in 1982.

I was sound engineer for the UK part of their tour. Their normal engineer was ill and I was recommended by Vic, their studio producer.

What kind of emotions did you breath while touring with them?

“The tour was as rocknroll as you can get, and several people couldn’t stand the pace and dropped out. I joked with him about being my support act. He laughed about it.
I became good friends with Phil, the drummer, but Lemmy was kept busy doing interviews and didn’t socialize much. Although there was one hell of a party at the end!”

Lemmy lived during the 80s in London. Kevin’s memories.

“He lived in West London, so our path’s crossed several times, mainly at post gig parties. He had a sharp and witty sense of humor. He was very well read, and would discuss books for hours on end, of course when he wasn’t playing a games machine”.

His main passion. He discovered to be sick, as reported some online magazines while he was playing a game machine.

Asking this, Kevin is superficial but…Was it true he loved to drink a lot sometimes?

“Yes, he drank a lot and took drugs, but he was always alert and never a problem”.


This sound more than good. What Kevin remembers the most is…

“How supportive he could be. I know two women…
One who was my girlfriend, who wanted to get into the music and…They were both helped by him.
He told then who was genuine and who was to be avoided. He asked nothing in return, and wanted people to avoid the mistakes he made”.

A wise man…

“Yes. I didn’t see him after he moved to the US, but he lived pretty frugally because he didn’t need much. He had a radio programme and he wrote lyrics for other people, particularly Ozzie Osbourne”.

A discovery…

“He loved Motorhead, but he wanted to make other kinds of music. The record companies, as usual, wanted to stick with a successful formula”.


“Encapsulated” by his own success, Lemmy is now a legend of heavy metal.



Anna Maria Polidori

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